Overview of the most effective tools from cockroaches

The invasion of cockroaches is one of the most sophisticated problems of residents of apartment buildings. Especially acute this inconvenience is felt at night, when you include light in the kitchen and become the viewer of the cockroach races, in which the winners of those who managed to hide in dark corners. The emergence of such uninvited guests can not be ignored, because if they settle in your apartment – it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them, although it is quite possible. In this article we will tell about the most effective means of dealing with cockroaches and methods of their choice.

Rating of the best gels

Liquid gel is considered the safest tool to destroy cockroaches – it can be used in apartments in which people are constantly located, because it does not release toxic substances. The thick substance is most often packed in the syringes, allowing it to be convenient to apply the contents in the deposit of pests. When the gel dries and stops acting, it is simply washed off with a damp cloth. The remedy for cockroaches can be used in apartments in which there are children, because it is done very bitter taste – kids simply will not be able to eat sufficient dose for poisoning.

Nevertheless, many manufacturers do not recommend using poison, because immediately after application, it can be dangerous when entering the skin or eyes, over time this effect will become weaker.

Gel must be applied in those places where you most often notice cockroaches: under the sink, in the corners of the furniture, next to the refrigerator and the dining table, on the plinths and around the equipment that insects can climb. Lay the tracks from the drug droplets, leaving a distance of 5-10 cm between them. The more cockroaches in the apartment, the more often it is necessary to put the droplets or replacing them with a dotted line 2 cm long at a distance of up to 5 cm from each other.

The poison contained in a tasty smelling gel sterilizes the cockroaches eating it, thereby reducing the rapid growth of their population. However, it does not destroy the pest instantly, because the house still remains postponed eggs to which the tool does not affect. So that newborn insects do not rectify the colony again, it is necessary to periodically update the dried poisonous substance. The results of the gel action becomes noticeable in a week after the first use.

There are many companies manufacturing gels from cockroaches. Each firm tries to make its products as efficient as possible, but each drug has its advantages and disadvantages. We suggest to consider a list of the most popular gels from different manufacturers.

  • Gektor. A tool of Russian production, which poisoned cockroaches when contact with a substance or when eating it. The active ingredient in GEKTOR gel is fipronil, it paralyzes and then kills pests when entering the gastrointestinal tract. Even if the insect is simply touched by a viscous substance, through time the product will still fall into the digestive system when the cockroach starts cleaning his body. The tool is effectively fighting with the population of beetles, but it also has disadvantages – it leaves fat traces on some surfaces.

Also, many users note that one syringe is enough for one-time processing of one room – for the whole apartment you need to buy several packages immediately

  • “Raptor”. The tool is produced in Ukraine, its main active ingredient – lambda-cigalotrine, this substance is slowly poisoning insects, allowing them to bring infection to the colony. The gel is sold in a comfortable tube with a narrow nose – such packaging allows you to more accurately monitor the number of extruded bait. The most effective action “Raptor” provides when they are processed the whole apartment. The regularity of processing is also very important – once a month, the tracks from the gel need to be updated so that the pest population is not restored.

  • “Clean house”. Gel is produced in Russia, the effect of the means is based on two poisons: cypermetry and tetrametrine. The drug is non-toxic – he does not have a poisoning action, and cockroaches kill for several days. A week after applying the gel, the cockroaches population is sharply reduced – if there were many of them in the apartment, it is recommended to reuse poison. If cockroaches are a bit, you can use a “clean house” as a preventive agent – just once a month apply it to the places where insects saw.

Liquid refive works best in the event, When a regular wet cleaning is carried out in the house and rubbish in time. Gel is great for the destruction of cockroaches, arranged colony in the kitchen of your apartment, but if insects come from neighbors – the tool will not give a strong effect.

In order to destroy cockroaches on their own at home, people most often use potent aerosols. Such a means is really able in a short period of time to remove the entire colony of pests, but when it is used, it is necessary to carefully comply with security measures.

The drug is most often sold in a finished form in a spray canter, but in some cases it must be breeding in water and spray with a spray with a spray.

Modern aerosol, despite the lack of unpleasant odor, produces a strong poisoning effect that allows you to get rid of pests forever. However, poisonous discharges affect animals and people. So that tenants and pets are not poisoned, they need to leave the house for processing time.

You can order disinsection by aerosol from specialists or conduct it yourself. Professional destruction of cockroaches is expensive, but no harm is harmed by residents – after processing you only need to hold a wet cleaning. Independent injury of pests is a bit more complicated, because it is also necessary to take care of your own security.

