How to count the area of ​​scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a temporary design of metal rods and wooden platforms used to accommodate materials and builders themselves to perform installation work. Such structures are installed as outside, so inside the building for finishing various surfaces.

To order forests, you need to correctly calculate their area. It is worth considering how it is done and what must be taken into account.

How to calculate Square?

There are several options for calculating scaffolding. The first implies the calculation on the area. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the following parameters.

  1. Height wall. To calculate, it will take to the actual indicator to add a unit to get 1 m2 with a stock. Then it will be possible to take into account the safety requirements, because on the forest you need to install fencing that require additional area.
  2. Length of the facade or inner wall. With this parameter, it will be possible to find out the number of sections that will help close the entire wall for high-quality and safe outdoor or internal works.
  3. Type of construction. It will affect the size of the sections from which forests will be. For example, it may be necessary to take into account the flow of pipes.

To make it more clear how the calcares calculation looks like, it is worth considering the example. Let the height of the wall equal to 7 meters, then the final height of the structure will be 8 meters, as it is necessary to add a unit to the initial indicator.

The length of the wall from the example is 21 meters, and the design type – frame. Then the height of the section will be 2 meters, and it will be necessary to purchase 11 sections to overlap the entire wall. Thus, to calculate the square meters of construction forests, it will be necessary to multiply the height (8 meters) to multiply for the length (22 meters), and the result is 176 m2. If you prescribe this formula, it will look like this: 8 * 22 = 176 m2.

Among the customers who add to the calculation of forests for wall decoration, the question arises, what will be the price per square meter of the structure. Then comes in handy knowledge of the standard and fairly simple scheme for calculating the area.

Calculation of permissible loads

The second way to determine the more accurate area of ​​scaffolding involves taking into account possible loads that will be able to withstand the construction. This is a fairly important criterion that allows you to choose the material, taking into account the required strength and stability of the structure:

  • frames;
  • racks;
  • Board.

To find the value of permissible loads, 3 main criteria should be accessed.

  1. Weight of installers, plasterers, painters or other builders who will stand on the platform.
  2. The total mass of building materials that the design will have to withstand as a result.
  3. Type of transportation system. In the case of a tower lifting mechanism, it will be necessary to consider in the calculation of the coefficient of dynamism, equal to 1.2. In all other, the standard load indicator will be equal to 200 kg per box or a wheelbarrow in case of installation of a material with a crane and 100 kg per cargo if the worker.

It is worth noting that the safety technique allows you to load only one level of design. At the same time, the standards also determine the maximum number of people who may be on the platform. On average there should be no more than 2-3 on the flooring.


To count the scaffolding, it is necessary to take into account both of the listed methods, with the help of which it will be possible to choose the desired material and determine its quantity that eventually will calculate the cost.

First of all, the length and height of the facade or the wall should be measured, which will need to be processed or separated. Then it will be possible to determine the number of flights of future forests capable of covering the whole wall. Popular values ​​of the height and spanings of the design – 2 and 3 meters, respectively.

Example: Wanted forests that will help to separate the facade of the building with a height of 20 meters and 30 meters long. Solution.

  1. First you need to determine the total number of tiers. There will be 10, since 10 * 2 = 20 meters.
  2. Next, determine the number of spans along the length of the wall. They will also be 10, since 10 * 3 = 30 meters.
  3. Then calculate the total area of ​​the structure: 20 meters * 30 meters = 600 m2.
  4. The next stage implies the account of the possible load on the tier, which can be taken from the standards. The load depends on the type of work carried out, the number of installers or other employees on the platform, as well as the total mass of building materials. Depending on the data obtained, the dimensions of the sections of various structural elements determine.
  5. After determining the sizes, search for suitable elements in construction stores or on the sites of manufacturers, determine the standard price and multiplies it to the area.

The last three stages are needed if it is required to determine the cost of the structure in the case of the order of scaffolding or self-assembly of the structure. To determine the area without a price, it will be enough to take advantage of the calculation method that takes into account the height and length of the wall.

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