Minvat Isover SAUNA: Characteristics of foil insulation

Insulation holds a separate segment in the field of finishing and building materials. Depending on the type of construction, one or another product differs in composition and operational characteristics. For design saunas and baths of special types are used. They are not afraid of high moisture and “pack” heat inside the room. Among the rich range, high-level buyers appreciated the “Isover SAUNA” minvat.


The presence of its own bath and sauna is not only an opportunity nice and useful to spend time, as well as certain responsibilities. Building and equipment must be serviced and periodically examined. To pair to perform its original task, you need to create the required temperature conditions.

The Russian Isover manufacturer takes into account the features of the construction in the manufacture of insulation.

The trading mark took care not only about the efficiency of the material, but also about its convenient installation and durability.

The thermal insulation from the above series is light mats, the installation process of which can be carried out independently, without the involvement of specialists. Mineral wool used to create a finishing material is made of their carefully selected raw materials. Material is completely safe for people, animals and the environment. In the process of manufacturing Minvati, the company uses innovative equipment and high-tech fiberglass.

Products of the ISOVER brand successfully compete with large firms and keeps in the market leaders. The secret of the company is its own technology “TEL”, developed by experienced specialists.

Special foil is applied on the insulation mats. The folgization process with aluminum increases steam barrier. From above on a metal layer, a fine-tier mesh is applied, which gives additional strengthening of the material.

Opinions of specialists

Experts from the scope of construction and repair call insulation from the SAUNA series multifunctional. Using them. You can not only insulate the room, as well as ensure reliable vaporizolation. Work using this finish does not occupy a lot of time and pass without much difficulties.

Foilized insulation are considered the most effective and qualitative among similar products. Products clearly demonstrates excellent performance. The material has a number of advantages that are not foil insulation insulation.

Finishing recommended use for cladding ceiling.


Using the original material “Isover SAUNA” – a guarantee of reliable heat protection. The insulation will create and retain the necessary temperature conditions in the room. Specialists noted the very coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material.

Thick and soft couples are very important in the bath. Without it, the pair will not perform the function assigned to it. Insulation from the ISOVER brand can boast a canceled parobararier.

The product will not only retain heat indoors, but also protects from unnecessary sounds and noises.

Using insulation will create comfortable and cozy conditions in the room.

Fire safety – an important characteristic for finishing material. Insulation from the above series has fire resistance class G1. It speaks of weak flammability. Material is manufactured on a non-combustible basis, which makes it use more secure and practical.

The goods can boast a long service life. This property has only certified products. For the entire service period, the insulation will fully retain all operational characteristics. This quality significantly affects the correct installation of the cladding.

For the convenience of buyers of the company offers a huge variety of thickness of mats: 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. At the same time, the maximum parameters can reach 12500 × 1200×50 millimeters.

Finding suitable dimensions, you will repair as soon as possible.

Manufacturers took care not only about material efficacy, as well as product safety. Isolation is an environmentally friendly product, completely safe for people of the whole ages and animals. The material is recommended for use on the basis of objects with high environmental and hygienic requirements. For example, if allergies live in the house.

Laying mineral wool “Isover SAUNA” – a simple, easy and understandable process, which does not require special skills. For this work, experts are attracted only as a last resort. Sheets are fixed to construction using a stapler.

At the expense of the special texture and composition of the Ministry of Service demonstrates excellent resistance to the processes of rotting, formation of fungus and other destructive biological influences. It speaks of high product environmental friendliness.


Despite the many positive qualities, products have a minus, which was denoted by customers. We are talking about high product cost. In the market of insulation, you can find a material that will cost about 50% cheaper, but a high-quality insulator cannot cost cheap.

The cost is quite justified by the quality expressing in reliability, practicality, wear resistance and practicality.

Basic properties

To understand the effectiveness of the material of the SAUNA 50/100 series, it is necessary to pay special attention to the technical indicators:

  • Heat consideration rate (according to Constant 103) – 0.041.
  • The insulation retains all operational properties even at high temperatures. The maximum allowable indicator is 200 degrees Celsius. Even under the influence of high temperatures, the insulation does not allocate harmful volatile substances.
  • Minvat sold in packages one mat. Roll weight has no more than 0.75 kg.
  • Density of Minvati – 11 kilograms per m3.
  • Insulation is recommended to use when working with wooden bases. In this case, the insulation will significantly reduce the loss of heat.