For self-disinsection, first required to withdraw from home all people and animals. Next, wear clothes, which change immediately after the treatment of the apartment, gloves and respirator. Treat all rooms, but only in those zones where cockroaches live: plinths, waste wallpapers, space under technology, near the batteries and for sinks in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Close all windows and leave the apartment at least two hours so that the aerosol may affect all pests. Upon return, carefully ventilate the room and spend wet cleaning.

Aerosols are a strong and high-speed insecticide – they kill cockroaches in just a couple of hours, but do not affect the pending eggs at all. To completely get rid of the colony of pests, you will have to spend 2-3 sessions of disinsection. We offer to consider the list of popular aerosols.

  • “Dichlofos”. Time proven tool effectively destroying any insects. Modern “dichlofos” does not have a sharp unpleasant smell, but remains very toxic and able to poison a person, so it must be used very carefully.

If you get into the respiratory tract, the aerosol causes severe intoxication, so when used, be sure to wear a mask or respirator.

  • RAID. The tool kills the colonies of cockroaches within a few hours, after which the active components are completely evaporated. With proper use of two or three sessions, you can completely get rid of insect populations in the apartment. You can also use to destroy the pests in the apartment in order to prevent their settlement. The disadvantages of the RAID aerosol are an unpleasant smell and irritation of the mucous eye, so during the processing of the premises it is necessary to wear glasses and respirator.

  • “Clean house”. Aerosol quickly and effectively destroys cockroaches – the maximum result is noticeable several hours after spraying. The advantages of the “Clean House” means is the lack of an unpleasant odor, a large volume of the canister and the presence of a convenient dispenser, allowing to spice hard to reach places. When inhalation of evaporation, irritation of the respiratory tract appears, so during spraying it is necessary to protect the face with a mask or respirator.

Like a gel, the aerosol helps only with the cockroaches present at the moment in the apartment. Insects are very frightened and scatter when the tool falls on them, but after a while even the fugitives will die of intoxication.

Powerful shallow and powders

The cheapest means from cockroaches are a variety of shallow and powders. Powder can be used in different ways, and in chalk there is only one way of use – application of lines for furniture.

Chalk is very easy to use: So that he began to destroy cockroaches, it is enough to put the chalk lines in the places of their cluster and penetration into the house. Sitting along the drawn insects insects after a while completely paralyzes, and the wider lines – the higher the probability of the death of pests.

Despite the fact that the insecticide refers to an inexpensive price category, its active ingredient is dangerous for a person, so unpacked chalk must keep away from children.

Powders from cockroaches have a small cost, but in contrast to chalk they are absolutely harmless to children and animals. However, the effectiveness of such funds is also lower – they cope only with a small amount of pests. If the apartment is a whole colony of pasta insects, powder insecticide will be useless.

Each person has a pest situation, therefore, there is such a wide variety of insecticidal agents. We offer to consider the list of popular crayons and powders from cockroaches.

  • Small “Masha”. Popular insecticide, which is much easier to apply than most other funds from cockroaches. To get rid of pests in the apartment, it is necessary to “paint” places where cockroaches are most often found: cabinet doors, plinths and lower dining table. If cockroaches come from neighbors, it is necessary to outset all their ways around the perimeter: the window frame, doorways and ventilation. Packaging of a poisonous chalk “Masha” something resembles a candy wrapper, so it needs to be hiding if there are children in the house.

  • Small “Clean Home”. Inexpensive insecticide, not inferior in its properties “Masha”. Clear “Clean Home” effectively destroys the population of cockroaches and protects the house from new non-crumbling “guests”. The disadvantage of the funds is too high density – due to hardness it is inconvenient to apply chalk on smooth surfaces.

  • Powder “Fenatsin”. Cheap calorie from cockroaches, effectively destroying a small amount of pests. The tool works best if scattering the contents of the package next to some delicious bait, for example, a piece of meat. Also, we can sprinkle the sink and bathroom for the night – the cockroaches are also needed water, and when they come after it, they will fall into an improvised trap. In the morning, be sure to wash the residues of the powder so that no one poisoned, because it is quite toxic.

When scattering “Fenakne” flies almost like dust, so when processing rooms, you must wear a respirator and glasses.

  • Powder “Super FAS”. Universal remedy without smell will save the apartment not only from cockroaches, but also from other harmful insects. Pluses of the Powder “Super FAS” – this is a small price and high efficiency when used in a complex with bait. The disadvantage is toxicity of the means – components can cause allergies, so it is necessary to carefully comply with security measures.

Each method of getting rid of cockroaches brings really good fruits only in the event, If you are disinsection in a regular cleaning complex, take a timely garbage and leave the food in the open access.

