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Concrete iron – a procedure aimed at making a stronger concrete surface and increase the degree of waterproofing.

By making a decision to build your own home, you go for a serious step and quite naturally wants the future house to stoke at least a century. However, few materials can guarantee such a life. In order for them to stand at least 100 years, additional strengthening measures are required. Concrete belongs to such materials. Because with time under mechanical and / or chemical impact, its outer layer begins to collapse.

By the name of the method, you might think that it is associated with the addition of iron to concrete, but in fact it is not.

Melting technology is the process of coating the outer surface of the concrete using dry mixes with a special composition or cement. Such powders have a variety of components in certain proportions.

Components in the production of such powders are: liquid glass, corundum, granite aggregate, sodium aluminate, granite aggregate and t.D. They may be contained in composition both together and individually, depending on the type and destination.

All atmospheric phenomena (winds, rains, frost, harmful sun rays) negatively affect the quality of the external layer of concrete. To strengthen it use concrete strengthening. It can be carried out in two ways: wet or dry. The specific choice depends only on the position of the surface: horizontal or vertical.

Consider both options.



Dry method (exclusively on horizontal planes). Through fine sieve, the cement or the aforementioned mixture is sieved on the flat surface of concrete. The thickness of such a layer should be about 3mm. This layer must be aligned, compact and crate. Next, dry material independently will select the necessary moisture and hardens.


Wet method (on vertical or horizontal surfaces). A liquid cement solution is applied to the surface. In this case, you can add additional components of the type of sand or other.

Cement with sand in the wet method of application should be in proportion 1: 1. Also, to increase certain qualities of the surface in the mixture, liquid glass, corundum, granite aggregate, sodium aluminate, granite aggregate, and t.D. After the mixture is ready, it is applied to the desired surface and smash. Next, she needs to give dry at least a week. After the coating hardens, it needs to be lost and can be applied to polymer protection, which gives protection aesthetic species.


Also for concrete magazine sometimes apply appropriate impregnations. They can be found in specialized construction stores.

The most popular and high-quality right is polyurethane. It fills the pores in the concrete polymer. Due to this, the outer layer has properties and concrete and polymer. Such impregnation can be applied in any temperature environment. The only nuance of this method is that the impregnation needs to be applied to the not yet fully hardened and even concrete.

After aligning the concrete, impregnation is applied to it and give them to dry. Next it is recommended to polish. It is best to do this with a special grinding machine.

As a result, the resulting layer protects concrete from moisture, harmful sunlight, chemical and mechanical influences.

It will also not be superfluous to mention that impregnations exist a variety of shades. The correctly selected shade will give beauty and fit well into the overall design of the room or building.

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