Sweeping road Crouch

Often as an entrance to a country house or a cottage used dirt road. But over time, due to intensive operation and exposure to rains, it becomes almost unsuitable for use, pits appear on it and potholes. One of the most favorable ways to restore this road, make it smooth and strong is a rack of rubble.

Sweeping road Crouch


The device of the road leaf with a crushed stone with a rather complicated process. It will not enough for a simple falling asleep to the existing ruts without additional production processes, such as Tambrovka. Swelling produced in layers. The layers have a thickness of 20 to 40 centimeters depending on the conditions in which work is made. This allows you to most effectively remove the rainwater and distribute the load in the road cake, prolonging its resource.

With timely service – rubble subference – it can serve for a long time, only a little inferior in quality asphalt or concrete coating.

Given that crushed stone prices are much lower than on asphalt and concrete, such a road surface will be perfect for a country house or cottage where there is no large transport flow. It allows you to save considerable means and forces.

Sweeping road Crouch

Sweeping road Crouch

The advantages of the sinking of the road rubble:

  • affordable prices for materials;

  • durability of the road surface;

  • Official operations do not depend on weather conditions and can be carried out at any time of the year;

  • does not pollute the environment.

Sweeping road Crouch

Sweeping road Crouch

What a crushed stone is needed?

Crushed stone is a universal material used in almost all spheres of construction. It varies in many criteria, in particular, in its origin. It can be made from rocks, there is also a ore and secondary crushed stone, which is also popular.

This material has the following characteristics:

  • rubble fraction (particle size);

  • Beschy (shape geometry);

  • density and strength;

  • Frost resistance and level of radioactivity, which are indicated on the label.

Sweeping road Crouch

Sweeping road Crouch

For sinking roads, crushed stone from rocks is most often used. It has suitable characteristics to withstand quite intensive loads. The advantage is given to granite and lime breeds. Granite crushed stone has a brand of strength M1400, which allows it to withstand quite high loads for a long period. Lime, due to its lower strength, is used as a “pillow” under the foundation of the road. For different layers, it is recommended to use different sizes of rubble: the bottom layer is pouring a larger, and the upper – from the material of smaller fractions.

As well as in order to save, you can make a dropping of roads using secondary crushed stone. In its value, this is the most favorable option, but it is a little inferior to the strength of natural materials.

Sweeping road Crouch

Sweeping road Crouch

Calculation of the number of material

Before starting the start of work, it is necessary to accurately calculate the number of necessary materials necessary, in order to avoid an unpleasant situation with their unexpected shortage.

For the correct calculation, it is necessary to know the quality of the substance used (in this case, rubble) – the proportion and seal coefficient. These data can be found in the technical documentation or clarify the manufacturer. Types for granite rubble are indicators: specific gravity – from 1.3 to 1.47 t / m3, coefficient of seal when Rutin – 1.3. Calculations are made at the rate of 1 square meter of roadbed and are manufactured by the formula:

Layer thickness (meters) * Layer width (meters) * Layer length (meters) * Specific value * Seal coefficient

So, for the sinking of one square meter of the road with a thickness of the layer of granite rubble, 25 centimeters will be needed:

0.25 x 1 x 1 x 1.3 x 1,3 = 0.42 t

The area of ​​the road canvase is calculated by the multiplication of its length on the width.

Sweeping road Crouch

Construction technology

For the highest possible performance of work on the dumping road, the rubble is needed to attract special road construction equipment, such as a motor grader, roadblock trucks, trucks for materials. This is due to the complexity of some production processes. But make such work with your own hands with small volumes – the case is quite feasible.

Several main stages of construction of the road from rubble for long-term exploitation.

Removing the top layer of soil

With the help of a bulldozer, a layer of soil is cut down to 30 cm deep, after which rollers are thoroughly tamped.

This manner is prepared for the next stage.

Sweeping road Crouch

Sand pillow device

The layer thickness varies from 20 to 40 centimeters. The sand layer is also tightly tamped. For a more complete shrinkage, the layer of layer is pouring.

Sweeping road Crouch

Device of rubble pillow

At this stage, the layer of the lime crushed stone is replaced, the so-called pillow. It serves as the basis for laying the main coating of granite rubble.

A large fraction is used to improve drain properties. The layer is also tamped by rollers.

Sweeping road Crouch

Upset upper layer

The last layer must be filled with granite rubble smaller fraction.

Sweeping road Crouch


After filling the last layer of gravel, it is necessary to level the road linen throughout the area.

After that, they produce final thorough traam.

Sweeping road Crouch

Proper and consistent implementation of all stages of work will provide durability and good operating quality of the road.

An important stage of work is the arrangement of the Obolin. As a rule, the lifting of the warm to raise their level is made from the ground of the nearby territory. After completion of the propeller, their leveling and strengthening.

For a temporary coating device, for example, to organize an entrance to the site of construction work, which does not imply long-term use of the bulk road, the implementation of all stages is not a prerequisite. The place in which the passage of transport is supposed simply swells up with rubble and smoothes, sometimes even without additional rambling.

Sweeping road Crouch

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