Penopelex® Wall – an effective solution for plaster facade

Plaster facades are popular in private housekeeping through a variety of color solutions and accessibility. Among modern facade materials, decorative plaster are often used to finish the walls of bricks, ceramic and aerated concrete blocks.

Plastering works are preceded by the thermal insulation of walls, providing the required level of thermal protection. Warming allows you to reduce the thickness of the wall design and significantly reduce its weight. As a result, the total cost of construction is reduced. Effective thermal insulation will provide a comfortable microclimate in the house.

An important stimulus of the construction of an energy efficient home is the regular increase in energy tariffs. So that in the house it was warm, the high costs of thermal energy are required, whether it is gas or electricity. And each owner of the living area is directly interested in reducing heating costs.

Penopelex® Wall - an effective solution for plaster facade

Classic Country Construction, Of course, ceramic brick and lightweight option – Ceramic block. A popular solution for the construction of walls – Block from cellular concrete. Common ceramics and aerated concrete distinguishes low heat protection compared with highly efficient heat insulators. Therefore, the insulation of the walls is a reasonable approach to energy saving within its own home.

For example, in European countries have found an effective way to save energy resources. Bearing wall structures of residential buildings up to three floors there are elevated from dense aerated concrete stamps D500 and D600 thickness of only 150 mm with an effective insulation of polystyrene foam thickness 150 mm, providing a thermal resistance value above 6 m2* K / W.

Such indicators are due to the requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings in European countries and are significantly higher than in Russia. For comparison: the required importance of thermal resistance on the larger territory of Germany is 6 m2* K / W, and in Russian standards for the region of Moscow and the Moscow region – less than 3 m2* K / w.

Energy saving in a modern private house will provide high-quality thermal insulation. Applying advanced building technologies, the house will be warm, the cost of its construction is minimized. In the near future, the volume of thermal energy required for a comfortable stay will decrease. To do this, you need to choose competent structural solutions and materials.

So, a multi-layered design of a durable aerated concrete with a thickness of 200 mm with a stove of insulation Penoplax® The wall thickness of 100 mm is significantly better protecting the house from the cold than the wall from the blocks of 400 mm thick without insulation. The design of the wall with the insulation is much thinner, with the best thermal insulation properties and with a smaller load on the foundation. The heat shift of the blocks from aerated concrete is several times lower than that of extrusionNogopolistic, and the price for 1M3 Size.

Penopelex® Wall – Proper heat insulation for home

Plates of insulation Penoplax® Walls are designed specifically for thermal insulation of enclosing structures – walls with finishing coated.

Insulation is distinguished by high compressive strength and bending. In the process of producing the material, a closed fine-resistant structure is formed, which provides insulation stiffness and high strength.

Penopelex® The wall has high heat shielding characteristics. The heat engineering properties of the insulation are unchanged throughout the entire period of operation – more than 50 years.

Zero water absorption provides insulated walls perfect protection against moisture and the immutability of thermophysical properties.

Biological stability of the material will prevent the development of any microorganisms, mold and mushrooms.

Thermal insulation is made according to the continuous technology from high-quality extrusionNogopenopolistic. From such an environmentally friendly raw materials produce food packaging and disposable dishes, children’s toys and stationery.

The thickness of the insulation is directly dependent on the construction region and is determined by the results of thermal calculations. It is possible to determine the thickness of the insulation using the calculator posted on the website of the manufacturer of Penopelex St. Petersburg.

The right installation of thermal insulation is a pledge of durability

Specially prepared milled surface plates Penoplax® Wall made in factory conditions provides high adhesion of plastering and adhesive compositions and reduces the timing of plastering. It is important that the structure Penopelex® WALL Has enough. It is the structure of the slabs that does not allow them in the process of exploitation to them to settle in the wall structure, as in the case of the insulation of mineral wool.

Plates have a clear geometry and snugly joined, so that cold bridges do not occur. They are simply mounted on the vertical surface of the walls due to low weight.

Environmental safety Penopelex® The wall allows you to work with thermal insulation without special protection measures: installation can be carried out without a respirator and even gloves. Orange plates are very convenient in processing: easy to cut and do not crumble.

Plates are mounted on the walls of bricks, ceramic and aerated concrete blocks, with a displacement.

With the help of polyurethane glue Penopelex® FastFix® Thermal insulation is easy to mount to the grounds. The glue is applied by one strip along the plates in the middle and at its perimeter at a distance of 1-3 cm from the edge. One balloon glue Penopelex® FastFix® Designed for gluing up to 10 m2 Plates of thermal insulation.

Each slab is additionally fixed with facade dowels. Good heat insulating ability to provide plate dowels from low thermal conductivity synthetic materials that prevent the formation of cold bridges. Additionally, scoring or wrained spacer elements made of galvanized or stainless steel with thermally insioning plastic head.

A facade primer is applied to the polymer mesh, and the finished type of facade gives decorative plaster.

Plates are produced convenient sizes: factory packaging with thermal insulation easily transfers one worker.

Warming at home can be performed independently. Read more to learn about the outdoor insulation of the house, by visiting the site of Penopelex St. Petersburg. To perform high-quality installation of the insulation, the required documentation is posted on the site.

Penopelex® – Heat durable home!

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