Projects of modern houses and cottages

In the modern world, with the help of various computer programs, you can really create the perfect and unique project of your home. Man really can erect the dream house, there would be a desire!


Today, the projects of modern houses and cottages embody the most unusual and bold ideas in layouts and facades.

First you need to decide on what style you want to see your dream house.

  • Minimalism – characterized by refusal of all extra in the interior, exterior, facade. Adhering to this style, use the simplest forms, light tones and a simple decor. Such a style will be afraid of metal, wood, glass, as well as concrete. Pluses of minimalism – this is a large space and an abundance of light. Minimalism cottage projects Help save on construction and interior decoration.

  • High tech – Unlike minimalism, coarse and dark shades are used in the decor, brutality notes are often found. In this style, the practicality dominates.

  • Fusion – Combines several styles in itself. Using such a decor, you can easily combine minimalism and gothic, classic and castle, loft and high-tech.

The process of creating a modern house project includes several stages:

  1. architectural – the dimensions of the future structures are determined, the appearance of the facades;
  2. constructive – the position of the foundation, windows, stairs, doors, floors is fixed;
  3. engineering – a diagram of the location of future communications, sockets, cranes;
  4. design project – the internal finishing of the house with the indication of materials is being developed;
  5. Estrase – The material costs required at each stage of construction are fixed.

Materials used

The choice of material for the construction of the house is quite varied. Giving preference to any of the materials, it is necessary to study each of them.

Country houses from bricks Eco-friendly, frost-resistant and fireproof.

Brick has a long term use, has high strength and good noise insulation.

Today are also popular houses from the bar. Here are the main advantages of such a material.

  • Brous construction costs at times cheaper in comparison with other materials. If economical house is planned, the bar will be the perfect option.
  • High-ecological, does not distinguish harmful substances. Excellent option for people suffering from allergies.
  • Perfectly passes oxygen.
  • After building houses you can immediately enter. Internal trim from the bar perfectly fit into the interior.
  • Durable.

    Great houses and cottages from a natural tree. Many want to see in their home unity with nature. Natural tree – perfect option. Houses from logs are environmentally friendly, perfectly look outwardly, durable and well retain heat.

    Project Overview

    Today, catalogs will die with a variety of ready-made country houses and chic cottages. You can easily find a project for every taste: cottage with panoramic windows, with open verandas, with thematic extensions and even with a swimming pool.

    Planning the construction of a country house, a person pursues the following goals:

    • Privacy, desire to be alone with nature;
    • the ability to gain strength in the fresh air, having rested from a noisy city;
    • Probability to improve health, engage in landscaping.

    Most often a seating area in country houses serveled. They are both open and closed platforms, where you can easily sit down with friends behind the kebab, to retire with a cup of tea and an interesting book, to play sports or yoga.

    Preferably cottages with a glazed terrace, so that it can be used both in summer and in winter.

    In the modern world, the car has long been an integral part of each family. Therefore, the garages also erected in private areas.

    Garage can be built as a separate building or, on the contrary, to connect with the house, making it an integral part.

    Of course, if the site has a large area, then without problems you can highlight on it and place under the garage. However, more and more often in country houses use built-in garage.

    The unconditional advantages of the cottage with the garage are several factors.

    • Quick access to the car. Especially this item is important when rainy weather – the owner does not need to run to a separate building in the rain, blizzard and squalid wind.
    • Garage attached to the house maintains the space of the land.
    • A rendered garage is much warmer than a detached building. This feature is evaluated when repairing a car in autumn or winter weather.
    • Built-in garage saves money. Separate garage – this is a separate budget.

    The roof of the house is an important part, because it protects and closes the dwelling. Adhering to modern projects, many want to have a cottage with a flat roof. However, you must consider several factors.

    1. Climate. If a person lives in a rainy and cold climate, then a flat roof is prefeeded by sliding, with a slope. Otherwise, water will not be able to drain, and this is fraught with bad consequences.
    2. Vegetation. If there will be many trees around the house, it is better to choose a roof with a slope.

    Flat roof cottages meet the standards of modern architecture. Conservative, with straight and simple lines, they find a response in the shower in many.

    The best option for lovers of a large number of light in the house will be a cottage with erkers. As a rule, large or panoramic windows are used in such houses. And also permissible to combine these two types of windows. With such a building you can forget about gloomy and dark rooms.

    Of particular importance is the area of ​​the future cottage. Here, of course, it is worth considering the number of people living in the house, and the area of ​​the plot rely on construction. If the budget does not allow erection of mansions, it is quite comfortable to relax and in small houses with an area of ​​up to 60 kV. M. Special offices will easily create a project on a small area, who knows residential and non-residential premises.

