Overview of the concrete mixtures “Parma”

During construction work, it is important to have the necessary technique, which allows you to save time and strength, instead of doing everything by hand. Such can be called concrete mixers, often used in the household sector of construction, if we are talking about your own house or dacha. One of the manufacturers of this technique is the company “Parma”.


Among the characteristic features of the concrete mixtures “Parma” can be distinguished by several of the most important.

  • Wide range of. If you want to buy a concrete mixer from this manufacturer, you will be presented a large selection of a variety of models that differ in their functionality, technical characteristics and the amount of work performed.
  • There are only electrical models. This feature can be a plus for some, and for someone more than the disadvantage, since the presence of only one type of power limits the consumer base.
  • Quality. CARVER manufacturer, which manufactures Parma concrete mixers, is known for its variety of products.

Many years of experience and availability of buyers in Russia allow you to create techniques of good quality at your affordable price.

The lineup


B-180E – a model possessing the necessary characteristics to perform the work of small and medium difficulty in the construction of small structures. The total drum volume is 175 liters, of which 115 are effective. Tool drive belt allows you to withstand heavy loads. The polyamide crown in the design increases the service life and makes this model more wear-resistant.

The power mode is standard and is 220 V / 50 Hz, power consumption no more than 850 W, nominal useful index for the engine – 500 W. As for the speed of rotation of the drum, it equals 23 rpm. Average mixture cooking time – about 4 minutes. The wheels with a diameter of 160 mm allow transportation to the area. Weight is 57 kg, due to which the movement of the unit does not cause special problems.


BS-160E – Comfortable and ergonomic concrete mixer, adapted for mixing cement, water, as well as various fillers that can be used in the manufacture of mixtures. The advantage of this model can be called small dimensions that will be preferable when working in areas with limited area. The rated power of the electric motor is 700 W, the sound pressure level is 95 dB, weight 56 ​​kg.

As for the drum, its volume is 160 liters, 110 – effective. Maximum rotation speed 30 rpm, one portion of the mixture is made in 5 minutes. Durable construction and availability of high-quality components makes this concrete mixer reliable with a long service life. It is worth noting the elevated level of resistance to various physical exertion during operation.

In this model, quite simple maintenance is combined with minor sizes and acceptable technical data.


B-120E – a reliable unit of low power and high performance. The presence of a polyamide crown makes the work more stable, high-quality and less noisy. This item consists of four sectors, and you can replace anything that is convenient during operation. In the design there is an asynchronous motor with a copper winding, so that the unit can operate at high temperatures. Their maximum indicators may exceed 75 degrees those in which concrete mixer is operated.

The drum is designed for 120 liters, of which 60 are effective. Power consumption no more than 600 W, nominal useful for the engine – 370 W. Preparation time of the mixture – 4 minutes, maximum drum rotation speed – 27 rpm. The wheel diameter is 160 mm, weight 46 kg. Small dimensions marked noticeably not only transportation, but also full transportation.


BS-200E – a powerful unit that is most suitable for the work of medium and high volumes. Unlike other models, this technique has an electric motor with a nominal capacity of 900 W. Sound pressure level 95 dB, the volume of the drum is 200 liters, and the effective of them are 140. High-quality electrical equipment allows you to prepare one big portion of the mixture in 6 minutes.

Drum rotation speed is 30 rpm, weight 59 kg. It is worth noting the presence of a special protective cover, which prevents from entering various items into the inner part of the device. Increased working resource has become possible due to the use of a gentle crown from high-quality cast iron.


BS-121E – a low-power unit, which is designed to perform a small volume in living conditions. As for the electric motor used, its rated power is 550 W. Total drum of 125 liters, effective – 90. The level of sound pressure is the same with the previously represented model and equals 95 dB. The speed of rotation of the drum 24 rpm, the diameter of the boot window is 39 cm.

For the manufacture of one portion of the mixture takes 5 minutes, the original design of the locking node is used, thereby increasing the safety of the workflow, and its labor intensity is reduced. Symmetric design makes this concrete mixture stable, and the cover closes the inside of the device and protects it from physical damage.

Review reviews

Users who tested the concrete mixers of the Parma, allocate several advantages.

  • Low price. Full accessible equipment for household use.
  • Easy operation. The instruction is written in Russian, so it is easy to understand the technique.
  • Not bad specifications for your price.

But also there are disadvantages, for example, consumers indicate that some models have defects in the design, which is why the aggregates need to be refined manually. And this method is not always a worker.

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