How to connect polycarbonate to each other?

Polycarbonate – Universal building material, universally used in agriculture, in construction and other fields. This material is not afraid of chemical influences, which increases its reliability and does not deteriorate the presentability. Polycarbonate does not deteriorate due to the actions of high temperatures, so it is widely used in areas with a hot climate. The article will talk about how to combine lists among themselves, which is sometimes required in working with this material.


Polycarbonate sheets are cut in size, which is provided for by the project, using a metal hacksaw or a circular saw. Monolithic canvases do not require additional training, but at the slab with a cellular structure it is necessary to protect the ends to avoid pollution and moisturizing the channels during operation. If you plan to install under the tilt, when the ends remain unrealized, you need to determine which of the sheets will be from above, and what bottom. The sealing tape is glued at the top edge, and on the bottom – self-adhesive perforated.

Before performing this procedure, it is necessary to remove the protective film with polycarbonate.

Before attaching two polycarbonate sheet to each other, you need to perform the following procedures and prepare the material:

  • cut the sheets according to a predetermined drawing;
  • pre-lay the cloth to the future design;
  • Remove the protective film;
  • high quality cleaner.

For high-quality connection required to perform Montage in warm weather. In such conditions, the likelihood of cracking or skewing is eliminated. If you plan to lock the bands using a connecting profile, then you need to initially prepare the profile systems.

Connection methods

The stove dock is performed in various ways on the basis of materials and destination. Consider in more detail each of them.

Detachable profile

This type of installation is convenient if you want to docile parts of the arched design. Work consists of several steps.

  • The bottom of the profile must be attached to the frame of self-draws.
  • Put the canvas so that the edge goes into the side of the profile at the bottom of the profile and formed a distance of 2-3 millimeters to the top.
  • After that, lay the top bar of the profile, align and snap over the entire length, slightly hitting with hand or wooden hammer. When snapping, it is important not to apply great power to not damage the design.

The profile of the detachable type of metal is allowed to fix as the carrier element, as well as to designs of wood. In this case, it will perform an additional feature of the adjacent node.

Plastic panels are fixed to a solid basis. This condition is required when docking polycarbonate on the roof.

Low profile

This is a cheap and very reliable polycarbonate connection method. Its use is much easier than the previous.

  • It is necessary to cut the material on the appropriate sizes, placing the place of the joint on the beam.
  • Consolidate the docking profile with the help of tapes with thermoshaba, regardless of which material is made of a frame. Some use fastening from the primary means, which adversely affects further operation.
  • Insert polycarbonate into the profile, if necessary, lubricate the sealant.


Docking with glue used in the construction of arbors, veranda and other small structures, when building a monolithic type of canvases is applied. Work is performed quickly, but to make a high-quality and solid connection, you must follow the instructions.

  • The glue is carefully applied by a strip on the ends with a smooth layer. For these purposes, a glue gun is commonly used.
  • Press sheets with force to each other.
  • Hold for about 10 minutes to carefully smoke joints and move to the next canvase.

Using adhesive allows you to make a seat with a hermetic and solid. Even under the influence of high temperatures, the seams will not disperse and do not crack, but this is subject to the use of high quality adhesive composition. One- or two-component adhesives are usually applied, which are withstanding any tests and are suitable for any material.

Mainly use Silicone-based glue. When working It should be borne in mind that the glue is quite quickly grasped, and it is practically impossible to wash it off. That is why all work must be performed in gloves and very carefully. After drying, the glue seam becomes barely noticeable. The strength of the seam directly depends on the dynase of docking. With the correct installation, the seam does not miss moisture.

Point mount

With this method, the compound of polycarbonate cellular canvases uses tapes with thermoshairs. Since the surface often has irregularities applied Corner fasteners. With their help, you can disguise areas having joints at an angle. When fastening polycarbonate to the wood point, drill a hole with a diameter, somewhat exceeding the diameter of the self-pressing. The difference must be at least 3 millimeters.

Such a scheme will avoid deformation at temperature differences. Some experts recommend making an oval hole. With the proper compliance with all installation rules, two polycarbonate canvas can be secure. The web thickness of up to 4 millimeters can be shyned by braziness, but its width should be exactly 10 centimeters.

Useful recommendations

Several useful tips that give experienced people in this area.

  1. When installing, it is necessary to ensure that the canvas are not too tight to each other, it is required to leave the gaps of about 4 millimeters. The problem is that when the temperature drops, the polycarbonate can be labeled, and expand, because of which the design becomes more fragile. The gap protects the material from the chances and curvatures.
  2. For cutting polycarbonate or metal profiles, it is recommended to use a circular saw with very small cloth to get smooth. Some use special tape saws. Before docking, you must remove the chips.
  3. It is unacceptable to use the profile as a reference or frame element – these are connecting elements.
  4. The bending of the profile is possible only on the size that the manufacturer in the passport of goods is indicated, otherwise it may be damaged.
  5. When snapping is forbidden to use the hammer. It is allowed to use a tree of wood, but neatly, because it can leave scratches.
  6. To ensure condensate gathering, you need to drill a hole at the bottom of the sheet using a thin drill.
  7. It is recommended to connect the cloth of the same thickness and size. It affects seams of seams when docked.
  8. Metal profiles for the compound is an important component in the quality construction of structures.
  9. To prevent the appearance of non-distefting the closers, it is necessary to correctly install the profile. The time of year plays a big role: for example, in the summer, installation must be made close. Due to low temperatures, polycarbonate sheets are narrowed, and with improper installation between the canvases, large gaps are formed.
  10. With a more dense attachment due to a decrease in the size of the slit will be invisible. Such gaps are allowed, as they favors the exhaustion of moisture and creating the desired ventilation level.
  11. In the winter, the docking is made by peaks, but many builders do not recommend installing during the cold season due to possible difficulties. Although, in general, this applies to all construction work.

Thus, the installation of polycarbonate sheets will become the easiest thing in the life of any person. But it is best to ask someone to help, because the sheets are most often big, and alone cannot be held them in the right position and thoroughly connect.

Basic rules when working with this material – the acquisition of only quality products that meet the requirements, and making installation on all established standards and instructions.

In the next video, the connection of the Cell Polycarbonate Cell Polycarbonate sheets.

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