How to get rid of rats and folk remedies?

Rats and mice in homes cause a lot of inconvenience, besides, often become carriers of serious infections, because the fight against them should begin as soon as possible. The greatest effect gives the use of chemical poison. However, children may be in residential buildings, incapable adults and pets – it significantly limits the use of toxic means. Therefore, popular recipes are popular, many of them give a good result and allow for a long time to get rid of the uninvited guests.

Refrigerating herbs


To eliminate annoying mice in private homes, often use peppermint. The smell of this spicy plant is pleasant for a person, but disgusting for rodent.

There are 3 ways to use grass.

  • Decompose plant bundles at the corners of the room. In the case of a private house, it will not prevent the grass around the perimeter of the local area.

  • Mint can be applied as a solution. To do this, you need to make a strong decoction, cool, pour into a sprayer – and spray angles and places where you notice the traces of the presence of unborn neighbors.

  • Good result gives the use of concentrated mint essential oil. Cotton rolling into balls, soaked with an aromatic agent and lay down in the corners in each room.

Peppermint – affordable, cheap, but at the same time there is always an immense. It will allow you to quickly withdraw rodents forever.


The grass of the richness includes oils with a sharp smell. Their aroma does not like mice, because they soon leave the house on the plot adjacent to it. 4 main methods of applying a richness.

  1. Put grass in the pots and place in different premises of your house.

  2. Use essential oil for aroma.

  3. Spread the beams of dried herbs in the corners of the dwelling and in the habitats of mice. The fragrance should remain bright, so the grass’s stock should be updated regularly.

  4. Swipe the enclosure of the premises. To do this, dry grass wrapped in a newspaper, placed in a metal container and ignite. Windows and doors at the same time need to be kept closed so that the smell varies around all rooms.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the richness is a strong allergen. Therefore, before applying it to combat rodents, you need to make sure that no one has allergies in such a plant.


You can drive out rats and mice using seasonings and spices. They act no worse than the finished poison. Coriander, more known as Kinza, is unpleasant to rodents with its sharp aroma. For the processing of the apartment you need to take fresh twigs, grain or composition in powder – the blanks are placed in the corners of the rooms, in storeroom, hard-to-reach places, and also lay out the kitchen cabinets. Sharp specific aroma very quickly drives non-crushed neighbors from your home.


Chernokorna in the people is called “Rat repelter”. And there is nothing surprising in this – the plant is the most effective means of combating annoying neighbors. It is used in several ways:

  • spray the normal zones by concentrated decoction of dried or fresh grass;

  • Place the beams of grass in the corners of the house;

  • scatter powder on mouse nora or existing slits.

Another unusual solution is to leave the spiny seeds of Chernelin, they will adhere to the mouse skins. They should be covered in all those places where you will notice pests. When using Chernelin, it should be remembered that its roots, seeds, decoctions and infusions have a toxic effect for a person and his pets.


Buzina root is very poisonous, it is precisely this and ensures the elimination of mice. In the rhizomes of the plant contains one of the strongest toxins – blue acid. It is mainly used in the form of a solution for spraying of rodent habitats. And also from dried roots, you can make a powder and scatter it in the corners of the room. Keep in mind, this method is not suitable for residential premises, where there are children, cats, dogs and other freely moving pets.


The distinctive characteristic of this herb is its camphor aroma, which is unpleasant to rats and mice. Pijma has high insecticidal properties, it is used to destroy rodents and scaring flying insects. To get rid of rats and mice, you need to collect stems with flowers, tie them into bundles and decompose in the house. Be sure – the mice will quickly run out of the house, and after them they will leave his mosquitoes, ants and flies.


Walnings in the people are called “bitter grass” because it has a tart aroma. The grass is known as a means of combating pests from a long time: our ancestors were seated by their housing to scare rodents, ants and other unwanted guests. Plants in dry form places in food storerooms, lockers with provisions and storage space of vegetable crops.

A good effect gives the use of a mixture of ammonia and vinegar. These components are stirred in equal volumes and laureled laurel leaves in the solution. After they are impregnated with a caustic composition, they are laid out around the perimeter of a private house – this means allows you to scare away the unnecessary guests for a long time.


The most simple trap against rats can be made from a conventional plastic bottle: any mouse can easily penetrate her neck. To catch the rodent, it is necessary to pour a little sunflower oil into the tank and twist it so that the walls are completely covered with an oil substance. The bottle is placed under the tilt of the neck up and put a track so that the mouse can penetrate inside. Rodent goes on the smell, but it is no longer able to get back because of too slippery walls.

