Non-removable (inconsistent) polystyrene foam formwork for foundation

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Failure formwork allows you to get a quick and high-quality result in monolithic construction.

During such construction work, expanded polystyrene foam, which has grooves for installing fittings, as well as for laying communications. Free space between the plates are poured with a mixture of concrete. It is at the expense of this that the monolithic design is increasing, characterized by increased strength.

Polystyrene foam modules are also used to create a non-removable formwork for the foundation. With their help, it becomes durable and durable, many characteristics of the material also increase (for example, thermal insulation).

The most significant advantages:

  • resistance to liquids;
  • Ability to skip air.

Polystyrene foam is considered unique just due to the fact that it is afraid of water exposure.


Pouring is carried out as follows:

  • Tranche depth must reach the ground freezing level. Lined drain layer from sand or gravel.
  • Polystyrene foam modules are installed in trenches, after which jumpers are used to firmly connect.
  • Armature is fixed in special grooves. Under it make racks that are needed for greater stability.
  • Concrete mixture poured free space between the plates. Non-removable such formwork are called because after frozen the concrete it is impossible to dismantle.


  • There is no need for special techniques such as crane or other heavy equipment. Concrete can be served using a special pump.
  • Installation is done quickly, efforts require a little. Everything can be done independently without special training, having previously examined this topic.
  • The ability to obtain such characteristics of concrete, in which there is no need for additional arrangement of thermal insulation.
  • The surface will not be susceptible to mold and different types of fungi.
  • Polystyrene foam modules are not very expensive, especially if you compare them with other analogues. Using them, you can significantly save on construction.


The disadvantage of the non-removable formwork from the pounding is that when burning he highlights suffocating poisonous gas, very quickly spreading around the house.

An interesting feature is that in the future it is possible to use the same method for the construction of the building, which will help to avoid the weighing of the construction.

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