Planning attic from A to Z

Low-rise housing recently is not associated with budget. To date, private houses have small floors most often appear in elite villages. And designers already offer typical and individual projects. The highest demand for present projects of houses with a narent floor. In this case, the presence of a full-fledged residential space under the roof remains, since the attic is a great way to lose free space.

What is Manzarda?

Usually, attic is a large open space that can be used for various purposes: as a residential premises or attic. The main difference between these two rooms is that the attic is the unheardous storage facilities for storing old and unnecessary things. BUT Mansard is a full-fledged recreation room.

Although according to the BTI documents, the height of the ceilings on the attic should be from 1.5 to 2.5 meters. If the walls below are the attic, and if it is higher, then this is a full-fledged residential floor. But when drawing up documents to the house, keep in mind that the functionality of the subxurement space is subject to individual taxes. So, the attic is not included in the total living area, and the house with an attic on the roof is regarded as a two-storey cottage.

The internal useful area of ​​the attic floor depends on the design features of the house and roof. Here you can equip the guest bedroom, a children’s zone, a working office with a library or a winter garden.

Before entering the construction or improvement of the attic, it is necessary to decide on the roof type:

  • Single – the ceiling of such an attic has a sloping form, and the room itself remains small and close. And such attic plants are very rare.
  • Double or forcep – perhaps the most popular option in the construction of country houses. The roofs are connected at the corner of the skate.

  • Loaven – a peculiar type of a duplex roof. Free space in this case increases due to the complicated roof design.
  • Four sheet – allows you to place 4 windows on each rope slope.
  • Single-level with remote consoles is a complex roof type that will not be able to do it yourself, if you do not have special skills and knowledge. Similar asymmetric roofs are relatively less likely than everyone else. On such an attic one can accommodate two or three spacious rooms.

At the same time, the ceiling height should reach 1.5 meters, otherwise it will be uncomfortable in such a small room. The most optimal is the indicator of 2.5 meters.

Low ceilings can create an illusion of closed space. In addition, as psychologists claim, in a small dark place, a person feels like in a closed space, which has a negative impact on the psyche and mood.

Any messenger space can be converted and remake into the attic. When choosing a type of roof, take into account the load on the supporting structures of the house from the log house and the foundation. Without it, it is impossible to make a plan of the attic floor. It also takes into account the height and width of the roof. And no matter what appointment you choose for the attic: residential or non-residential – it is necessary to comply with individual rules and construction norms. But still it is recommended at the stage of developing a plan of the future home to work out an embodiment of the attic of the attic, this will allow the use of additional space to the maximum.

The main requirements that are nominated for the attic:

  • insulation – an additional room must be warm;
  • High-quality waterproofing – without a layer of waterproofing material, do not do, with the arrangement of the attic, you must be sure that rainwater will not fall inside the room;
  • Parosolation – does not allow condensates to form due to the difference of temperatures in the room and on the street;

  • Lighting is a deposit of comfort and comfort;
  • Noise insulation – raindrops dripping on the roof, or the gathering of snow in early spring can become a serious problem for a comfortable and relaxing holiday;
  • Layout and separation of space for individual zones should be competently planned.

How to equip outside?

Private house with an attic can be built of foam blocks, bricks or timber. But all the elements of the roof should be light and durable. Do not use concrete and stone – they will create an additional load on the overlap. The most suitable materials for covering the roof – metal tile, slate. Mineral wool or basalt plates can be used as insulation.

The facade of the house should fit into the surrounding area and match the land landscape. Therefore, you can use a decorative finish: siding, tile, artificial brick or stone.

Square private house is a great option not only for a seasonal cottage area, as well as for permanent residence. In such a room it is easier to equip the inner space and harmoniously place all the necessary zones. And to externally, such a house does not look like a squat cube, extend the open or closed veranda near the porch. Also dilute boring appearance helmers, columns or balcony on the attic floor.

Rules zoning

The room under the roof may have a non-standard form: a broken, triangular, with asymmetric sides, and so on. But it will not hurt to arrange a workbook on the attic, a rest room, an additional bedroom, a library or a winter garden.

Designers also offer two ways for making attic:

  • use roofing rods as walls;
  • Encrew the walls and ceiling by plasterboard by creating a room of a correct rectangular shape.

The main thing is to be in the room it was warm and comfortable.

House 6 x 6 m

Construction of 6 x 6 m is considered an excellent option for a garden house. Subject to the construction of a single-storey house with an attic, the total area will be about 50 m2. For seasonal family residence of 3-4 people, this is quite enough. But to avoid climbing at home, it is necessary to plan space, as well as properly approach the choice of furniture:

  • Built-in cabinet furniture and spacious storage systems in the corridor will unload space in the rooms.
  • To save space, you can also use space under the staircase for arrangement of a small pantry.

  • On additional space on the attic floor, you can also find a free angle for storing household appliances.
  • You can enlarge the living area of ​​the house with a closed terrace that can be used as a summer kitchen.
  • The bathroom is better to do with the general, and instead of the bathroom to install a shower cabin – to stay in a warm summer and on weekends it will be quite enough for a large family.

The main advantages of a small house are the rapid process of building a building, as well as savings to pay for utilities.

