Russian Style: Layout of a house of 6×6 m with a stove

Residents of megacities are increasingly striving to break out from the city bustle closer to nature. Country houses, cottages, houses in the village have always been popular, but recently the fashion for the purchase of country housing has reached unprecedented disclaims. And it’s not only in the cultivation of vegetables and breeding flower beds.

Middle-aged people, pensioners and young people seek to move to nature at a permanent place of residence, as well as past generations sought to break out to the city. And this is not by chance, because in the modern world the city is the source of infinite stress, insane speeds and bad ecology.

Country housing can be decorated in any style, but in order to fully feel unity with nature, many choose one of the directions of the country style – the rustic orientation of one or another terrain, as a rule, the whole country, with its unique features and flavor. In all the variety of country style, enjoy specially popular French Provence, American Rancho, Alpine Chalet and of course, Russian hut.

Features of design

The classic version of the samples of Russian culture that came to us – huts, Terem, Russian bath – finally formed by the middle of the XIX century. It is it that it is customary to consider the standard of Russian style, although it is not quite complete. Do not forget that there are also South-Russian buildings – whites of bricks from bricks, and Russian merchant manors. And yet the sample of style is the Russian hut, common in the Central and North-West Russia of the XIX century.

The main attributes of the style are wooden log house, carved platbands on the windows, the presence of a Russian stove, natural solid wood furniture.

Typical projects

Standard projects of country housing, presented in the real estate market, range from the smallest country houses (6 per 6 kV. m) to spacious rustic houses with a veranda and hay (10×10 kV. m). This is a typical project of a square single-storey structure of a private country house. Also, the standard includes a rectangular layout of houses with dimensions of 6×9, 7×7, 9×8 kV. m, which may include additional extensions in the form of hay and veranda.

One-storey country buildings most often do not imply heaters, so they should be taken careless.

Heating system

Experienced designers begin to develop a house with the design of the heating system. It may not be as relevant for country summer houses, but if you are planning to live in the city for a long time, then without the stove in the cold season can not do. Among the many modern heating options for Russian style will suit Classical Russian oven. She will not only become the main accent of the interior, but also will serve as an inexpensive source of heat.

Electric heating is not cost-effective for a country house, gas does not always have the opportunity to spend, but a properly located wood-haired furnace can heat the whole room even in the most severe frost.

The furnace heating will be effective only if the furnace is installed in the center of the structure and comes into contact with each of the rooms. Therefore, in the classical planning of the Russian hut, the stove is installed in the simplest rooms between the rooms. The firebox is best withdrawn to the corridor or living-kitchen adjacent to the corridor. It will be more convenient to make firewood, save the cleanliness of the rooms, do not disturb holidaymakers in the rooms.

Located in the center of the large furnace is preferable to several small, as it allows you to evenly distribute heat in all rooms and significantly saves fuel consumption.

If the house does not imply separation on the rooms, the furnace will become a natural space separator, zoning it to the functional parts. In two-storey houses, the installation of the furnace requires some safety. It is necessary to consider the construction of reliable overlaps between the floors.

Also during the planning stage, the option of the furnace itself and its functions is selected. It can be a Russian oven with a cooking surface, with a bed or a decorative oven, serving only for heating and home decoration.

Tips for arrangement

Russian Interior Style involves the abundance of wood materials and textiles. Usually, Floor walls are not subject to facing, What attaches natural naturalness to all the dwellings. Often the ceiling space is drawn up with wooden beams, which does not contradict the rural style.

For decoration of houses from a timber or panel cottage buildings such materials can be used as lining or block mobile. Additional wall decoration are not subject to: Wallpapers can reduce the entire rustic style charm.

In a wooden single-storey house with high ceilings, you can equip the belt. This peculiar division of a part of the room for two semidets will help not only save space, create an extra bed, but also give the interior view of the spindles.

Windows is preferable to put wooden, but plastic on the color of the tree are suitable. Boating floors leave under painting or cover them with special compositions. They help prevent the premature wear of the tree, repel insects, allow you to easily wash and clean the surface.

There are also fire-resistant compounds that are used in mandatory in wooden public buildings.


Special atmosphere in the Russian style make items of decorations that existed from our ancestors long before the appearance of the usual furniture. It is worth paying attention to that all products are made of wood to one or another degree of processing. In addition to the stove, The main attribute of Russian hut is a large dining table, able to arrange a numerous family. Stressed style orientation and long benches. They are not so comfortable for seating, like chairs, but as a decor element along the wall will look very colorful.

Indispensable in modern home improvement, comfortable sofas and chairs are better to choose with minimal simplicity of design. It can be a ottoman, sofa or ordinary sofa, upholstered coarse cloth – flax or cotton.

Wooden beds with a beautiful carved headboard and soft periods, Power stairs, Little Tables, Stools, Open Wooden Shelves can be made with their own hands, which will give the interior originality and home comfort.

Decor elements

The stylistic direction of the village house especially emphasizes the symbols of the household of the terrain, in the style of which. For Russian style, a wood carving, clay and wooden tableware, which is decorated under Khokhloma or Gzhel. In general, folk crafts are very harmonized with everything that concerns Russian style. It can be matryoshki, painted figures of fairy-tale characters (houses, fire-bird, cat-bayun) and, of course, samovar. Vintage chests with forging elements or wicker baskets are suitable for storage.

They can also serve as a table-tab.


The abundance of fabric jewelry, especially made by their own hands, will become an excellent complement. Preference is better to give simple tissues – flares, cotton, situ or even ordinary burlap. National embroidery on curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads and pillows. Curtains with patterned embroidery on dense tissue can be zonied space.

Wicker or knitted floor mats – an indispensable attribute of any heating in Russian style. Often, their mistresses make them with their own hands, which attaches a special atmosphere to the village house.

Unusual ideas

Since completely recreation of ancient life in modern conditions does not have a practical meaning, some items of the latest technologies can simply decorate under the old. For example, an ordinary niche in the wall can be given a view of a bulk cabinet from the floor to the ceiling with pylons and eaves. The doors made of artificially aged wood and decorations by friezes and borders will create the appearance of a separate product in an old style.

One of the options for designing a house in a Russian style can be a facade-freeze, which will look completely like Russian hut. For example, if you purchase a real house of an ancient building with carved decorated platbands on the windows, a massive oak door and bevel under the roof.

Inside the same room can be redeveloped in a modern style, up to the use of elements of the style of Hi Tech.

Interesting interior options

The interior of the merchant house or the noble estate is best recreated in spacious two-storey houses. There will be no difficulty with the design, as it will be suitable for helpful items characteristic of vintage style: furniture of the XIX century, ancient dishes, a clock with a cuckoo, mirrors in heavy frames. Perfectly complement style Wrought Furniture or Metal Twisted Decor Elements.

Antique plumo, cabinets, buffets, consoles can be artificially aged, and wooden walls are painted under the wallpaper of gentle tones. Vintage items can always be found in the flea market or even in their own attic if the house went to inheritance.

The noble estate is not alien to the ceiling stucco, the columns in the living room and the fireplace in the room. Here are the elements of the style of Provence – Pastel Tones Furniture, White Oak, Lightweight Air Curtains from Tulle and Silk, English Chairs. The style of the Russian noble estate is a symbol Aristocracy, conservative traditions and continuity of generations.

About where exactly accommodate the oven in the house for optimal heating, you can find out in the following video.

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