The best folk remedies from cockroaches

The appearance in the house of black or red cockroaches is many unpleasant emotions, besides, these insects are actively multiplied and in the shortest possible time increase their population. The most effective way to combat them are chemical drugs. Nevertheless, some continue to struggle with pearblishers.

Use of boric acid

Most of the folk remedies against cockroaches gives the effect only as a preventive measure that allows for the time to scare the peruss. However, this rule has exceptions – this is boric acid.

Its effectiveness is tested for several decades. Especially good result it gives with a combination with other ways to struggle. There are several recipes based on this drug.

Boric acid with egg

For a model apartment in 60 kV. M. You need to buy 50 g of boric acid in the pharmacy and boil the hard 4 eggs (cook them is needed on a slow heat of 1.5-2 hours), only yolks will be needed for the preparation of poison. 2 boiled potatoes are added to the mixture along with the leather. When all the main ingredients are prepared, potatoes and yolks are crushed, the boric acid is added and stirred to make a plastic dough. Little balls roll out of this mass and lay them in places of cluster of ussach.

You should not wait for the next morning you will find many dead stubs. but after 1.5-2 weeks, they will certainly begin to leave your dwelling. Moreover, cockroaches never return to those rooms where they were poisoned.

In addition, having eaten the bait, the cockroach dies not immediately – this time is enough for him to infect his tribesmen.

Boric acid with bread

Very simple recipe. For its preparation, you will need a glass of hot water – in it dissolve 1 st. L. Powder of boric acid and wetting several pieces of bread with poisoned solution. After that, it will only be left to decompose the bait in places where you discovered the cluster of the mustache. Alternatively, boric acid can be dissolved in water and leave in open tanks near the water source. Keep in mind – if there are pets in the apartment, it should not use this method, since the risk of pet poisoning. Alternatively, you can simply scatter boric acid behind the plinths, around the household appliances, under the furniture and under the sink. However look it will be extremely inestore. In addition, after each cleaning, you will have to update the processing. To resort to this method makes sense only in the absence of owners.

A good effect gives sodium salt of boric acid, more known as a bora. To do this, 200 g of the drug should be mixed with 30 g of vanillin and 60 g of starch. The resulting mixture is thoroughly stirred until viscosity, roll into the balls and placed on the paths of the transmission. Boric acid gives a good effect and allows you to get rid of unwanted neighbors within a month.

But at the same time it is necessary to overlap all the loopholes by which the cockroaches fall into the house. It is advisable to carry out the etching of corporate mesaks to the whole entrance or even the house.

What plants are afraid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are highly sensitive to smells, so they are afraid of some herbs. Prusakov can scare a wormwood, eucalyptus, mint, pyrhem. Of course, killing cockroaches with fragrant plants is hardly under power, but they can be a good way to prevent. All that needs home to the owners is to simply decompose the small bundles near the plinths, ventilation holes and other loopholes for which insects fall into the house.


Mint has exceptional aromatic characteristics. They have a positive effect on people, but scare insects. The shoots of this plant are placed in all drawers, kitchen cabinets, and also unfolded under furniture and in the corners of the room – in words, in all places of potential habitat cockroaches.

You can use the grass not only in the fresh, but also dried. However, as practice shows, fresh leaves work better. To increase the efficiency of dry mint, it is desirable to further use menthol essential oil. A good effect gives an aroma lamp, in which water is poured with 4-5 drops of oil. Under the flame of the candle, the liquid warms up and begins to evaporate, spreading the mint fragrance all over the room.


Natural repellents include pyrzya. This is a poisonous plant that gives a good result when dealing with stubs. Use it in several ways. Decay freshly cut plants in places near the kitchen headset, corners of residential rooms, near plinths and ventilation. The grass will exhibit a specific aroma that scares cockroaches. Such vegetable obstacles pests try to bypass.

Brew inflorescences of the Pijmas at the rate of 250 g of inflorescence on 5 liters of water. The remedy insists to a complete cooling under the lid, then fixed and poured into a bottle with a pulverizer. The resulting decoction carefully spray the habitats of cockroaches. True, this method has its drawbacks: infusion toxic, besides, it can leave untidy traces on the treated surface, and they will be very difficult to bring them.

Important! Pijma refers to poisonous plants, therefore, it is necessary to drive out of the prudes from the premises with its help in extreme cases. It should be completely overlapping access to the grass to children, incapable adult and pets.


The smell of wormwood bitter is extremely unpleasant for stubs. Feeling her fragrance, they try to leave the dwelling as quickly as possible. You can use the grass in the fresh, as well as dry. For the expulsion of Prussakov, the wormwood is laid out by large beams in the places of probable habitat of cockroaches: on the floor, in the joints of the walls and the floor, on the windowsill, in the kitchen cabinets and under the sink. In the bathroom and in the kitchen the grass is spread with a solid carpet. Soon you will notice that the pests began to actively flee in search of more comfortable conditions.


