How to get rid of rats?

To have constant access to food, rats always settle down next to a person. These rodents can be found both in villages and in cities. Noticing on the site of such pests, they should certainly get rid of them.

Why do you need to display pests?

Rats are dangerous animals that multiply very quickly. Therefore, to start fighting with them immediately. If the rats on the plot will be much, it will be very difficult to bring them. Residential pests destroy, and also spoil food. In addition, they can nibble bark bushes and trees. This often leads to the death of plants or to their disease. In addition, it is worth noting that rats are carriers of disease. Therefore, they are also dangerous for people and animals living in the area.

Some rats are also aggressive. For these reasons, rats always need to get rid of, and the plot must always be maintained clean.

How to find a rat?

Detect rats living in the house or in other rooms, it is possible by the following signs.

  1. Traces of teeth on things and food. Rats can damage both trees or shrubs and furniture. In addition, they sometimes leave after themselves slices of food with traces of rat teeth.
  2. Position residues in the form of dark granules of oval shape. They usually accumulate in those places where rats are most often.
  3. Availability of holes in the floor or walls. Next to them are traces of plaster.
  4. Indoor.

It is also worth noting that rats are quite noisy animals. Therefore, if they started in a house or apartment, they can be easily heard. Especially noisy these rodents behave at night.

How to catch?

There are several basic ways to catch home pests.

Homemade traps

Simple traps for large rodents can be made with their own hands. There are several options, to create only applicants are used.

  1. Bucket. To create a simple trap on the edge of the plastic bucket, you need to put a piece of plywood. At its edge the bait is fixed. Catching the fragrance of food, the rat goes to the edge of plywood, and then breaks down in a bucket. Increase the efficiency of this trap, by filling with water tank. Fill stands on a third, because the rats can swim. Therefore, if the bucket is complete, the animal can get out of it.
  2. Pan. To catch a big rat, you can build at home simple trap from the pan and wooden bar. To the bottom of the tank must be attached to the bait. Next, it must be turned over, putting on a small support. Hitting inside the tank, rodent may be inaccier to touch. Because of this pan covers the rat. Move it from the place the animal will not be able.
  3. Cardboard and glue. Making such traps is very simple. Cardboard sheet need to lubricate with high-quality glue. In the center you need to put the bait. She will be able to attract several Rousi several.
  4. Plastic bottle. This trap is quite effective. Use it stands on the street. To create a trap at the bottle, you need to cut off the bottom. The basis must be buried in the ground. Riding around the site, rat sooner or later falls into this bottle. It will not be able to get out of the fact that the walls in the container are smooth.

Make any of these traps in a couple of minutes.

Special rats

One of their most effective ways to combat rats are purchased rats. They can be bought in the market or in the store. Standard rattles look like small cells with a door on a small spring. Inside the delicious bait attracts, which attracts rodents. If you get inside the animal, the door slams. Therefore, rat from there can not escape.

In addition to classic rat traps, now there are electrical. They instantly kill rats with current discharge. Such rats operate from batteries. They are very comfortable, but at the same time they are quite expensive.

Separately, it is worth talking about the baits that can be used for rating rats. Catch rodents worth using fragrant products.

  1. Chopped meat. For its preparation you can use any meat. It needs to scroll on the meat grinder. Minced small balls form. They must be dense enough. In this case, they will be easily fixed in a trap.
  2. Sausage. Loam the rat can be small pieces of sausage with a strong smell. These rodents have a very good sense of smell. Therefore, they react perfectly to pieces of sausage with additives.
  3. Salo. To catch a live rat, you need to use smoked or slightly roasted fat. It should be fresh and not frozen.
  4. Egg. For animal catching used boiled boosted eggs. This product can also be grateful and mixed with severe poison. The resulting mixture is required to roll into dense balls.
  5. Fish. Excellent bait for rats – this is a raw fish. Strengthen its fragrance, unwinding small pieces of beer, vodka or vegetable oil.
  6. Fruits. Sweet fruits can also be used for rats. They must be ripe and juicy.
  7. Cheese. Loaming the rat is worth the product with a pronounced smell.

Food waste to attract rats to use not worth using. Spoiled products of small animals does not attract.

What are afraid of animals?

A more sparing method of combating rats – scary of pests living in the site. To do this, you can use various plants or special devices.

Ultrasound discharges

Now on sale there are special dischargers for rodents. They can be installed both in a private house and in an apartment or office. Such devices differ in a small size. They affect rodents with ultrasound. Such devices usually work from the network.

It is worth remembering that ultrasound can not penetrate through the walls. Therefore, in each infected room it is necessary to install a separate instrument for scaring. This method of combating rats allows you to get rid of all rodents in a couple of weeks.

But it is not necessary to use if there is guinea pigs, hamsters or other small pets in the house. He will also harm them.

The smell of burning

Effectively scares rats resistant smell Gary. Therefore, trying to get rid of rodents living in a barn or garage, you can conduct a fusion room with a smoke checker.


Scare rodents and sharp odors of certain plants.

