Porch of concrete

Life in a private house opens up much more opportunities in terms of construction and arrangement, rather than apartments. I want to improve your accommodation, make it more interesting, more practical, more convenient. Some dream of getting out of the house, stand on a beautiful porch and enjoy the surrounding view. To do this, build a porch. The easiest way to make a porch of concrete.

Let’s figure out exactly how to perform the task and what moments should especially consider in such buildings.

What you need to consider?

Construction is successfully completed and correctly only when competently approach the planning issue. After all, there are a number of moments that should be taken into account. In order not to miss anything important, it is required to compile the appropriate project.

The project includes:

  1. Is the veranda build together with the house, or it is an extension to the finished construction.
  2. Height is determined from the ground to the bottom edge of the door threshold.
  3. The width is determined depending on how many people can pass along the stairs at the same time, and will also need to enter large things to the house. So, for one person we need to open a minimum of 80 cm. To get two, it will take at least 100 cm.
  4. Steps. It makes the unpaired number of steps, which makes it easier to rise and go down. Optimal dimensions – height from 12 to 20 cm. and width 25 cm.
  5. The porch must be approximately 5 cm. Below the level of the inlet door threshold. This will allow an extension not to interfere with the opening and closure of doors.

Taking into account all these parameters, you can draw up a project. Based on the drawings, it will be much easier to perform work in gradually, comply with the established norms, prevent errors.

Be sure to take into account the material, the state of the soil, the load that an extension will have. In some cases, reinforcement will be required.

About how you can make a reliable concrete porch, look in the video.


The work plan implies a clear sequence of your actions. If you make a plan in advance, you will not be confused in the stages, you can competently distribute your own time. After all, after some works, it is necessary to give the material to dry and strengthen. For this, by the way, it is recommended to determine the properties of a material in advance.

When building a porch of concrete, the sequence of steps is as follows:

  1. Stripping the site under the extension and training of the territory;
  2. Definition of design sizes;
  3. Performance and installation of the frame;
  4. Pouring concrete mixture.

And now about every step of the plan Talk to detail.

Preparation of soil

Preparation of land for the future construction plays an extremely important role. Here you need not just remove all the garbage and remove the layer of accumulated grass. Plants are of great strength and can even break through the thick layer of concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to envisage that plants do not start breaking through the foundation after the relevant work.

The main task is to remove all plantations, targeting trees and shrubs. It is recommended not to just remove them under root, but use special chemicals. They impede any further growth and development of plantations. And therefore the fear of their destructive possibilities in a couple of years after the construction of the porch does not have to.

As soon as the preparatory activities on the ground will be completed, you will be able to launch the soil.


Of course, construction will require certain financial costs for materials. It is important for you to determine how much they will cost.

Deciding with the size of the building, take into account:

  • Height of the porch,
  • Width of the porch,
  • Number of steps.

This will correctly calculate the amount of concrete. How much cement is needed on cube concrete, You can see in another article. It is concrete – the basis of the construction and material requiring the greatest amount of funds.

Make a drawing, and spend the calculations. If you are going to use the finished concrete mix, then it is enough to calculate the volume of the design.

For the preparation of concrete mix for pouring the porch of the cement M500 cement, take sand and crushed stone in the following proportion: 1 part of cement for 2.2 pieces of sand and 3,7 pieces of rubble. Such a porch withstand pressure 300 kg / cm².

You also need to decide on the reinforcement and waterproofing materials. For example, for reinforcement for each stage two reinforcement rods should be used.


Materials and tools

Without relevant tools and materials, it does not make sense. You just can not even start it.

Prepare the following materials and tools before construction:

  • Sand
  • Cement;
  • Crushed stone;
  • Plywood sheets;
  • Boards;
  • Shovel;
  • Armature;
  • Nails on wide hats;
  • Concrete mixer;
  • Measurement Tools (Level, Roulette, etc.);
  • Putty knife;
  • Metal wire;
  • Bought bricks.


  1. For the foundation, it will take care, and its depth should be about 30 cm. The width of the pit must be 2.5 cm. wider than the width of the planned extension. For the porch made of concrete, it is necessary to create an appropriate foundation – a small embedding. Its parameters must comply with certain requirements. Depth should be 20-30 cm. lower than the level of soil freezing.
  2. On the bottom of the pit stacked the substrate. She is made of rubble and sand. First, the sand layer is 10 cm, and then the rubble layer – about 5 cm. The substrate is designed to protect the foundation from groundwater and strengthen the basis. The substrate should go beyond the foundation of about 10 cm.
  3. If there are groundwater on the site of the foundation, it is necessary to organize events on their disposal.

