Mineral Wat Rockwool: Characteristics and Application

Mineral wool is considered the most popular insulation in the field of construction. Varieties of these products in the world market set. High positions in the rating of popularity occupies Mineral Wat Rockwool, characteristics and application of which indicate impeccable product quality, as well as its popularity among buyers.

What it is?

Minvata Rockwool is a heater, which is produced on the basis of natural basalt, so that the Minvata has excellent thermal and noise insulating properties. This is achieved by treating raw materials under the influence of high temperatures. This technology contributes to the formation of special fibers in the process, which are fixed with each other with a binding agent, forming separate mineral plates. Such building material perfectly retains primordial qualities and fully performs its immediate functions.


Mineral wool Rockwool has its technical features. Its standard dimensions are 1000x600x30, where 1000 mm is height, 600 mm – width, 30 kg / m3 – density. Product thickness can be 40-2000 mm.

Special demand uses copies with a thickness of 50 mm and 100 mm. They are actively used for thermal insulation of walls, roofs, as well as pipes. The thermal conductivity level of these products is rather low, and the installation process itself is very easy and rapid. Even with long-term operation, mineral waters do not lose their original properties, keeping the structure density perfectly.

The size and amount of material is determined on the basis of the features of the room, as well as individual needs.

Each Rockwool Martypte has a unique structure in the form of chaotic fibers. Such a feature allows the insulation to maintain the necessary rigidity, without losing its resistance to ruptures. The interaction of the fibers between themselves even with a vertical installation prevents the folding of products under its own weight. The material is subject to careful treatment with special water-repellent oils, which significantly increases their hydrophobicity.

Such a unique production technology makes it possible to boldly use these mineral plates in the maximum wet rooms.

Pros and cons

Like any other building material, Mineral Wat Rockwool has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the positive qualities of these products.

  • Strength. The unique manufacturing technology allows us to produce as much as possible products with an increased level of resistance to ruptures and mechanical damage.
  • Ecology. The use of the most modern technologies and environmentally friendly materials make insulation absolutely safe to health.
  • Durability. Products are characterized by a long service life and perfectly retain their original qualities throughout the entire period of use.
  • Parp permeability. A good level of vapor permeability protects the structure of minvati from destruction and promotes flawless heat insulation.

  • Foreign safety. The material is resistant to fire, due to which during the fire the room is under reliable protection against destruction.
  • Stability to deformation. Advanced structure of the insulation and a professional approach to production make products as sustainable deformation, which often occurs under the influence of adverse environmental factors.
  • Available cost. All Mineral Wool models are characterized by an acceptable price and excellent quality indicators.

The Rockwool insulation fully complies with all standards and standards of quality, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Minvata from this manufacturer is completely non-combustible, so the highest temperatures are perfectly withstanding, and in case of ignition, it does not allocate smoke, which is a big priority. Beautiful flame retardant function contributes to the preservation of the integrity of any building structure, preventing its destruction.

Water absorption of elevated levels and excellent sound insulation provide indoors as comfortable conditions for people staying. During operation, the Rockwool product does not lose their original qualities, thereby fully performing their functions over long years.

The disadvantage of mineral wool Rockwool is that this material is a favorable environment for habitat rodents. The structure of the insulation fully corresponds to this, so such a minus must be taken into account in the process of choice.


Multifunctional stone wool Rockwool is represented in the world market with several varieties, each of which is characterized by an individual form, parameters and purpose. Form of making basalt insulation can be three species.

  • Soft and rolled mats. Designed for use as horizontal insulation on bulk areas with complex forms.
  • Plates. They are characterized by standard sizes, and they are perfectly suitable for almost any surfaces.
  • Cylinders. Made in cylindrical form and are provided for registration of pipelines of different diameters.

    All thermal insulation materials Rockwool are classified by several destinations categories.

    • For building structures. Lightweight, hydrophobized plates, which are actively used in the process of building not only residential buildings, but also public destinations. They are subject to installation both with internal and outside the outside. Maximum resistant to shrinkage due to increased elasticity of the structure.
    • Particularly rigid models. Differ in the unique weave of the upper fibers, which contributes to the increased rigidity of products. Capable of withstanding high loads without losing their primordial qualities. Basically applied to heat insulation of floors, the formation of a reliable roof is either when installing concrete structures.
    • Special species. Their surface can be both ordinary and foil. Possess the incomparable ability to absorb foreign noises and vibration. Often used as thermal insulation of fireplaces, furnaces and chimneys.

