One-hour brick

One-time brick – artificial stone size 250x120x88 mm., Mineral Materials. It has the right form and has the properties of frost resistance, durability and water resistance. Its use in construction allows you to save material and temporary resources, as a result of which a positive economic effect is achieved.

Half-and-half it is called because it is more standard.

Standard Brick – 250x120x65 mm., and one and a half – 250x120x88 mm.

Due to the greater size, it has many advantages, the main among which are:

  • saving funds due to the fact that it is necessary to use the solution less;
  • Acceleration of the construction process.

It can be construction or Facing brick.

Facing has several variants of the side of the side faces:

  • smooth,
  • fluted,
  • Factory.

It is also possible to choose one or a combination of colors for specific purposes.

There are whole one-and-half bricks, and there is with emptiness. In the last form, we will stop more.

Void are added to reduce the use of raw materials in the manufacture, they occupy about 30% of the total volume.

However, everything is thought out in such a way that the one-and-a-half brick can withstand as much load as possible despite the presence of emptiness.

Wholes are of high strength compared to hollow. But the price turns out above. On the other hand, one-time brick with voids is better holding heat in the premises due to the availability of air inside the wall.

Therefore, if you need to reduce the cost of building the building and speed up the process of building the walls, then one of the ways to achieve these goals is the use of one-hour bricks. Due to increased dimensions 250x120x88 mm., Significant time savings and money is achieved.

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