Bay leaf is available at each kitchen. But little knows that it can be used in the fight against cockroaches. In order for Usachi to go around your home, you need to simply decompose the dry leaves on the kitchen cabinets – in places where cereals, pasta and products are stored. A little laurels are placed under the sink where the garbage bucket is stored. The smell of this spice is unbearable for Prusakov, so by placing it near the loopholes, for which they fall from the neighbors, you can prevent the appearance of unwanted neighbors in the house.

Good effect give citrus. People like the aroma of oranges and mandarins, and insects he scares. If you dry your crusts and place inside the kitchen tables, then the parasites will not touch food. However, as evidenced by feedback, this is not enough effective. In general, the use of plant fragrances against cockroaches is environmentally friendly, safe for people and pets. However, the method is good exclusively as an additional measure or as prevention. With strong infection, he will not give any result.

Fighting with the help of substances with a sharp odor

Not only plants highlight odors, unpleasant for insects. You can use some means to scare up Prusakov and some means that are often used in the farm.


For the preparation of a solution against cockroaches 30 ml of table vinegar dissolve in 100 ml of water. The resulting mixture is sprayed from the pulverizer in places of the most likely appearance of cockroaches: under the sink, near the garbage bucket, around the plinths.

If there is a socket of cockroaches in the access zone – you need to process it.

Turkidar and kerosene

If the number of unwanted neighbors increases in geometric progression – it makes sense to resort to “Dedovsky” methods, such as turpentine or kerosene. Their smell is unbearable for Prusakov. To carry out treatment, it is necessary to smear the rag or brush of the waterproof space, the meals of the cutters and the trails for which they crawl. Keep in mind that people such an aroma is also unpleasant, so after processing it is advisable to leave the room for several hours or even days.


Prusaki are very afraid of chlorks. If you sprinkle insect dry chlorine or pour “white” – it dies, although it does not act on eggs. However, even if you embark on an acutely smelling substance with small bugs on the floor, then the cockroaches are hardly rushed to the faithful death.

It is best to add to the water for washing the floor chlorine-containing liquid. This will reduce the activity of pests. However, exactly until the smell is kept. As soon as it is weathered – cockroaches will immediately crawl out of their shelters.


Simple way to eliminate cockroaches, the use of ammonic alcohol is considered. 1 C. L. The drug is added to the water bucket when cleaning. Of course, this substance will not destroy the stumps, but will definitely drive them. To secure the effect, this processing must be spent quite a long time. To strengthen the result, you can combine this technique from any other.

Essential oils

Does not represent a special difficulty using essential oils. They can be used in different ways: add flavored liquid into a bucket for washing the floors, lit the aromalamp or just to ride zones under furniture, along the plinths, near the nest and in other places where you notice cockroaches. Besides, It will weerate to handle the frame of the entrance door and the zone near the ventilation – it will scare the strokes running from the neighboring apartments. Most of all cockroaches are afraid of eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil.

Prevention measures

You need to fight cockroaches. Even one plus, accidentally discovered in the house, is the harbinger of the appearance of a large colony of his relatives. At the same time, they may even be on a clean house, although they are always associated with uncleanness and mud. The appearance of cockroaches is quite dangerous – they carry the eggs of worms and pathogenic bacteria on their paws. Therefore, their appearance is fraught with severe diseases for people with weakened immunity.

During molting of the plus, chitinic coverings are thrown off. They are provocateurs of asthmatic seizures and powerful allergic reactions. These arthropods are covered in electrical outlets and inside household appliances, thereby causing their damage and short circuit. In addition, many people are psychologically unbearable the type of cockroaches. They are so afraid of them that it converts into a phobia. Sometimes such people need even correctional psychotherapy. That is why it is better to pay attention to the prevention of the appearance of mesaks in the house.

To do this, adhere to certain rules. Do not store food in the places available for Pruss. Even several bread crumbs left on the table for the night will be enough for feeding a big cockroach family. These insects love moisture, they usually arrange their nests near the water source. Therefore, you need to wipe the space near the bathroom and sink, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Cockroaches can not live without water longer than 5-7 days. In the absence of fluid, they die from dehydration or migrate into more comfortable conditions. Try to hermetically close all the cracks connecting your home with neighbors, because these ubiquitous cracks are often crap from nearby apartments through cracks in the floor or ventilation moves.

If you are not the owner of a private house, then when you appear cockroaches, you will definitely talk to neighbors. At least you need to bypass those with which you have adjacent walls. If the cockroaches are found in someone from them, it is better to carry out disinfection together and at the same time. Otherwise, through a couple of weeks after processing, the parasites will return to your home again.

In the fight against cockroaches, the most important thing – first to engage in their destruction, and then overlapping the way of re-penetration into the house. The only effective folk remedy ensuring the breakdown of the Prusakov forever is boric acid. All other ways only scare them.

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