    The universal option is the mineral wool Rockwool “Those Batts 50”, which can fully perform the function of the heat insulator on the air ducts, ripes, tanks, technical equipment and other devices.

    Where used?

    Mineral Insulation Rockwool has a wide range of applications. This material is actively used in the insulation of walls, ceilings, gender, roof, partitions, facade, as well as other design designs. This type of insulation is considered truly universal, as it has decent indicators of functionality, due to which it can be safely operated in almost all directions.

    The natural origin of products and absolute safety allows them to be exploited not only at home, but also in institutions where high environmental requirements are presented. These include: hospitals, sanatoriums, schools, kindergartens and other special design facilities. In addition, many prefer to use Rockwool mineral wool for bath and sauna insulation.

    For these premises, it is very important to have an increased level of sound and thermal insulation in order to create the most comfortable conditions for rest. With this task, Minvata copes with this task.

    The Rockwool insulation can rightly be called natural stone, as its composition is characterized by natural origin and incomparable strength. Each model has an individual purpose and is distinguished by certain parameters. All this is necessarily taken into account when designing premises, as well as other designs and devices.


    Multifunctionality and simplicity of installation are important advantages in the process of selecting insulating material. As evidenced by buyers, Mineral Wat Rockwool is one of the best options for heat and sound insulation.

    The process of laying is quite simple, but it requires some literacy. In some cases, products in the form of plates do not even need fastening. As for large canvases, they are fixed using special glue, which is applied directly to the surface of the material. Minvata in the form of mats is attached to the surface with a metal mesh and dowels, and if necessary, uses a doom.

    For the purpose of floor insulation, the rockwool stone wool lays under a predetermined cement screed either between lags. When installing the roof material filled between rafters, after which the joints are carefully processed with glue, providing excellent water resistance.

    Rockwool plates fit in a checkerboard with maximum density to each other. To create a high level of vapor barrier, under the mineral insulation, the foil laying is made or a special film.

    It is important to note that the use of Rockwool functional basalt products as an insulation is the first stage on the way to creating the most comfortable and secure object to stay. In addition, this material contributes to significant savings during the heating season.

    Useful recommendations

    When buying mineral wool Rockwool it is recommended to take into account its features and specifications. With these products, small particles should not be poured. Be sure to pay attention to the packaging where the shelf life and storage temperature should be specified. But also need to consider the dimensions of the insulation and the features of the object where it will be operated. In the process of installation, it is desirable to prevent the location of the material too close to the wiring.

    Special attention when choosing is to pay for density of products. From this indicator directly depends on the level of stability, as well as the degree of preservation of the pristine form in the compression process. Experts recommend using the Rockwool insulation with the following density:

    • for gender, ceilings and partitions 50-100 kg / m3;
    • for facades 100-125 kg / m3;
    • for horizontal surfaces within 35 kg / m3;
    • Under the tie about 200 kg / m3.

    It must be remembered that the correctly selected material density is capable of ensuring maximum comfort and convenience in the process of its operation.

    For thermal insulation of public or industrial premises, it is recommended to use a special foil mineral wool Rockwool. It is a basalt insulation, which on one side is saved by aluminum foil to ensure heat reflection. Due to increased strength, as well as excellent waterproof properties, such products are actively used in water supply and air conditioning systems, as well as in cold cameras, baths and saunas. In addition, they are often used in residential premises to create reliable heat and sound insulation.

    Manufacturer recommends during the acquisition to pay close attention to the storage conditions of the Rockwool Minvati. After all, the quality of the material largely depends on the compliance with the rules of storage and operation. The insulation must be stored on wooden pallets in a special packaging of dense polyethylene without any damage. The room temperature must fully comply with the requirements and standards.

    All of these features are important for the preservation of the pristine quality of mineral wool and its full functionality.

    About the properties of mineral wool Rockwool See next video.

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