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Among the large number of manufacturers of generators, you can allocate the Russian TCC company, which produces generator sets of widespread.


Diesel generators from the TCC manufacturer meet all quality and safety standards. Confidently work on facilities in any weather and climatic conditions. Diesel power plants are designed to work on Russian fuel.

A series of diesel generators is associated in the ruler, which are combined by the type of motor manufacturer. The line “Standard” and “Prof” are based on Diesel engines. The control system is SmartGEM HGM-6120 controller. It has many features, provides monitoring, control and management of the generator.

A series of “prof” generators is capable of working for a long time at high load, designed to work on the Russian Diesel. The “Standard” series is based on inexpensive engines, which are also designed to work on Russian fuel. The line of generators “Slavyanka” is based on motors that are produced by domestic plants.

Engines from domestic manufacturers are very simple in their design, easy to repair, parts are always available on sale.

The lineup

  • Diesel generator AD-16S-230-1RM11. This model is a single-phase power plant based on a high-tech TCC motor Diezel. The model is equipped with four cylinders located in one row, the model power is 16 kW. The volume of the tank has a capacity of 54 l. The model is equipped with protection against adverse weather phenomena. Thanks to the SMARTGEM HGM-6120 control, it is possible to extend the functionality of the installation by connecting additional systems. The frame frame is made of high strength steel, on which all components of this installation are located. Thanks to the grooves and nodes, you can easily and quickly move the design. It has economical consumption of electricity, easy to operate and maintain the system, consumables are always available in service centers. Engine resource is 8000 hours. The model is refilled by oil and coolant. Included a silencer and rechargeable batteries. Runs with the help of electric starter.

  • Model TCC SDG 4500EH Equipped with a small capacity of 4.5 kW. Fuel type – diesel. The volume of the fuel tank is 15 liters. Startup type – manual and electric starter. The model is used as a power supply with voltage 230 V. It can be used both in household and in household operating conditions with a small load. Noise level is 77 dB. Work without refueling – 9.5 hours. Includes terminals for charging battery and voltmeter. For more convenient transportation, the model is equipped with wheels. Air cooling system. There is a fuel level sensor and silencer. The weight of the design is 95 kg. The manufacturer gives a 12 month warranty.

  • Diesel generator TFI 140MC is a three-phase open type setting that can be used and as the main source of electricity supply, and as a spare. The model Iveco is installed in the model, its average power is 100 kW, and the maximum – 110 kW. The model is equipped with a manual start type, is characterized by reliability in operation. Used to work on oil and gas companies, production and other large industries. The unit has an emergency stop system, fuel level sensor and a tank neck. There is an industrial silencer and an acb shutcher. Installation mass is 500 kg. Overall dimensions: Width – 1050 cm, Height – 1400 cm, Length – 2400 cm. Fuel consumption at one hundred percent load is 27 liters per hour.

How to choose?

Power plants can be both gasoline and diesel, but devices on diesel fuel prefer most, despite their high price. They are popular, as they are able to extract power several times more than gasoline options.

To choose a diesel option for home, you need to decide on its power. To do this, consider the power of each instrument used in your home.

Then from this list allocate all the most important devices without which you can not do at the same time. The sum of the power of these devices is the indicator of constantly involved power.

Remember that when launching additional equipment in the house, the power indicator will increase. When choosing the power of the generator, it is necessary to take into account its reserve, so it is necessary to add 20% to the amount of calculated instruments. This will be the power of your generator model.

There are generators of various instructions. It can be a manual or electrical starter and automatic reserve.

The most comfortable are considered:

  • electrical starter, as it turns on only by turning the key in the ignition;
  • Automatic input of the reserve, which manages the generator system when disconnecting the main supply of electricity.

By construction There are open and closed generators. The device with an open type contributes to rapid cooling, which is very convenient for long-term operation. Closed generators protect the device from mechanical damage, from negative environmental impacts, capable of working at very low temperatures.

Same There are brush or brushless generators. The first are designed to work in pure conditions, since he is strongly susceptible to dust. Give out current with minimal deviations. Options are equipped with coal brushes and copper wire winding.

Options without winding give out current with deviations, used for welding, steady short circuit, are used for household needs, where dust and dirt are present.

Further, see the video review of the diesel generator TCS HD 12C T400 1РКМ11.

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