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Currently, the construction sector is increasingly used by sandbetone. This material replaced the classic mixing of concrete and sand. It allows you to save a significant amount of time and effort. To date, there is a huge number of well-known manufacturers that produce mixture data.

Rating of cheap sandbetonov

Consider separately several variants of sandbetones produced by various manufacturers’ firms, we will analyze their main characteristics and features.

“Stone Flower”

This model is an excellent alternative to the standard cement-sand construction M300, which is mainly used for filling the screeds, conducting various repair procedures, the production of decorative designs, and sometimes even for the construction of foundation structures.

“Stone flower” is produced by the company “Cemtorg”. Products are packaged in paper bags of 25, 40 and 50 kilograms. The model is characterized by the greatest strength indicator (300 kg per cm). This indicator composition reaches about a month after styling.

Besides, This building mass has medium frost resistance, so it is most often used to carry out work in the inside of the premises. As a basis for the manufacture of this sandbetone, sand shallow and medium fraction takes.

The solution with such a composition is quite plastic. They can easily fill in almost any forms. The total service life in the package is 6 months.

Classic application process. Dry mass of sandbetone is mixed with water in certain proportions, which are indicated on the package. Then the resulting solution is allowed to breed within 10-15 minutes.


This sandbetone is also used in the formation of screeds, monolithic flooring, for sealing seams, repair both horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces, reconstruction of foundation structures, assembly works of varying degrees of complexity.

“Rusean” is made with the sand of the maximum fraction of 5 millimeters. The material will be absolutely not sensitive to low temperatures. In addition, it is not afraid and elevated humidity level.

Holding the composition takes place 2 days after laying. Ready coating will be sufficiently resistant to the formation of corrosion and detachment.

Also, the formed surface has a special resistance to shrinkage and significant mechanical impacts.


Such sandbetone allows you to create screed and floors in large residential and production facilities, as well as perform a variety of installation and finishing procedures.

This building mixture is distinguished by fine-grainedness, with its help you can make thick layers. It is easily placed on any surface. This composition after hardening will not live and crack.

If you want to get this particular sandbetone, then you should remember that the larger the markings of the composition, the smaller the granules of its filler, while the strength of the sandbetone will be directly dependent on the magnitude of such granules.


This sandbetone is used in the formation of durable and wear-resistant flooring, as a carrier layer in basement, in garages, production buildings, as well as during various installation work.

The mixture of “Istra” completely dries and hardens for two days.

It will be able to withstand even the most sharp differences of the temperature regime, high humidity.


In addition to the above-mentioned sand patterns, there are many other varieties of such a building material. These include the following samples.

  • “Master Harz”. Peskobeton consists not only of concrete and sand, but also from various additives that allow you to significantly increase the level of strength and reliability of such a composition. In the mass add including special liquid plasticizer. It does not allow a solid surface in the future crack. The mixture must be fully used over two hours. Concrete screed can dry in one day, but for full hardening will be required for almost a month. When carrying out installation work with such a solution, the air temperature should vary in the range from +3 to +5 degrees.
  • “Vilis”. Peskobeton is more often used to create high-strength wear-resistant and durable floors, as a carrier layer in basements, garages, workshops, production buildings, as well as for the formation of the scene, fill with ribbon base designs, to quickly fill the joints and seams of plates. Mass itself is a high-strength, coarse dry mixture consisting of a special fractional sand and a special plasticizer. Material has good stability to shrinkage, to the effects of frosts, humidity.
  • Holcim. This dry mixture of concrete and sand in the process of frost acquires a lung bluish shade. It is most often used when creating a screed in new buildings. It can also be used in the construction and design of concrete outdoor tracks. The mass of this brand allows you to make the most evenly and smooth coatings with the right application technology. Material is resistant to moisture and low temperatures.

The best firms of an expensive segment

Among such material models it is worth highlighting the following.

  • “Unice Horizon”. The consumption of this brand is considered as economical as possible – for one square. M. It takes about 19-20 kilograms of the broken composition with a layer thickness of only 10 millimeters. Often it is this dry mixture that is used when creating a “warm floor” system. It will also be the best option for creating foundations. Mass has elevated resistance to humidity, temperature differences. The surface made by such a solution is obtained as smooth, glossy, durable and perfectly smooth.
  • Ceresit CN 173. This sandbetone is also often used when creating a “warm floor” system. He does not sit down at all after the fill. The model has special modifiers in its composition, which improve the main characteristics of the material, including the strength indicator. Through the flooded coating in about 5-6 hours, and the necessary strength can acquire for the next day.
  • Knauf Tribon. Sandobeton of this brand allows you to form coatings that are obtained much more durable and durable. In addition, the solution dries pretty quickly. The composition has a good fluidity, which allows you to maximally align the material poured on the surface. This brand has all the necessary European certificates of conformity, this sandbetone is an environmentally friendly product.

How to choose correctly?

When choosing sandbetone, a number of important parameters should be taken into account.

  • Be sure to look at the characteristic of strength and density. It has the following notation: M200, M300, M400 and M500. At the same time, M300 is most often used, since such building mixtures have sufficient indicators for the construction of monolithic structures.
  • Pay attention to the cost. When buying this product, the rule works “the higher the price – the better the material”. Too cheap models will not be able to bring due results.
  • Also an important point when choosing sandbeton are the conditions and shelf life. Even the most reliable and dense packaging is not able to fully protect the dry composition from harmful environmental impacts, which ultimately affects the quality of the mass, so it is recommended to purchase materials from closed warehouses or directly from the factory.
  • Before purchasing large parties, it is worth a pre-try material in the work. After all, each individual manufacturer makes a mixture on its unique recipe, which may not be suitable for construction under certain conditions.

In any case, try to acquire such a material from the well-known official manufacturers with a good reputation that have long been manufacturing and selling sandbetone.

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