How to use lavender from mosquitoes?

Lavender has many properties. It is useful for a person, so flowers and oil from the plant are often used to calm the nerves after stressful situations, get rid of rheumatism, migraine and other diseases. And these flowers are the perfect option for those who need protection against mosquitoes. Most often used oil, as it can be easily purchased at any store.

How oil lavender acts?

Oil, which is subsequently applied against mosquitoes, is manufactured using steam distillation, extraction. This requires a certain species – lavender narrow. It has a pleasant smell in which you can catch light wood notes. Many people like the fragrance of lavender, but insects are afraid of this smell. Often use dried flowers in order to scare mole. Also lavender oil acts on mosquitoes. It can be a flower in a pot or dried lavender. Mosquitoes try not to face the source of smell.

This is due to some substances in the composition, such as:

  • camphor;

  • Geraniol;

  • Linal.

They are extremely odorous, because most of the most insects are unpleasant. Even a small drop of essential lavender oil can save a person from attacking unpleasant insects.

How to use?

Despite the fact that mosquitoes do not like lavender oil, which scares them, it is one of the most tender and calm oils. It is rather fragrant (thanks to which it helps in protection against insects), but does not affect the skin aggressively. People with sensitive skin and small children can enjoy.

But it should be remembered what essential oil, like any other, can cause allergic reactions. And the person may have individual fragrance intolerance. To avoid problems, before first use you need to listen to the fragrance and listen to your feelings. If there is nausea, you should not use the tool.

If in the process of using a person feels that he began a migraine, cough, nasal congestion or tachycardia – it means that he should not apply oil to all skin. It is better to apply it as follows: to distribute one drop on the back of the hand, and after watching your well-being. If no reactions have been revealed, you can safely apply essential oil for the whole body.

The tool is quite mild, but when it is used for children, it is better to mix it with children’s cream or olive oil.

And not to smear the face to the tool does not fall into the mouth and eyes. This can cause swelling of mucous membranes and poisoning.

To make mosquitoes do not interfere with walking around the city or relax in nature, a lavender remedy should be applied to the skin. But it is better to apply it not in pure form, but mixing with other means. There are effective recipes that will help you protect yourself from insects.

  • Perfect Natural Repellent – mix between themselves 5 drops of lavender and mint oils.

  • The recipe described above is added tea tree or carnations. These smells are addition of each other and absolutely scared mosquitoes.

  • Some people do not like to feel clean. You can make an effective spray. To do this, 10 drops of lavender essential oil is added in 10 drops of alcohol, the solution is poured into 100 ml of water. Spray not only protects from insects, but will also be a pleasant skin care tool. And he also exudes the fragrance, which is able to eclipse any perfume.

The tool has good anti-inflammatory properties, so the poisons neutralize quickly. This makes it easy to remove edema and get rid of itching if a person already has mosquito bites.

To protect against mosquitoes in the house, it is best to use a variety of products intended for aromatherapy.

  • Oil burner. 5 drops of funds are added to it and some boiling water. You can not only drive the mosquitoes, but also to relax after a hard working day.

  • Aromadiffusor. 10 drops of oil and steam spray a solution around the room. A pleasant addition to getting rid of insects will be a strong soothing fragrance.

  • Aromakolar. Is a porous sorbent who quickly absorbs the tool and will gradually give it to the fragrance. To protect the room you should drop on it 5-10 drops.

If you use a lavender with the mind, you can not only get rid of mosquitoes, but also improve yourself the mood, to care for the skin and cope with any stress. Lavender is a unique tool that is happy to apply in different situations. It is important to comply with precautions to not harm your health. If a person is inclined to allergic reactions, it is better to find another means to protect against insects.

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