Small-grained concrete

Small-grained concrete

Fine-grained concrete – building material belonging to a group of heavy concrete is an artificial stone.


  • Production of armament designs. For this concrete reed steel with steel wire or woven grids made of steel.
  • It is advisable to use for hustarized structures.
  • Great for construction in the terrain where there are no rubble and gravel sandy careers.
  • This material is frost-resistant and waterproof, it also has increased bending strength. Due to this, this material is perfect for the construction of road surfaces.

Small-grained concrete

Manufacturing technology and necessary materials

Properties will depend on the same factors as the properties of ordinary concrete. In the manufacture does not use large aggregates. At the same time, fine-grained concrete has its own unique features that are characteristic of such a structure. It will be more homogeneous, with high porosity and specific solid mass.

To ensure maximum strength of the material, you need to choose the optimal Sand and Cement ratio.

If cement is too small, the mixture will be worse, its density will decrease. Due to this, the strength can significantly reduce. If cement is too much, it means that there is a lot of water in the mixture, which contributes to increased porosity and reduce strength.

For the manufacture of the mixture it is better to use pure, large sand. Or at least, enrich small sand with crushed stone or small gravel. This will not only positively affect the composition of the mixture, but also will reduce cement consumption.

It will be of great importance to have an effective seal of the applied mixture, which can be made in several ways:

  • Roller seal,
  • pressing,
  • Trembling,
  • Vibropressing.

The choice of a seal method will depend on the specific task set before the builders.

Before proceeding with the manufacture, it is necessary to design the composition. Specialists make it in two stages using the calculating experimental method:

  • The first preliminary stage implies an estimated calculation of the composition that could provide a given mobility and strength. For testing it is advisable to use not very large samples.
  • At the second stage, the composition passes experimental check, after which the composition is specified, and if necessary, changes are made.
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