  1. Mint. Aromatic mint leaves can be used to get rid of rats and beats. Plants are simply laid down at the corners and along the walls. To combat rats, you can also use a rut dipped in essential oil with mint smell. In the garden or on the flower beds is also recommended to plant mint.
  2. Kinza. This plant is rich in essential oils. His smell effectively scares pests. To bring the rats, the house can be folded both the plants and its seeds.
  3. Calendula. You can fight rodents using both fresh and dried flowers. Buy dried calendula in a pharmacy.
  4. Tansy. Rats do not tolerate the smell of these colors. Therefore, laying out minor yellow buds, you can quickly drive the rats from your site.
  5. Top tomato tops. This is the best natural tool for dealing with rats and mice living in the garden. The tops are distinguished by a sharp aroma, which pests simply do not tolerate. To strengthen it, foliage and stems need finely chop or break into parts. In this form it is necessary to decompose in the right place.
  6. Sagebrush. A plant with a strong bitter aroma is also well scared rats. Wormwood can be laid in the cellar or on the plot. In the house it is not worth using. The smell of wormwood may well cause a man nausea or headache.

All these plants can also be dried, crushed and put in small fabric bags. Such sachets are conveniently folded on the shelves and other surfaces.

Destruction with the help of poison

Many people are used to combat rats professional poison. It helps to quickly destroy all rodents living on the plot. It is worth remembering that the poisons for rats are toxic. Therefore, the composition must be spread out on the floor, but on the lids or pieces of cardboard. Lay out poison next to rat nora or in those places where rodents are most often. After some time, the room or the plot should be carefully inspecting. All terzunov corpses need to immediately detect.

Instead of purchased poison, you can use products cooked independently.

  1. Gypsum, flour and water. From these products, you can prepare poison with a mummifying effect. These products must be mixed, and then add water to the container. Of the resulting mixture form small balls. This efficient remedy works very quickly in the rat stomach. Because of this, she dies. It is worth remembering that the balls made from flour and plaster are quickly hardening. Therefore, with time, products are becoming less attractive for rodents.
  2. Wood ash. This product is used to deal with rats on the beds or in the garden. As a composition of ash is alkali. If you get into the organism of rodents, it corps their internal organs. Because of this, animals die. Pour rats wood ash very convenient.
  3. Sugar and Soda. The mixture also allows you to quickly get rid of rats. Products must be connected in a bowl, and then add some water and flour to them. The mixture should not be liquid, because of it will have to form small balls. After their eating in the stomach of the animal, dangerous gas begins to produce. It is he who kills pests.

Both purchased and cooked traps work perfectly.

Natural enemies

The main enemies of rats are cats. To combat rodents, you can make an animal at home with a well-developed instinct. Adult cat will help quickly destroy all rats. In addition, the feline smell itself already scares pests. Therefore, if a cat lives in a house or apartment, rodents will constantly experience stress and do not actively multiply.

Siamese, Maine Cuns, British and Siberian Cats are considered the best hunters for rats. They are large, patient and fairly active. Excellent rats are small dogs. Focster or Taksa can be addicted to catch rats, but do not eat them.

Although this is not the best way to combat pests. After all, during the hunt, the rat can bite a pet and infect his disease.

Precautionary measures

When dealing with rats, it is always necessary to comply with certain precautions in order not to harm yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Using rat poison, always need to work in gloves. If there are pets or small children in the house, do not put the bait in the prominent place. They can also choose her.
  2. Caught animals should always be taken in hands only in gloves. They will protect the palms from bites. It is very important, because the live rat can not only contact the blood to the blood, but also infecting a person with some infection.
  3. If the pest still bitten a person, the wound must be quickly rinsed with water and disinfected.
  4. Kotov-rats need to vaccinate. In this case, the animal will be safe. If there is a deep scratch or wound on the body, it needs to be immediately taken to the veterinarian.

If you observe these precautions, get rid of pests will succeed without any problems.

Preventive work

So that in the house or apartment do not start the rats, they should always be kept clean. All products must be stored in unavailable places for rodents. So, the cereals are usually placed in metal or glass jars. Residues of products and dishes are always folded into the refrigerator. On the working surfaces and the floor there should be no crumbs and pieces of food.

So that rodents do not start on the plot, you need to regularly remove the entire garbage in the yard and in the garden. From time to time you need to inspect the shrubs and trees growing there. Rodents attract dry branches and neglected plants. Therefore, they need to get rid of them in a timely manner. People who feed cats and dogs on the street, you should always remove the residues of food.

Useful advice

The following advice can help in the fight against rats.

  1. Using traps, it is worth remembering that rats quickly get used to the smell of the bait used. Therefore, they should be changed from time to time. Otherwise, rats will bypass such traps side.
  2. So that rodents do not feel danger, spread the poison, and also set traps is in gloves. In this case, the rats will not feel the human smell.
  3. Caught in the homemade or purchase trap rodents can be given to cat hunter. Poisoned rats should be thrown into a landfill or bury in places that are not available for pets.

In general, get rid of the rats on its plot in different ways. It should be remembered what to do this once and is forever impossible. So you need to always be alert. Noticing that rats returned to the site, it is necessary to again use those methods of struggle that turned out to be the most effective.

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