How to make mailbox do it yourself?

    Despite the modern development of technologies, the paper correspondence still nobody canceled. And if standard mailboxes are mounted in apartment buildings, then on the site where the house is located, cottage outside the city or cottage, you can show fantasy and imagination and make your own hands an unusual original mailbox.

    Manufacture of plywood

    Before proceeding with the manufacture of a new mailbox with your own hands, it is necessary to determine the style of the product and the material from which it will be manufactured. So that the mailboxes for correspondence look harmoniously on the plot, it is necessary for its style and color decision to be combined with elements of landscape design. In addition, it is important to decide on constructive details – shape, size, spaciousness.

    In stores mainly sell products for letters that are made of metal. But as for the material for the mailbox made independently – most often they are made of plywood. It is affordable, environmentally friendly and enough durable material that can be purchased in any specialized store.

    Even having a small experience, with plywood, it is quite simple to work and designs can be given almost any shape and size.

    There are several types of boxes for newspapers and letters:

    • traditional (classic);
    • English;
    • American;
    • non-standard (original).

    Classic containers For letters are ordinary rectangular boxes, usually made of metal, with a horizontal slit. To get the correspondence, the door with a lock is used, which can be located on the front, at the bottom of the design or on its lid. Fastened box on the fence or directly on the wall of the building.

    The easiest way to make the traditional box.

    English boxes can be two species. The first one is a separate stand-standing pillar, which is usually laid out of the brick, but can be made of metal. Externally, it looks like a miniature house. The second option is a box that is embedded directly on the door or wall.

    Designs in the American style represent boxes, usually with a top of a semicircular configuration, which are installed on a special support – leg. The door is located in front. A distinctive feature of the American boxes is the presence of a special flag. When it is raised, then this is a sign for the postman, that inside there are letters prepared for dispatch. Thus, in America, postmen not only spread mail, but also collect it for subsequent sending to the addressees.

    As for non-standard mailboxes, there is absolutely no rules in this category. This includes design models and original alterations of various household items, for the manufacture of which can be used by a variety of materials. Similar designs in their own way do not resemble the classic boxes for letters, but unambiguously affect the imagination.

    To make one of these types of boxes, it is necessary to determine the size and draw on the sheet of plywood all the details – the amount of them depends on the shape of the product. It is important to make two holes – one so that the postman can put a notice or letter in the box, and the second thing to pick up the correspondence. For a non-standard mailbox, the drawing will be required, because in the process of manufacture you can get confused. Details with a disk saw or electrol bias are cut and connected by self-draws. It remains only to decorate the box.

    Original ideas

    Creative people are unlikely to want to just buy a finished street box for letters and magazines in the store. Much more interesting to come up with and embody your own original idea. Even such an ordinary thing as an ordinary classic mailbox, you can turn into a piece of art.

    In order to make the container itself for correspondence, you need to think about everything to the smallest detail. Despite the fact that it is a small item in size, it can or emphasize the beauty of the site, or, on the contrary, spoil the impression, knocking out of the overall style. Before starting work, prepare drawings of the product and cut the details strictly on them.

    In any work requires accuracy, and on ready-made drawings to achieve it much easier.

    If the manufacturer of the American type drawer on the leg is scheduled, then It is necessary to choose in advance, from which the support will be made and how specifically the method directly the container will be attached to it. So that the model is original, you can fix the box not on the rack, but on a decorative sculpture. What exactly will be sculpture depends on the designer preferences of the author. For example, the sculpture may look like a tree trunk, and the mailbox is a birdhouse. Or it can be a figures of a fabulous character who holds in the hands of mailboxes for mail, in his form resembling a packaged gift.

    It is interesting to consider several non-standard options for mailboxes that are made of very unexpected materials.

    From plastic bottle

    It seems that the plastic bottle can not turn into a box for letters. But it is not. To create you need to cut the neck and after decorating to attach with the help of screws or nails to the desired surface.

    Place a bottle can be horizontally or vertically, depending on the preferences of the site owners. With vertical attachment it is necessary to take care of the visor so that the mail does not suffer from snow or rain. So you can create a simple but functional mailbox.

    To decorate the product will require paints. You can paint the model in different ways – in one color, several colors of one tone or contrast, you can draw something specific or create an abstract pattern.

    From canister

    Another completely unexpected material is plastic canister. Not only a bottle of plastic, but also a canister, suitable in size, can act as a capacity for correspondence.

    In addition to plastic canisters, you can use steel. But in this case, the process will be more time consuming and will take much more time, because the work with the metal is more difficult than with plastic. In addition, special tools will be required:

    • Bulgarian;
    • Lobzik;
    • Screwdriver.

    But with a certain ability to create this model of the mailbox at home is quite real.

    Such a postal container will look quite unusual and even brutally.

    From other technicians

    Make a box for letters from materials that are initially intended for completely other purposes.

    • Unusual models include drawers made from tin. They look unusual and attract attention. Tin well takes any shape and saves it.
    • You can also find products, produced from a suitable diameter pipe. But to leave mail in it, it will have to twist, which is not quite convenient.
    • If the house has an old system unit from the computer, which is no longer used, then it can act as a basis for making.
    • You can apply Tin biscuits from the appropriate size.
    • In some cases For the main material takes a dense multilayer cardboard, But such a design can only be temporary, because it will not be able to listen to the open air for a long time.

    Fastening mailboxes for mail is carried out directly on the wall or for a fence, enclosing a plot. Installation on the fence can occur either from the outside, or with internal. Usually on the inside, the box is attached if the owners fear for the safety of the container itself and its contents.

    When fixing, it is necessary to take into account the material from which the fence is made. So, the procedure for mounting on the fence from the corrugated floor, wooden boards or iron rods will be different. Also, you can not forget about the visor – it will help to protect correspondence from negative atmospheric phenomena.

    Thus, make a beautiful box for letters and newspapers with your own hands possible from a wide variety of unusual materials. Even those who are at first glance at all are not suitable for this purpose.

    What and how to decorate?

    Usually the form of a mailbox is not distinguished by the originality. However, if I want the product to be absolutely unique, it is worth thinking About additional decoration. Some owners decorate postal structures only with color, but modern technologies allow you to use very diverse decor elements. You can decorate a box bought in the store, or the one that is done with your own hands.

    Originally need to decide on the color of the mailbox. He must harmonize with a tint of the fence or walls on which he is attached. Not all products need painting. For example, various varnishes can be used for the external finishing of wooden structures.

    Pretty popular mailboxes, which are made in the form of houses. In this case, for the decoration of the roof “House” paint in a bright color, draw the windows and the door. The box can be represented in the form of a book or clock with a cuckoo, a backpack for a schoolboy or a wine barrel, a chest or a coffee grinder – the choice is just unlimited.

    Products that combine the box for letters and flower pots are also popular, which are located on the sides of the design. Decorated with alive colors mailbox in the summer time looks especially attractive. An interesting decoration with various figures: gnomes, angels, birds or animals.

    At Christmas and New Year, you can decorate not only the Christmas tree and the house, but also the mailbox. As decoration can be tapes and christmas toys, garlands and Christmas wreaths, cones and candy, Figures Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman.

    The mailbox is not necessarily boring and uninteresting.

    If you attach a little fantasy and get a creative to the process, then the mailbox made by your own hands will please not one year.

    How to make a simple plywood mailbox with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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