Mats for insulation “Isover SAUNA” are actively used for cladding baths and saunas of various sizes. Also, the material is recommended for use on the ceiling of the washer. Due to the presence of an aluminum surface, the insulation fulfills the task of vaporizolation. The layer reliably restrains moisture indoors.

The foil layer works as a mirror, reflecting thermal radiation. Due to this function, fuel or electricity consumption is saved, necessary for the heating of the room.

Despite the fact that wood is the best material for the foundation, mineral wool can be safe on the basis of the foundation.

Experts recommend using insulation based on new buildings and repaired premises.

Terms of choice and installation

The quality of the finishing material “Isover SAUNA” is confirmed by certificates EN 13162 and ISO 9001. This is a documentation of an international sample, which speaks of the reliability, practicality and durability of the material. Each buyer has the right to demand this certificates from a sales representative.

Purchase goods only in reliable and proven stores. It is ultimately not recommended to buy insulation and other finishing materials from hand. Because of the popularity of products on the market there are many fakes and each risk becoming a victim of fraudsters.

The manufacturer positions the insulation as a reliable insulating material for wall decoration baths and saunas. Despite this, many buyers use minvatu for cladding ceiling and floor. In this case, the room is created “Thermos Effect”. Warm air and steam remain within the longest time.

The basic rule that must be guided by installation – the foil layer must be addressed inside the room. If you deploy mats with the other party, a serious violation of technology will happen. This error will lead to the fact that the material will not perform the functions assigned to it and its service life will quickly approach. Get the material from the package it is necessary for half an hour before the start of the facing. After removing the package, wait until the mineral wool returns the volume.

When choosing a thickness of the canvas, follow the climate in the region. What it is colder, the thicker should be mineral wool.

You can only lay material on a tree crate. In the process of work, the edges of the mats are slightly pressed. The layer of aluminum sheat is fixed with the construction stapler brackets.

For more reliable fixation and accuracy of the joint and seams, mats are sampled with a dense reflective ribbon.

Before starting work, it is necessary to carefully consider the scheme for the placement of the insulation and to pre-cut mats depending on the size of the structure. It is necessary to arrange the air gap between the foil layer on the insulation and the external finish. Its optimal size varies from 15 to 25 millimeters.

Thin mineral watts are desirable to use when designing country buildings and warehouses. In this case, the thickness of 50 millimeters will be enough for reliable thermal insulation.

Insulation can be used when designing suspended ceilings.

Packaging and storage

Mineral wool “Isover SAUNA” is sold in plastic packaging, which protects the material during transportation and storage. Together with the material included instructions. It contains all the necessary information on storage, unpacking and use. Be sure to follow the instructions, especially if you do not have experience in handling similar materials.

Minvat from the ISOVER brand is in great demand despite the huge variety of other manufacturers. The insulation from the above company performs at the same time several functions (noise protection, steam insulator, heat conservation), and also has a number of advantages (environmental friendliness, long service life, simple installation, efficiency).

The dense mineral wool plate, designed specifically for laying in rooms with high humidity, will help create in the room the necessary microclimate without significant costs. Material can be laid both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. With proper installation, durable and reliable isolation is guaranteed.

Due to the additional layer of foil, the insulation has gained increased strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Break the material along or across very difficult. Do not forget about the reflective effect of the foil layer.


To make a common picture of the insulation, you need to get acquainted with the reviews from buyers. The network contains both positive and negative reviews. Most opinions – laudatory. The material was rated at a high level as experienced masters from the construction sphere and ordinary buyers.

Users noted that they did not want to have spent money. The insulation fully coped with the task and fulfilled all the functions assigned to it. After it laying the baths and saunas function was perfect.

In negative reviews it was stated that insulation is not suitable for lining of large rooms. Some users had the impression that the insulation is suitable only for small saunas and baths.

About how to insulate the ceiling of mineral wool with your own hands, you can find out, looking at the video a little below.

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