    Houses with an area of ​​up to 150 kV. M are perfectly suitable for small families from 3 to 5 people.

    When there are extended capabilities, it is possible to implement a plan for the construction of cottages with an area and 300 kV. m, and 500 kV. m, and even in 1000 sq. M.


    One-story houses are quite popular in the modern world. Such a building will allow the city resident to be closer to Earth, to nature, as well as have a separate access to the garden or on the terrace.

    Single-storey cottages have a number of pluses to choose them.

    1. Price. If a person is limited in the means, then a single-storey building is the perfect option. It is much cheaper – and if you choose a finished project, and if you build yourself.
    2. Lack of stairs. Huge plus in terms of dwelling. Especially when small children and elderly live in the house.

    Now popular use of panoramic windows in small one-storey buildings. Due to the panoramic glazing, space expands, and the house is filled with light. In addition, you can admire the afternoon day and night at any time of the year.


    For the construction of a two-story house requires more solid preparation. Initially, you need to get acquainted with the characteristic of the soil. Next, it is important to most correctly calculate a lot of future facilities. All this is necessary so that in the future the soil does not sleep under the weight of the building.

    Two floors in the house allow you to fully implement the planning. On the first floor you can place the so-called economic zone and the guest – this is a kitchen, boiler room, storage room, living room. And the second floor will remain completely personal site owners: bedroom, office, library and much more. Bathrooms can be placed on each floor.

    If the cottage is planned to live a large number of people or several families at once, then 2 floors will be just by the way. Each family can stay on its floor.

    Design inside and outside

    Deciding all practical issues of building houses, then face the so-called creative problems, such as layout, interior rooms, exterior decoration. Here it is necessary to listen to yourself: modern design is needed or the most relevant mental component.

    Hall – the first room that guests and family members see. Of course, guests will enjoy the interior and atmosphere. But households are predominantly important functionality and capacity of this room.

    Today you can choose any style that will “play” in the hallway, and the storage zones are hidden from strange eyes.

    Kitchen – Home Room for the hostess of a family hearth. It should be not only beautiful, but also practical. The most profitable in the country cottage will look such materials like clay, stone, ceramics, wood. They are great for the interior decoration of the kitchen – waterproof materials, are not afraid of high temperatures and will last for a long time.

    The living room brings friends, and also perfectly suitable for quiet family gatherings. Here it will be better to look bold, bright interiors. And you can also actively use upholstered furniture: sofas, puffs, chairs, pillows. How to arrange it organically, you can see in the pictures.

    The bedroom primarily serves for a full-fledged owner. This, you can say, solitude room, intimate cottage zone. Better in the bedroom to abandon bright colors, preference to light tones. The latter will help calm down, dip the coolest and give to fully relax after a hard day.

    Modern large cottages allow you to make separate bathrooms, and not limited in size. If the house is fully solitary, it is possible to realize a bathroom with panoramic glazing and afford to enjoy nature, taking a bath with foam.

    Interior of the interior of the house is the reflection of the nature of the owner and the creation of comfort for him. In the design, someone sticks one style, and someone mixes several at once.

    Finishing from natural natural materials, a large number of living colors perfectly squeezed in the house of Provence style. Furniture in this case should be vintage. Vases, wicker baskets, candlesticks and other.

    Lovers of naturalness and intimacy with nature excellent option will serve a fully wooden house. The interior of the tree looks harmoniously with any style. If you want brightness, the tree can be boldly painted in any colors.

    It is desirable that the facade of the house is harmoniously combined with interior decoration. Foreign finish will be contemplated by many, not only guests and friends. It is important that the facade is as functional as possible, because the cottage protects against wind, rain, snow.

    Natural cataclysms should not damage the beautiful house.

    For decor, you can use the following materials:

    • siding;
    • a rock;
    • facing panels;
    • brick;
    • Plaster.

        As a rule, country houses surround high fences. In the modern world, the choice of the latter is also diverse. You can use a carved fence from wood, metal or iron fence, polycarbonate, plastic and other options. To create harmony with the interior of the house, a fence can be painted in bright colors or in gray tones. It all depends on the imagination of the owner.

          Ready examples

          The following are photos of finished country houses and cottages.

          • Beautiful two-storey cottage with large windows in the style of high-tech. Perfect option for big family.

          • Chic Two-storey Brick Cottage with Built-in Garage. It can be called a dream home.

          • European-style brick country house.

          • Large cottage with modern facade.

          • Interior of a closed terrace in a private house. Here you can relax perfectly, admire the nature or have fun with friends.

          • Panoramic windows in the interior give an unforgettable impression and fill the house by special charm.

          • Living room with fireplace will give not only warmth, but also with quiet evenings.

          Project and design of a modern house with a flat roof in the next video.

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