Options for planning a single-storey house with a size of 12×12 m

Planning a single-storey house 12×12 square meters provides a real scope for creativity. After all, on such a space it will turn out to fit a lot. The dwelling will be an excellent refuge for a large family, here for everyone there is a separate cozy corner. And so that such an area is used as rationally, it is necessary to carefully consider a detailed project of the house.

Today we will talk about several options for planning a single-storey building.

Features of the design of a large structure

To make the most rational use all the free space in such a house, it is important to prevent a large number of passing rooms. And exclude the formation of useless corners.

It should also be remembered that one-story design can be much more practical and more interesting if you add it to the attic, garage or basement floor.

Interesting options

Let us list several specific options for planning at home 12 by 12 square meters:

House plan with three bedrooms

This is a great option for families with children. On the one hand, the structure (bottom or top) is placed bathroom and toilet, entrance hall, kitchen and dining room, as well as boiler room, if there is a need. On the other hand – bedrooms, children’s playroom, wardrobe.

You can also add the house with any extensions. It may be a cozy veranda, a garage or a carport for a car. As well as a bath or pool.

Housing project with attic

This option provides for highlighting a large area under the guest room, which can also be used as a dining room. At such a room will take up to 15 square meters.

Since the house area is quite large, four or even five bedrooms will easily fit in it.

For example, 3 – in the main part of the house, and 2 more – on the attic. In the same way, the bathrooms can be divided, leaving one below, and the other on the attic. Next, it remains to choose the location of the rest of the rooms. At your discretion there will be a cabinet, a kitchen, an entrance hall, a wardrobe and a boiler room.

One-story building with basement

The peculiarity of such a layout is an additional floor under the main construction. Of course, a house 12 for 12 kV. m Pretty spacious.

However, the base will give you the opportunity to move all the economic premises to the bottom floor. And upstairs leave only residential rooms. This will make the space much more comfortable and more organizer. So, in the basement wisely placed boiler room, laundry, storage room. In the main part of the building there will be an entrance hall, a corridor, a kitchen and a separate dining room, a living room and three bedrooms.

This is not all options for planning at home 12×12 meters. Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will get a unique and very convenient for you dwelling.

In the next video you are waiting for advice on quality development of the private house planning.

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