If only water is at your disposal, you can fill it with a bucket and cover with a circle of paper. Top places a piece of cheese as a bait, and to the siborkas put a small. This trap put in the habitats of mice: they will go on the smell of cheese, the cardboard will immediately turn over, and the rodent will be in water.

A good effect give glue traps. You can purchase glue in every store for gardeners and gardens. They cover a small piece of plywood or cardboard, and put the bait in the center. Rodent runs on the smell and sticks to the adhesive mass.

Than you can poison?

A homemade fleet for mice is considered the most inhuman way to destroy rodents. But if there are no other options, you can use the recipes for its cooking at home.

Composition based on 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of sugar, 500 g of plaster and 60-70 ml of sunflower oil. All ingredients are mixed with mixtures, decompose on disposable bowls and put in places where mice were found. Animals attracts the smell of such a bait, and they with a big hunt absorb her. In the stomach, this mixture hardens, clogs the digestive system and leads to the death of an animal.

A similar action has a mixture of mankey and putty in the same quantities. The composition in a dry form is placed near mouse minks, close to water plates.

Pour rats and mice can be a composition of soda, starch and sugar mixed in equal volumes. In the stomach rodent, this composition begins to produce toxic gas, which leads to pest poisoning.

Deadly dangerous for rodents treats from cortical cork. To do this, the plug out of wine is mixed with bread crumbs and add some unrefined sunflower oil.

Other methods

The most ancient way to eliminate rats and mice is considered to use their natural enemies – cats, dogs and feathered predators. The main advantage of this method is the lack of direct contact of rats and people. However, the method has its limitations.

So, Not every cat can cope with annoying rodents. Best of all, they catch ordinary yard animals without emblems, regalia and pedigree. Only the largest cats with developed hunting skills can cope with the adult rat.

In addition, cats often eat their prey, and it can cause an infection at a pet.

As for dogs, the good skills catching rodents show focister, taxes, as well as Prague rats. They can be taught to catch mice and rats without drinking their prey. However, during such hunting, pets can be bited by rodent and are infected with dangerous diseases.

There are other ways that give the greatest effect.

Broken glass. It is mixed with any grated sharp smelling soap. When absorbing such a mixture, the rodent is damaged to the gastrointestinal tract, and it dies.

You can use formalin, kerosene or naphtalin to process equipment and cellars.

A good effect gives a chlorine, falling in mink. However, it should be borne in mind that inhaling this solution will have to and households, and it is extremely undesirable.

Famous fact: rodents are afraid to settle in homes where fires happened. The negative impact on them has the remaining wood ash, it contains a junk, causing irritation on the paws. Rats and mice lick them, soon getting strong irritation of digestive organs. Under these conditions, they are forced to move to other places.

To bring the rats, you can create uncomfortable habitat conditions for them. This method works in cases where you discovered rodents in the basement of your home. It should be limited to non-crude access to food and water, block the inputs in their holes, close the ventilation holes and pipe segments. Doors in the cellar better barricading metal sheets. In the absence of rodent feed, either dying or leave the room in search of a more favorable environment for living.

Prevention of appearance

Fight with mice will allow compliance with simple preventive measures. Most often, rodents are moved to warm rooms with a good food margin with the onset of cold season. Therefore, starting from mid-October and up to the beginning of winter, you need to try to overlap the access of rodents to the dwelling.

In addition, you should follow certain rules.

  • Regularly visit the order in the house. Spend wet cleaning, do not allow garbage accumulations in a few days.

  • Remove the whole bullet paper, threads and fabric fragments. Mice often use them for the construction of their holes.

  • Flour, cereals and sugar hold in hermetically closed jars. If possible, decompose the herbs between them, scaring rodents with their smell.

  • Do not allow presence in the house of standing water.

  • On the plot near the private house build a feeder for predatory birds. If you are heading with a blue, then the rodents will not be left soon and the trace.

  • Periodically move things in cabinets and chest. Mice really like to settle there, they choose old textiles to bring offspring.

  • With the onset of frosts, conduct an audit in the cellar and other economic blocks and places where you keep the product blanks for the winter. In the cold months, rodents are difficult to get a meal, because they are looking for a fodder base in people’s homes.

  • Be sure to check out the outer walls in the house. If you see the slit, immediately close them with a concrete solution.

  • Tanks put on a significant distance from the residential premises.

How to get rid of rats and mice, look in the following video.

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