Silca thermal insulation plates

Ensuring thermal insulation is an important part of the construction associated with the installation of heating equipment. At the moment there is a considerable amount of funds to achieve the required temperature indicators. One of these options may be the installation of thermal insulation plates, in the market of which Silca has succeeded.


Some large developers and construction brigades are positively responding about Silca fire-resistant plates due to a number of benefits.

  • Environmental Safety. Thermal insulation plates of this production are made of materials that, in addition to their excellent physical properties, with due technology of creation do not harm the environment.
  • This is fire-resistant raw materials The composition does not have impurities, as well as fibers and chemicals.
  • Strength. The main material for Silca plates is calcium silicate. He is recognized as one of the best in its segment, therefore used in the manufacture of products such as mineritis and superizole. In combination with good compression under the filter press, this product acquires a very solid basis capable of withstanding physical extent.
  • Quality. The manufacturer carefully refers to the manufacturing process, which finds expression not only in a thorough selection of raw materials, but also in proper provision of all workflows. Each stage is monitored to minimize marriage. Plates are tight quality control to fully comply with the specified standards. Thanks to this, Silca products have the necessary certification confirming the reliability of products.
  • Universality. Plates of this company can be performed not alone, but several functions. With proper installation, they are capable of being not only thermal insulation material, but also to some extent cladding, which reduces the total costs when installing.

The thermal insulation material is also good because it can significantly reduce the area for embedding a fireplace or oven. You will not need to take care of placing the device where it will be safer relative to other items. The correct installation of the plates ensures the necessary operation and is very important in cases where the heat source is not isolated from the rest of the room.

It is worth saying about the fact that Silca products themselves are diverse in their own way. There are narrower or broad options, so that the consumer has the ability to choose depending on the type of fireplace or furnace, as well as the achievement of a certain temperature.

An individual selection is possible, so the builder will not experience problems with the inconsistency of the material to its dimensions.

The physical properties of calcium silicate are such that they make it completely non-combustible. That is, no matter how the temperature is under the layer, the external part will not be able to transmit it heat. Therefore, even those objects that are susceptible to fire will be safe. It is impossible not to say about a simple installation system, because all stages of work can be done even using a simple carpentry tool.

The heat insulating plates are cut from the block, but are squeezed by one consecutive. Thus, the material is homogeneous in its composition, so effective on any site of the plate. There are no vulnerable places with weak physical properties. It is this manufacturer technology that is the basis for quality control and certification.

The manufacturer took care that these plates possessed both ease of installation and disposal, so the material is not crumbling, but remains solid. In this regard there is no significant difference with the construction trash. As for frequent and large-scale construction, here Silca products have one important advantage. They are very comfortable because of their large sizes, so often used and purchased wholesale.

It is important to know and specifications. DIN 4102 material has a fire-resistant class A1, that is, non-flammable. Thermal resistance of 700 degrees at maximum excerpt at 1100. The density reaches 250 kg / m3, porosity 90%. Exposure under pressure comes to 1.4 MPa, thermal expansion at 500 degrees total 0.2%, so when compliance with the installation technique, any deformation under the influence of the temperature is simply impossible.

Thickness and sizes

The manufacturer provided that the consumer does not always require a large slab, so provided standard dimensions, thereby giving freedom of choice. It concerns the width that varies from 30 to 100 mm. One of the most popular types of plates in size is products 1250x1000x30 mm. They are most often used when working with fireplaces and furnaces.

In addition, the options 625x1000x30 mm and 1250x1500x40 mm for large objects are very in demand.

Scope of application

As already mentioned earlier, SILCA heat-insulating plates are used to protect against elevated temperatures when installing fireplaces and furnaces. At the same time, their type is not important, because the form of application is very universal. It is necessary to pay attention to the laying methods and the general technology of this process to achieve the best result.

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