How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

The appearance of bugs in the apartment brings many problems its inhabitants. Therefore, noticing these pests at home, you need to immediately begin to combat these small insects. For the destruction of bugs, you can use tested folk remedies.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Pros and cons

Such methods of combating pests have both their advantages and cons. The advantages of folk remedies include the following points.

  1. Cheapness. In the process of combating clusters, either cheap pharmacy preparations are used or their collected herbs.
  2. Safety. Most folk remedies are safe to health. It concerns both people and pets. Therefore, funds can be safely used to handle your apartment or at home.
  3. Practicality. You can process the area with simple homemade solutions at any time of the day and night.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Cons of folk remedies for combating clusters also have.

  1. They help to fight only with adult insects. Home solutions and decoctions do not act on the larva.
  2. Products do not kill pests, but only scare them. Over time, bugs can return to the house.
  3. Most of the products are valid. To secure the result, processing the section from bedops has to be re.
  4. Processing the plot is very careful. Therefore, this process takes a long time.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Use folk remedies to combat clouds are recommended if the site is not much infected with pests. If the pests in the house are already a lot, destroy them is stronger drugs.

How to derive chemicals?

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the chemicals that good feedback from a large number of people.


One of the most effective means to combat clusters is the usual vinegar. This product is not able to kill insects. But he scares them well. Use vinegar very simple. Usually it is added to water before wet cleaning. If you managed to detect the jack of bedbugs, it can be sprinkled with vinegar, without diluting the product. The main minus of this fund is its unpleasant smell that is preserved for a long time.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


Wood resin is used for the manufacture of this product. The product also has an unpleasant odor. But he is less steady. To process a portion of 100 ml of turpentine mixed with 50 grams of ammonia and the same soap.

Such a refive is applied to the places where pests were seen.

When processing the room it is worth considering that This product is easy to ignite, and is also dangerous for human health. Therefore, before using it, it is necessary to wear Protective gloves Irespirator or gauze bandage. If the remedy gets on the skin, it must be immediately washed from the body with water with soap. After processing the room, the room must be aircraft during the day.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


This product is a colorless liquid with a sharp smell. It is recommended to apply against bed bugs. Product will help quickly drive pests. Naughty alcohol is inexpensive. In addition, the product is fully safe for humans. The sharp smell of ammonia will quickly disappear. There are several ways to use ammonic alcohol in combating clusters.

Most often, the product is poured into small containers. Swashing with ammonic alcohol is located near the places where bugs live. This method is only suitable for people who have no pets at home. The second way to use the ammonic alcohol is adding a product in a bucket with water before wet cleaning. For this use 3-4 tablespoons of the product.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


This product is a popular tool, which is used for disinfection of the room. But in the fight against clouds, he does not always work well. It is worth using it only if the pests in the house are quite a bit. In addition, water with chlorine can be processed after applying in a section of some other means. Since this product has a strong smell, it must be used correctly.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Processing the room by chlorine is only at a time when there are no other people and pets in the house.

Denatured alcohol

We need to ropes with this strong agent very neat. It is applied directly on the insect shell. The product helps immediately destroy pests, Therefore, before applying denaturates, it is necessary to immediately find the habitat of the bugs. Paul, plinths and other surfaces to handle this means is not recommended. It is unsafe, because the product quickly flammifies.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


This means to combat clumps is tested by time. After processing the area kerosene pests cease to navigate in space. They immediately leave the room. You can use kerosene in pure form. Help in the fight against pests and solutions consisting of 100 ml kerosene and 5 grams of naphthalene. Such a product is treated all insect habitats.

To get rid of pests, the product will have to be used several times a week. It is worth remembering that kerosene, like denaturates, is very easily flammable. Therefore, during the processing of the room, the selected product can not smoke or light match.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Copper Kuner

This blue powder is actively used by gardeners and gardens. It is perfect for combating fungal diseases. Use it to destroy homemade pests is also possible. Copper cunery is bred in water. The resulting solution is treated with all the slots, the inner side of the furniture, as well as plinths.

After applying the product, the room necessarily ventilate. To protect the room from home pests and fungus, the copper canopy can also be added to the glue during wallpaper crossing.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Boric acid

Well helps in combating clusters and boric acid. The big plus of such a product is that It is safe for people’s health. Boric acid sold in a pharmacy. Dry powder usually pour into small pieces of cardboard or empty covers. In this form, the product is located near the habitats of the bugs. If there are children or pets in the house, it is necessary to use boric acid especially neat.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Laundry soap

This product used to combat clusters is considered one of the safest. For the destruction of pests, the usual economic soap is best suited. The product has a persistent aroma and very quickly corroshes the chitin cover of pests. Use the soap solution only at the initial stage of infection. There are several ways to prepare. Each recipe has its own characteristics.

  1. With kerosene. For the preparation of a solution, a small piece of soap must be grate on a large grater, and then pour warm water. Slightly stirring the contents of the container, it is necessary to add kerosene into it. Products are mixed in proportions 1 to 2. The resulting soap solution is used to process all objects indoors.
  2. With ammonia alcohol. This product is prepared from soap, warm water and ammonia alcohol. The tool has a strong steady fragrance. So it is perfect for the fight against pests.