Reinforcement, creation of frame

Fulfing the pillows, it’s time to start building a porch.

The porch necessarily needs a frame:

  1. The framework is a reliable base that will withstand the weight of the concrete fill, which will be poured. In fact, the formwork is a construction of boards, plywood and brick elements, which repeats the appearance of your future porch made of concrete.
  2. Boards should be used durable, but not too dry, because they can crack. Their thickness is minimum 2 cm., and width – from 20 cm.
  3. The height of the generated formwork must be about 30 cm. Above the most planned porch, since the lower part will go into the ground. It is necessary to establish side elements that constitute parts of the steps of the required height and width. Frame elements are collected in a single integer with the strut. Due to this, the required strength is achieved.
  4. The sidewalls are strengthened by rigidity ribs, and it can be supplemented with reinforcement. The reinforcement is stacked with a steps sequence of 20 cm., Taking into account in advance drawing.
  5. Between the frame and ribs should be provided for the installation of spacers. All this falls asleep by the ground by about 10 cm. and tampering. After completing the formwork, the fill begins.


To the question of steps you should see more detail. After all, they are the most important element of the whole design. Correctly calculating them and having completed, you can comfortably climb and go down the porch. By permitting a mistake, you can wish about the decision to make a porch.

The number of steps directly depends on the height from the floor at the entrance door to the ground. The width of the steps should be large enough so that the leg is completely placed on the element. This will provide additional safety.

Consider another most important point – if you need to build more than three steps, based on the calculations carried out, it is advisable to provide installation of the railing.

To calculate the parameters of the ladder, we recommend using the calculations shown in the following figure.

The angle of inclination of the stairs is allowed from 27 ° to 45 °.

When planning the height of the steps, consider whether children and elderly will enjoy the porch. In this case, the height is worth making less.

Stage width, cm.Stage height, cm.The angle of inclination march
401014 °
38eleven16 °
361218 °
341321 °
32fourteen23 °
thirtyfifteen25 °
28sixteen29 °
261733 °
241837 °
22nineteen40 °
twentytwenty45 °

Pouring concrete

  1. The design will be stronger and more reliable if you provide for the use of reinforcement. It is advisable to pre-cut on the necessary items. They are connected wire made of metal. Installation on layers of filling stones, broken bricks is allowed. Due to this, it will be necessary to use a smaller amount of concrete without prejudice to the reliability of the design.
  2. When mixing the solution, a concrete mixer is useful. The laying of concrete begins only after the completion of its kneading, which will allow you to save the properties and characteristics.
  3. Pouring is carried out from the bottom stage.
  4. Each new flooded layer is thoroughly tamped. Leaving emptiness, you risk reduce durability and structural strength. If the fill turned out to be higher than the required level, remove the surplus of the solution, after. The construction level defines the correctness of the bookmark.
  5. After filling the first layer, wait, allow the mixture to be frozen. Only after that you can proceed to the next layer. Filling the last step.
  6. Built formwork is not removed immediately after filling the last stage. Need to wait about 7 days before dismantling.


Of course, completing the fill and remove the formwork, it is unlikely that the porch will look like you expected. All because it is still required to conduct finishing works.

Some craftsmen still laid out various patterns with pebbles. However, this requires effort and extra time.

Best finishing with clinker tiles. It is made with an anti-slip surface, and therefore, even during the rain, you can not fear to step on the material.

Of course, it is important to consider the house and the porch look like a single design, combined and corresponded to one style.

Original and useful additions to the pornel will be railing and visor. If the staircase is short, then the railing is not needed, but in the presence of older people in the house still worth thinking about them. Material Choose at your discretion and focus on the stylistics of the composition.

Look at the following video about how to make a porch of concrete with your own hands.

As you can see, make a porch of concrete, relying only on your own strength and opportunities, quite real. The main thing is to comply with all important recommendations, use high-quality materials, as well as follow the instructions for the preparation of the mixture.

Accuracy and competent sequence of your actions will provide an excellent result. Your porch will be the subject of real pride. After all, you are your own hands made this beauty.

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