House 6 x 8 m

In the house of 6 x 8 m, you can confidently accommodate an additional one bedroom and dressing room. The project of such a house is not much different from the planning of the house 6×6 meters:

  • Hallway can smoothly switch to the kitchen-living room – this is the best option for modern house design. And besides the combined room looks more spacious and effectively.
  • On the first floor you can also place two bedrooms and a bathroom.
  • Damage floor can be used as a workshop, work office or separate room for seating.

House 6 x 9 m

The size of a house of 6 x 9 meters is not too big, but still allows you to accommodate several full zones:

  • On the ground floor you can place a spacious hallway with spacious storage systems of outerwear.
  • The kitchen and living room can be combined in one space or separated by partitions.
  • The bathroom is recommended to combine, but instead of the bath, use a shower cabin for guests.

On the attic floor it is quite realistic to place several residential rooms:

  • Here there is a place for a bedroom and a spacious nursery with a bathroom or dressing room.
  • In the bathroom on the attic floor you can accommodate a large corner bath.

House 12 x 13 m

House of 12 at 13 meters is the optimal choice for a comfortable stay of a large family:

  • Each family member you can highlight a separate spacious room.
  • On the first floor you can position the kitchen-living room, two bedrooms and a separate bathroom.
  • Also on the first floor there will be a place for a boiler room or a small pantry.
  • And on the spacious attic there will be a place for another bedroom, children’s zone or work office.

With such a layout, it is the most reasonable to equip the staircase in the hallway to avoid passing rooms.

What should be inside?

Private house provides the owner freedom to choose planning and design. And based on the available area of ​​the house, the attic space can be equipped for residential or non-residential destination.

The main stages of the arrangement of the attic floor:

  • Drawing up a plan of a future house – when creating a project, the size of the room is taken into account.
  • Choice and calculation of building materials for internal and external finishes at home.
  • Insulation, lighting and waterproofing of the attic floor.
  • Erectation of internal partitions for zoning and dividing the room for individual rooms.
  • Finishing the ceiling, walls and floor of each zone

In the developed attic project, the materials that you will use for the internal and external floor decoration, as well as insulation and waterproofing, must be indicated

What rooms can be placed on the attic floor:

  • bedroom;
  • Children’s room;
  • office or library;
  • guest bedroom;
  • home cinema;
  • Wardrobe;
  • winter Garden;
  • gym;
  • Hobbies or Workshop.

To make a cozy attitude from the usual attic, you need to warm the room. And without additional thermal insulation can not do. Features and rules for mounting insulation:

  • Parosolation materials should not pass moisture formed from evaporation indoors.
  • All heat insulating materials must be intended for residential premises.
  • It is also necessary to equip the windows to enter the room natural light. Windows must be well insulated to reduce heat loss.

With the arrangement of the attic, special attention should be paid not only to insulation, but also ventilation. In this case Experts offer three solutions:

  • Mansard windows in the inclined part of the pitched roof;
  • air conditioner;
  • Supply-exhaust ventilation.

Useful recommendations on how to equip the attic floor you will learn by looking at the following video.

Useful tips: what can be done with your own hands?

You can develop a project and build a house with a nursery with your own hands, but for this you need to have certain skills and skills. And also be sure to comply with the basic recommendations and construction norms:

  • At the finished house you can not attach the attic. It is necessary to make sure in advance in the reliability and strength of the foundation and overlaps. Perhaps before the construction of the attic will need additional strengthening of the design.
  • Mansard Floor must be with a reinforced reliable design, have additional supports, walls or columns.
  • For security purposes, when designing an attic, it is necessary to envisage the outdoor staircase from the street to the balcony or the window. Any additional design will ensure safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.

  • The space under the roof is subjected to a constant temperature difference, so when the attic is erected, it is necessary to take care of the heat and waterproofing of the room.
  • It is necessary to develop a plan for communications on the attic: electricity and heating. But if some rooms are planning to use not daily, then we recommend installing temperature controller on radiators.
  • The design and device of the stairs should be convenient for lifting and descent. Daily use of the stairs should be comfortable and safe. And the staircase itself should not interfere with moving on the first floor.

  • For natural ventilation, install windows with framugs – they allow you to quickly air the room.
  • Also, experts recommend installing air conditioning and carry out supply and exhaust ventilation on the attic floor.
  • If you are afraid of claustrophobia and doubt the feasibility of arrangement of attic for the bedroom, then consider the options for organizing a dressing room on an additional floor. As well as even a small space can be used for home theater, a small gym or as a workshop.

Spectacular options for inspiration

Ready-made projects of houses with attic help to navigate the choice, construction and arrangement of housing. For example, the most popular projects are considered at home with 3 bedroom and stairs. And designers offer typical and unique planning of houses. Take care that every room has everything you need for a comfortable stay: comfortable bed, bedside tables or chest, as well as a wardrobe.

A large space under the roof can be divided in various ways, but one of the most successful is the use of niche between the rafters as an element of zoning.SS

Children’s room on attic is a great option that every child will love. In this case, your child has a separate space with a gaming area where you can also place a Swedish wall, ladder, horizontal bars or swing. But also in the children’s room, it is necessary to allocate places for a comfortable stay and study.

An attic room is optional to use for residential rooms, the second floor space is perfect for the dining room.

                  On any attic I will definitely have a place for hammock. It will make the atmosphere more romantic and cozy. Wall or pillars can perform as supporting structures for hammock.

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