For processing the site you can also use a solution without any additives. For its preparation in a container with boiling water, a small amount of grazed soap is added. The product is stirred and immediately used to handle floor, plinths and furniture legs.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

It is worth remembering that after processing with soap solutions on the surface there remains white. From it can be delivered only after 2-3 days.

Application of plants

You can get rid of bedbugs at home with various plants. Herbs and flowers are harvested in advance or buy in a pharmacy.


Sharp aroma wormwood effectively scares pests. To get rid of bedbugs in a private house or apartment you need to decompose on all available surfaces of the twig. This procedure will help protect the plot and from other pests that are afraid of sharp odors.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Using wormwood branches, you can cook other effective means to combat clouds.

  1. Infusion. To prepare this tool use 200 grams of dry herbs, as well as a liter of alcohol. Herb need to pour alcohol. Capacity must be closed with a lid and send to a dark place for a month. After that, the product must be strain and pour into a spray. Ready tool is used to spray surfaces.
  2. Decoction. Broth based on wormwood is preparing much faster. Dry or fresh wormwood branches must be placed in a saucepan and pour water. The product must be boiled for 10-20 minutes. After that it will need to cool and carefully strain. Ready product can be immediately used to spray surface surfaces.
  3. Oil. Prepare fragrant oil with a smell of wormwood with your own hands enough. For this, fresh twigs should be pouring vegetable oil. In this form, the product must be left for 10-12 days. Finished oil you can handle all the available surfaces in the room.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Wormwood is an excellent tool for the prevention of bugs.


Evergreen Bagube grows on swamps. It is well suited for bugs. This is due to the fact that the richness contains essential oil. To combat pests, the grass must be dried. Ready plants are used to prepare brazers and info. Such products also help weaken an allergic reaction to pest bites.

It is worth remembering that Baguchika is a poisonous plant. So working with it is very neat. Collect a rose need in gloves. Processing the room with products based on it only in a protective mask or respirator.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


Chamomile inflorescences can also be used to prepare a powerful tool from bedbugs. To combat pests, flowers should be carefully crushed. Ready powder need to scatter on all available surfaces. In this form it should be left for 5 days. After that you can start cleaning. During this time, bugs who teach the floral fragrance will leave their main habitats.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


Fragrant grass contains a large number of essential oils. They act on the body of insects. To combat pests, it is best to use fresh plants. Grass beams simply unfold in different corners of the room. Insects are afraid of this smell and immediately leave their nests. At this stage of pests can be destroyed manually.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


This poisonous plant is also actively used to combat pests. Destroy the bugs best helps tincture with a purest. Make it at home very simple. To do this, 200 grams of fresh foliage should be crushed with a sharp knife. Greens need to pour 10 liters of pure water. In this form, the product must be left for several days. After 2-3 days per solution, it is recommended to add 1-2 tablespoons of grated soap. Carefully stirring the contents of the container, the product can be used to handle. The tool works almost immediately.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?


This is one of the plants that can be used to combat not only with clouds, but also with other pests. Flowers are usually collected in small bouquets and unfold in places where bugs were seen.

From this plant you can also cook a decoction. To do this, a small amount of dry flowers must be pouring a glass of water. Product need to be brought to a boil. After that, the container with the decoction must be closed with a lid and leave for 2-3 hours. Ready product must be strain and use for processing.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

After some time after this procedure, the room must necessarily ventilate.


Dry mustard powder is an excellent alternative to purchased chemicals. The product can be simply scattered by plinths. The sharp smell of the powder scares the pest and makes them quickly leave the room in which they lived before.


Perfect for the fight against pests and essential oil of lavender. It is usually added to the water. For the preparation of a solution in 250 ml of liquid, 20-25 drops of oil are bred. Product is used to spray infected areas. Lavender oil in pure form can also be applied to the frame of bed. This tool will great help protect the sleeping place from bed bugs.

This product can also be used to process pest bites. 2-3 drops of lavender oil add to children’s cream. The tool is thoroughly mixed. You can also add 2 drops of tea oil into the product capacity. Ready tools are treated with all bites. The product helps to quickly cope with itching and reduce redness. It can be used both adults and children.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Precautionary measures

In the process of processing the site, it is important to adhere to certain rules.

  1. Working with kerosene or turpentine, it is important to protect your body and respiratory tract. To do this, before work, you should always wear gloves, glasses and mask or respirator.
  2. After processing the room with a sharp aroma of the room it is worth venture.
  3. Having finished with this procedure, the hands must be carefully flushed, and protective clothes – to wash.
  4. If the remedy fell into the nose, mouth, or eyes, they need to rinse well with plenty of warm water.
  5. Young children and pets should not be able to contact with hazardous products used to combat pests.

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

How to get rid of bugs by folk remedies?

Get rid of bugs forever impossible. Therefore, the room should always be maintained clean and regularly inspect.

If pests are found in the room, you need to immediately begin to combat them, without waiting for the number of uninvited guests will increase.

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