Insulation XPS: description and specifications

The modern market offers buyers a rich assortment of insulation of various types. Material is used not only in regions with severe winters and capricious weather conditions. This is a practical tool for creating comfortable temperature conditions in rooms of various types: residential buildings, government agencies, warehouses and much more.

Extrusion polystyrene finish is very popular, which is indicated by an XPS abbreviation. About the characteristics and use of the material will be taking Read more.

General characteristics and use

The insulation is used for cladding:

  • balconies and loggias;
  • basements;
  • facades;
  • foundations;
  • high-speed highways;
  • solence;
  • run-down.

The material is used for cladding horizontal and vertical surfaces: walls, floor, ceiling.

Repair specialists noted that XPS plates are among the most common insulation. In popularity of products, a wide range of use and technical features played an important role.

Due to high demand in the market, you can often meet the products from unscrupulous manufacturers who violate the manufacturing process. As a result, customers risk buying a low-quality product. Any inaccuracies in production become the reason for a significant reduction in the service life of the insulation and its characteristics.

On how to use escaststruation polystyrene foam in the conditions of residential premises, you will find out further.


Standard color xps – white. This is the most common option. However, the insulation finish may have a silver color. Color varies due to the inclusion of a special component – graphite. Such a product is denoted by special labeling. Silver plates have increased thermal conductivity. Characteristic is achieved due to adding nanographic raw materials.

The second option is recommended to choose if you wish to purchase the most reliable, practical and efficient insulation.


XPS insulation can have different dimensions. The most common sizes: 50x585x1185, 30x585x1185, 20x585x1185, 100x585x1185, 1200x600x50 mm. Choose the appropriate option depending on the size of the design. If necessary, the web can be cut without problems.

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Extrusion polystyrene foam made in all rules must have a uniform structure. Be sure to estimate this during the purchase of finishing material. On the canvas should not be emptiness, recesses, seals and other defects. Flaws talk about low product quality.

The optimal size of the cells varies from 0.05 to 0.08 mm. This difference is unnoticed by the naked eye. The XPS XPS insulation has increased cells in the amount of from 1 to 2 mm. Microporny structure is required for the effectiveness of the material. It is the key to minimum water absorption and high efficiency.

Weight and density

There is such an opinion that reliable and durable thermal insulation should have a high density, which is indicated as a weight on m³. Modern experts consider this erroneous. Most manufacturers use extrusion expound polystyrene reduced density, while maintaining the quality of the material. This is due to the value of the main raw materials of XPS – polystyrene, which is more than 70%.

In order to save raw materials (stabilizers, foaming, dyes and other) manufacturers specially make plates more dense to create an illusion of quality.

Outdated equipment does not make it possible to make a durable XPS insulation, the density of which is less than 32-33 kg / m³. This indicator is unable to increase thermal insulation properties and does not improve performance characteristics. On the contrary, it creates an excess pressure on the design.

If the material was made of carefully selected raw materials on innovative equipment, even with a small weight it will have a high density and excellent thermal conductivity. To achieve such a result, you need to comply with production technology.

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Assessing the form, you can also say a lot about the quality and efficiency of the material. The most practical XPS plates have the edge in the letter “L”. Due to it, the installation is carried out faster and easier. Each separate sheet is mounted in the brass, eliminating the possibility of forming cold bridges.

When using stoves with standard ends, a smooth form will need to be marked. This is an additional repair process that requires not only time, but also financial investments.

Thermal conductivity

The main characteristic of the material is to thermal conductivity. To make sure this indicator, it is recommended to require the seller the relevant document. Comparing certificates for goods, you can choose the highest quality and reliable insulation. Estimate this characteristic is visually practically impossible.

Experts identify the optimal meaning of thermal conductivity, which is about 0.030 W / M-K. This indicator may vary in a smaller or most direction depending on the type of decoration, quality, composition and other aspects. Each manufacturer adheres to certain criteria.

Water absorption

The following important quality to pay attention to – water absorption. It is possible to evaluate this characteristic, only having a small sample of insulation. It will not be possible to evaluate it. Conduct an experiment at home.

Put a piece of material in a container with water and leave for a day. For clarity, add a little dye or ink to the liquid. After evaluate how much water has absorbed into the insulation, and how much it became in the vessel.

Some experts use the injection method when evaluating the product. With the help of a conventional syringe, a little liquid is introduced into the canvas. The smaller the sizes of the spot, the better and more practical than the finish of XPS.

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High-quality XPS insulation boasts excellent strength even with an average weight value. This feature is important in the process of laying. Durable plates are easy and convenient to cut and fix on the design. Such material does not create problems during transportation and storage. High strength allows you to keep the shape of the slabs for a long time, without fear that the material will turn into a duch.

If during the installation process you notice the formation of cracks, chips, deformation, and also heard a crackle, which means that you have acquired low-quality goods. Be the most accurate in the process of its laying, so as not to damage the plates.

Ecology and security

Extrusion polystyrene of higher grade is environmentally friendly and completely safe for health and environment. On the domestic market there is only one species of XPS material, which was awarded a certificate of “Life Leaf”. The document is officially confirmed by the environmental friendliness of products. Material Safe not only for people, but also animals and the environment.

The use of the XPS insulation fully complies with the standards of SNIP 21-01-97. This regulation refers to the section “Fire safety of buildings and structures”. SNIVA – Approved rules and norms in the construction sector.


Let us summarize the articles about XPS insulation. The Internet contains a lot of feedback on products like laudatory and negative. You can confidently declare that most reviews are positive. Buyers celebrate such qualities as environmental friendliness, simple installation, excellent performance and much more.

Customers who have remained dissatisfied with the acquisition, stated that in the domestic market you can find more efficient and practical insulation.

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