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Mosquitoes are one of the significant summer troubles, for the elimination of which many of us are ready to give anything. However, it is not necessary to sacrifice something at all: it is only necessary to acquire a special device of a well-known company from China – Xiaomi, and it will be possible to forget about bloodsuckers for a long time.


The company offers a completely new defense against mosquitoes and small winged insects – without heating plate. New fumigant processing devices (fumigators) from Xiaomi harmless, have a high level of autonomy and function for several weeks without additional charge.

The plate needs to be replaced once in 30 days or once for the season – taking into account the model and intensity of operation.

Overview of Fumigators

We offer you an overview of 5 Xiaomi devices against flying insects.

Fumigator Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent Smart Version

In this device, plates with synthetic insecticides are used, they are harmless in all respects for people, but are detrimental to annoying insects. For the entire summer season you will be enough 3 plates.

The device does not heat the plate similarly to traditional fumigators, and for better evaporation, the electric fan is practiced, which is powered by 2 AA batteries.

The device can be associated with a smartphone via the Bluetooth module. Using the MI Home mobile application, you will get the ability to monitor the plate resources that is used and setting the device time settings.

Fumigator Xiaomi is especially effective in the premises of the Metrah to 28 m2.

Before applying the device, it is advisable to cover the doors and windows.

Compact Fumigator Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Repellent DWX05ZM

Another device in the company’s assortment is represented by a portable 61 × 61 × 25 mm block, which can be universally taken with you, without fearing to be bitter. The device functions as a mosquito repeller, creating a protective barrier on a wide radius around him.

For convenient transportation there is a strap. The main advantage of the fumigator is the possibility of its use anywhere. Outdoors, in a residential room, office – everywhere and constantly you will be protected from annoying insects.

Other funds

Against mosquitoes in the company catalog, in addition to fumigators, there are milestone lamps and repellent bracelet.

Anti-mosquito repellent lamp Sothing Cactus Mosquito Killer

It has an interesting design in the form of a cactus. The repellent lamp functions like this:

  • Komar responds to light and approaches the device;
  • An inserted fan tightens the blood circuit in a specialized capacity;
  • without having the opportunity to get out, insect dies.

You can also use the device to solve problems with moths that stretch to the light much more than mosquitoes.

Xiaomi Mijia Mijia Killer Lamp

This is an ultraviolet trap for everyone who is their annoyance deprives us of sleep. Functions quiet and takes little electrical energy, while being a fan. The lamp is simple to use – enabled the only button, and its charging is carried out by USB. Carries a specialized container where the insect corpses are “stored” – in the interests of the purity of the apartment.

Can be used both in the premises and in the open space.

Since the effect is achieved by UV rays, it has no need to use special chemicals, and therefore it is completely harmless even for rooms for children.

Its mass is a little more than 300 grams, and in size – as a big grapefruit. Produced in black and white colors.

Bracelet-repeller against insects and mosquitoes Xiaomi Clean-N-Fresh

The bracelet can be applied to adults and children: the formula of essential oils is absolutely harmless and does not cause irritation.

Slim design with a fastener-velcro makes it possible to adjust the size and wearing a bracelet with convenience.

The creators worked out that the protection against annoying insects was long-term: 4 mosquito chip goes to the bracelet. And this is 24 hours of calm on 60 days of use with permanent operation. One set is enough for the whole warm season. The thickness of the device is only 0.5 mm, which makes it indistinguishable under clothes.

To activate repellious properties, it is only necessary to wear a bracelet on hand, ankle, fix on a handbag or in any other convenient location. In contrast to the usual sprays and ointments, the bracelet leaves no traces on the surface of the skin and the objects of clothing and almost odor. Accessory non-toxic for people, and for insects, on the contrary, is a direct threat to life. Natural oils gradually allocate a weak pleasant aroma – mint, geranium, citronella, carnations, lavender, while destructive for mosquitoes.

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