Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton is a popular building mixture, an alternative to cement-sand, which is suitable for use when carrying out a variety of works: the manufacture of foundation and concrete blocks, plastering walls and shocking cracks in concrete surfaces, arrangement of tracks and other. Sandobobeton Axton due to its composition is favorably different from the analogues of universality and high plasticity.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Pros and cons

Sandob concrete Axton M300 is used mainly for the foundation and screed indoors, but in general is suitable for performing any construction tasks. Its advantages include:

  • strength;

  • frost resistance and moisture resistance;

  • High solidification rate compared to other substances;

  • Fire resistance and waterproof;

  • Ease of use – you can perform construction work without the help of specialists;

  • Efficiency is one of the budget options presented in the market.

An important advantage of the finished mixture, in contrast to homemade, is precise compliance with the proportions of cement, sand and plasticizers. Thanks to this, the builder can easily calculate the amount of the mixture, which will be needed for 1 m2, and the time of frozen (but, of course, it is necessary to take into account not only the place of the room, but also the thickness of the layer).

Peskobeton Axton M300

To the disadvantages, some builders range the need for additives to the mixture. For example, for some works, there may be adding plasticizers and completions, and antiorrous additives are necessary if the work is carried out in the cold (up to -15).

Full description

The composition of the sandbetone M300 includes river sand (fractions 2-3 mm), grams (fractions 1.5-3 mm), portland cement and various additives (plasticizers, modifiers), which are necessary to increase frost-resistant and acceleration of solutions. Axton is sold in waterproof packages of 30 kg, which is quite convenient if one person is engaged in transportation and mixing the mixture.

Peskobeton Axton M300

The manufacturer reports that the solution is suitable for use in construction, repair and restoration work.

Its main characteristics:

  • The minimum time of the viability of the solution is 2 hours;

  • The maximum time for which the composition is collapsed, 12 hours;

  • optimal temperature recommended for work, 5 degrees;

  • The main scope of application is the work on the laying of blocks and bricks, the fill of the screeds and the scene;

  • The shelf life of the unborn packaging is 1 year, opened – 6 months;

  • Consumption of sandbetone – 1 bag of 30 bricks;

  • The thickness of the layer should not be more than 50 mm;

  • Product feature – shockproof;

  • Manufacturer – Russian brand AXTON.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

Storage Recommendations: Storage Place should be cool, with low air humidity rates. Store preferably in a closed packaging. If the package is already printed, it is unacceptable to store it next to water, as well as in places available for children and animals. If the mixture accidentally got into the eyes, it is necessary to rinse them with water, and pass into the doctor.

Instructions for use

Work on the manufacture of concrete coating can be conditionally divided into 3 stages, each of which is performed in a short time.

Preparatory work

Preparation of the foundation for the foundation or screed is a responsible part that step by step. First of all, the surface is thoroughly cleaned from dirt and dust, then all cracks, irregularities and potholes are aligned with a skew concrete solution. Next, the foundation is processed by primer, and waiting for its drying.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

If the work is carried out on the ground, the earth must be previously tamped. Then create a pillow of rubble and sand, if necessary, reinforce.

Creating a workshop

For 1 kg of dry mixture of sandbetone, 200 milliliters of water. The composition is poured into a large container, convenient for mixing. After filling the water, the composition is embroidered until a homogeneous mixture occurs. Mixing is made using a construction mixer, it can also be done manually, it will take a wooden vane high strength.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

Important! If the proportions of water and dry mixture will not be supplemented, the composition will be too liquid. As a consequence, it will be glanced, it will be much slower, but after frozen, with a large share of probability, it covers cracks.

Experienced masters advise after the first mixing wait 3 minutes, then stir again. This improves grabbing.

Applying a finished solution

Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the choice of the tool that the mixture will be applied. For example, for brickwork, either Kelma is used or trusted. When creating a concrete screed, a liquid mixture can be shovel, use the same trowel – it all depends on the thickness of the applied layer.

When the mixture is already applied, it must be dissolved by rule. This procedure must be made as quickly as possible until the mixture has occurred.

When the leveling is completed, the finished surface viewed on the subject of whether there is no voids, and if necessary, corrected defects.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

After the solution is applied, and the surface is aligned, the screed must be closed with a construction polyethylene film. On top of layers impregnated with moisture. It is advisable not to air the room for the following 3 days. To accelerate drying, it is recommended to prevent falling on the concrete surface of the sun’s rays, as well as from time to time it is moistened.

Upon expiration of 72 hours, you can start finishing the concrete surface.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Review reviews

Users celebrate High Quality Sandobeton Axton – It is difficult to find so high-quality mixtures that are suitable for performing any types of work. The strength and plasticity of the material in combination with a low price make a mixture of one of the most popular on the market.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

During work, it is best not to be distracted by foreign affairs – even 5 minutes, for which the mixture is left, they negatively affect it. Another important nuance is to follow the rules, do not try to make a layer more than it can be, according to the manufacturer, because sandbetone can crack.

Peskobeton Axton M300

Peskobeton Axton M300

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