How to make a mosquito trap from plastic bottle?

    Mosquitoes become a circumstance that prevents summer rest and summer deeds. And if the blood is sucking only females of mosquitoes, they are buzzing everything, without giving peace for no night, no day. But people learned to fight insects, at least partially removing them with their territory. For example, by making special traps.


    Mosquito trap can be built of plastic bottle. It works due to the fact that insects are flying on carbon dioxide, isolated by fermentation of bakery yeast (but there is also a restless version). Carbon dioxide exhale animals and people, that’s why they attract mosquitoes so. But you can create an alternative source of carbon dioxide, deceiving dug.

    By the way, about why mosquitoes fly to people. They are attracted not only the extracted carbon dioxide, but also heat. And they are focused on moving objects. When a mosquito flies by, and man hears his buzz, he hears the sound of the insect wings – so fast they work.

    There is an opinion that the buzzing of the wings is an attractive point for the individuals of the opposite sex, but this is only annoying.

    When a mosquito sits on the skin of a person, he lightly knocks on her trot. True, if the trumps consider under the microscope, it resembles, rather, a sniff. Raising the hairy lip, the insect gently imposes into human skin stylet, hollow inside. They are groping small capillaries and sucks blood that lasts less than a minute. But at first he produces a substance in blood that warns her coagulation. Interestingly, he is able to swallow such a number of blood, which is more than 4 times.

    The first bite of the bite does not even feel, but then the body will already react to the mosquito proteins, which he produces together with a special substance in blood. The bite will be hung and swell. And so that it was not, you just need to get a mosquito to get to a person.

    Homemade devices help reorient the insect. When fermentation of yeast, sugar becomes alcohol and highlights carbon dioxide that strongly attracting mosquitoes. The bait is triggered in nature and is considered quite effective. There are several ways to make it, but for everyone you need the simplest plastic bottle.

    What is necessary?

    Bakery yeast – the most popular ingredient of all kinds of mosquito traps. Due to efficiency, availability and low cost.

    And also in the manufacture of trap will be needed:

    • Plastic bottle of any color in 2 l;

    • Warm water in an amount of 200 ml, at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees (with higher thermal values, fermentation will stop);

    • 50 g of sugar sand;

    • 1 g of bakery yeast;

    • Black fabric or paper (opaque), can also be used aluminum foil.

    To get rid of other pests, the yeast is replaced with honey, jam or small pieces of fruit – something with a more pronounced smell.

    Wrapped into a dark fabric or foil trap successfully masks what is hidden inside it. Mosquitoes are deceived, because the trap does not have light, it seems to be safe. When they fall into the trap, try to get up, but a narrow cone-shaped hole will not let them do it. Sooner or later, insects will fall into the water and die there.

    One trap works from 4 days to week. While the whole sweet element will not turn into alcohol. Next, the bottle can be left, but the bait to be changed (the former becomes ineffective). If this is a trap for the rest of insects, and inside are jam or honey, it will be used continuously for 2 weeks.

    Manufacturing technology

    You can consider several options. The first is more common, using yeast.

    With yeast

    Plastic bottle should be cut around the perimeter of the circle so that the top with the cone-shaped figure is equivalent to approximately one third of the length of the container as a whole. Water heats up to 30 degrees (maximum 40, but definitely not more, otherwise the yeast will die and will not work). Sugar is added to the water, the composition is mixed. Then the yeast go there, and again everything is mixed.

    A mixture that attracts mosquitoes is poured into a bottle. From above is inserted sliced ​​with a neck part. If it turns out that the joints do not fit tight enough, you need to take tape or adhesive any ribbon and seal these zones. Carbon dioxide should have only one way out – narrow neck. Otherwise, mosquitoes can be collected on the outer part of the plastic bottle.

    Next, the bottle needs to wind up a dark cloth or paper. The density of materials is not so important, the main thing is that they make the subject dark, impenetrable. Material is fasten along the edges. Trappers are recommended to put in dark corners of the room, veranda, garden – the place where they will be used. On the street, their use will not be expected to be so effective.

    In the fermentation of yeast, sugar becomes alcohol and carbon dioxide, double-sided. In addition, the trap allocates heat, and it also triggers as a bait. If there is a foam during fermentation, it will have to delete it in a timely manner, otherwise it can overlap the neck. And the churching of the neck is the impossibility of mosquito to fly to the neck. The solution should be changed at least once a week, sometimes more often.

    This method has the main plus: the trap is not no cozy, and the electrical analogs can not boast of it (not all for sure). The main minus trap is a specific smell that is associated with the fermentation process. That is why many are looking for alternative options without using yeast. And they are.


    A variant of the fluid that will be destructive for mosquitoes, becomes vegetable oil. Plastic bottles will need 3-4, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil (quality value does not have, it is possible and easier), scissors.

    Make such a trap do it yourself quite just.

    1. Bottles cut off the tops slightly below the neck.

    2. Large parts of a container inside with vegetable oil.

    3. Bait define in places where mosquitoes accumulate as much as possible, holes are done on the sides, ropes are drawn if the bottles must be suspended. All this is quick and just done at home.

    If you want to act comprehensively, and there is no hope for the trap, it is time to make additional discreteners for mosquitoes. If you combine different devices, the effect will undoubtedly increase. For example, you can use bouquets of wormies and pizzy, the smell of which insects are not transferred. They do not like the smell of cherry leaves, and fresh carnation, lavender twigs, as well as mint and Melissa.

    If you spray a room (veranda / summer kitchen) Valerian, the number of winged non-crude guests will also decrease.

    If on the windowsill, put the pot with a blooming pelargonium, mosquitoes in such a space will not fly. And even simple rosemary acts on them as a strong repeller. You can set fire to the pharmaceutical chamomile to enhance the room, or take the cones (pine or spruce), juniper housing, lavender shoots. For fusion, these plants are also fit perfect. And on the street they can be thrown into the fire so that the fire in the fire did not interfere with mosquitoes.

    Before bedtime in the headboard, you can drop a drop of camphor oil – this will provide a calm dream without annoying buzz. And if in a small amount of water to dilute a bit of vanillina, and to stir up this liquid, the mosquitoes will fly out to the person.

    Trap plus vegetable dischargers work effectively and give great guarantees than each of the proposed ways to use one one.

    Let the problem be resolved faster, and nothing will break the charms of summer evenings and serene sleep in warm nights!

    How to make a mosquito trap from a plastic bottle, look in the video below.

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