Effective fumigators

Many people got used to thinking that electric fumigator – This protection is exclusively from mosquitoes, but it effectively operates on other insects, including cockroaches. Such a device allocates safe substances safe for people and animals that poison pests. The effect of the Fumigator, rather dismissed cockroaches than helps to withdraw them forever, so it is used in a complex with other insecticides – the device is inserted into the outlet for the night so that the beetles do not interfere with sleep, while the main poison acts on cockroaches in the places of their cluster.

The most popular device for such purposes is the Raptor Aquatumigator. For the use of insecticide there is a limit – it cannot be operated in small non-refined rooms. The fumigator has a large radius of action, and in a small place, the number of substances released may exceed the norm and poison the tenants.

Effective folk remedies

In some situations, fighting cockroaches with chemicals is not enough, so people additionally use folk disinsection methods. Such techniques for the destruction of pests will help reduce the population of insects at the time when there are no specialized drugs at hand. We offer top folk methods for the destruction of cockroaches.

  • Foreignness. This method is performed in the cold season, when the temperature on the street falls below -10 ° C. The method will help get rid of pests in a private house built close to high-rise buildings, or in an apartment with the ability to disable heating. Cockroaches are very sensitive to temperature drops, so the 10 ° C is enough to kill all adults and eggs. When the outdoor temperature drops rather low, it is necessary to turn off all the heating devices and air all rooms for at least 30-40 minutes.

For the cold there is no obstacles, so the combination will destroy 100% indoor pests, the main thing is not to air the apartment with the heating included or heaters, otherwise it will reduce the effect.

  • Heat treatment. Opposite freeze method – so that the cockroaches are killed enough to heat the air to + 50 ° C. Such a temperature is created using a special steam generator with a strong insecticide – the apartment is treated with a ferry, which is not inferior to freeze. The minus method is a thick warm fog, which sends only after 10 hours. In order for the method to work, after processing the room should remain tightly closed within 2 hours.

  • Homemade traps. Such products will work a short period of time, but also effectively reduce insect populations. The options for homemade traps are a lot, for example: a bank with bait at the bottom and smeared Vaseline with a neck or pieces of Scotch, which were disclined in places of accumulation of pests. You can also make paper traps, smeared with glue, which will dry for a long time, and for greater efficiency in the middle of a sheet drop a couple of honey or jam droplets.

  • Essential oils. Cockroaches do not like sharp odors, so essential oils effectively scare them. Options for using fragrant oil Several: Add it to the water for washing the floors, with the help of a cotton disk, apply to the field of accumulation of insects or aromatic lamps. The most efficient means of scaring is the Eucalyptus essential oil, but others can be used, the smell of which you like. The aromatic oils are a common allergen, so make sure that no one from the houses at home does not cause ailment.

  • Room Flowers. The sharp smell of geranium scares cockroaches no worse than any essential oil. So that insects were uncomfortable in the apartment, it is necessary to place 2-3 flower on each windowsill. Also, instead of Gerani, you can land camomiles – their smell is attractive for people, but unpleasant for cockroaches.

Tips for choosing

To sortate cockroaches in a private house, an apartment or a hostel, you need to choose a means. Selection criteria depend on what effect you want to get: quickly, but with short-term effect or slowly, but for a long time. It is also very important how many insects are located in the room – from large colonies it is necessary to get rid of strong insecticides, and the “flying” cockroaches can be scared by folk remedies.

We offer more details consider the criteria for selecting insecticidal tools from cockroaches.

  • Aerosols. The fastest drug against cockroaches, easily pulls out to hard-to-reach places and is economically spent. Aerosol does not act on eggs and irritates mucosa person.

  • Fumigators. High-speed insecticide that does not require human participation when used and easily penetrating into the most secret corners. Fumigators sometimes exude an unpleasant smell, so they can not be left included for the whole night.

  • Gels. To remove cockroaches with such a means conveniently, but the poison periodically needs to be updated so that all the cockroaches get the dose of intoxication. Customer reviews are ambiguous: some talk about gel inefficiency, others celebrate its slow but long-term effect.

  • Powders. Powder slowly affects pests, but a long time retains its poisonous properties. Toxic substances can be in the air for a long time if scattering the powder inactively.

  • Chalks. The substance is slowly, but very strongly affects the body of cockroaches, with time completely scaring them from apartments. Smalls of different manufacturers are very different in quality, but they are all extremely dangerous if they accidentally fall into the human body.

  • Homemade traps. They act on some individuals immediately, but they must often be changed for a positive effect.

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