How to choose and install mailbox?

It is difficult to present any housing without a mailbox. Although in the modern world he does not play more decisive role, without this subject it is impossible to do. This is a necessary thing for temporary storage of newspapers and magazines, greeting cards and other information literature. On the history of the appearance of the first mailboxes, as well as about their species, choosing and installing models and will be discussed in this article.

History of origin

Information transfer is a very important and necessary component in the life of any person and a complete society. Mailboxes are used to collect, as well as for temporary storage and delivery of various correspondence consisting of letters, postcards, leaflets and other literature. For these purposes, different designs were used for a long time.

But only in March 1858, the letters box was officially patented by a resident from Philadelphia by Albert Potst.

The history of the emergence of boxes for short storage and delivery of correspondence rather long.

  • According to historians, for the first time, such products, intended for information transfer, established at the Cape of Good Hope. They were made of stone. Similar options also met in the sailors from Holland.

  • In Poland Fixtures for storing correspondence and its collection began to appear after 1633.

  • On the postal boxes in France first spoke in 1653, When in Paris installed similar boxes. The author is considered to be Renoir de Vilaya.

  • For greater preservation of letters and other correspondence, English sailors used canvas durable bags. They were accepted to hang out in the Peat establishments, hotels.

  • Austrian postmen Preferred to wear postage bags with them, attaching them to the belt.

  • To do this, they paid the shipment of their notes by lowering the coin and push the lever. Thanks to these actions, a notification in the form of a signal was notified in the form of a signal to the need to select mail, which did the new courier.

Information about the appearance of devices for postmen in the Russian Empire belongs to 1848. Such boxes appeared on the streets of large cities in the first days of November. Similar structures were originally made of wood, they were very heavy. Later in operation introduced metal models having a drawing in the form of an envelope.

  • Since 1901, they began to install the designs of orange, they were intended for urgent sending correspondence, they were dripped by trains during the current day.
  • Starting from 1928 in the trams. Moscow was installed about 200 postal structures for correspondence. At the stop in the tram, a masterphotus worked in the worker and took the information material.
  • In the Soviet Union in the mid-1960. It was installed half a million copies.
  • In the late 1970s and early 1980s, in major cities began to establish models intended for international letters, they had blue. And for correspondence intended for the city, scarlet boxes were provided. Later the latter were abolished, because they were unprofitable due to low volumes.

In 2013. For internal correspondence, “Russian Post” was launched in red models.


The main function of mailboxes is temporary storage and collection of letters, notices, cards, postcards. Such models can be different types and types.

These are models for incoming and outgoing correspondence.

  • Models intended for outgoing materials can usually be found on the post office. Use them to collect correspondence that does not require special design in the forwarding process.

  • Options used for incoming letters and other information literature. They can be installed either near the housing, or according to the actual address of the subscriber. The necessary requirement is the availability of a postman.

By type of their use, the model is divided into subscriber cabinets and drawers.

  • Subscriber boxes are locked on the lock, use them without reference to the location of the addressee.

  • Cabinets subscriber look in the form of cells that are used by individual people. Similar models are installed in apartment buildings, as well as in the delivery sites.

Most often make such products from metal. Thanks to the strength and durability, such products are capable of providing securities for a long time.

 Design options

Postal structures can be divided by execution styles.

They may be:

  • traditional, that is, standard;

  • American;

  • English;
  • Original.

Although the models are different in the design, size and material, they are combined by a common goal, which consists in ensuring the safety of information materials and the further delivery to their addressees.


Classic models are hinged boxes of rectangular shape having the most diverse design. Metal make them. Usually such postage boxes can be seen in the countries of the former Soviet Union. They can be made of different materials. Dimensions of such models usually do not reach A4 format.

Currently, classic models are originally drawn up and look outwardly very attractive. It is usually customary to install standard models on wickets and fences. Classic products are easy to use and manufacture.


Mailboxes made in American style are an oblong hemispherical box installed on a metal tube, wood or bricks. Externally, such models resemble a sacrifice for travel. Many models provide special flags that signal the arrival of correspondence. They have the same type, but are bred by decorative design. To store a bulk magazine or newspaper, the postman has to be folded.


English-style models are a separate design, externally similar to a piggy bank. In Britain, it is customary to paint such models in red tones. Such products are similar to round or rectangular stands, their height can be more than one meter. Set structures on Earth, retreating from the entrance to the territory of the site several meters.

 Best models

For an apartment or for a private residential building, certain models are suitable, which are installed on the door, hang on the fence or gate.

The most popular options can be called:

  • Model Alternativa. Designed similar boxes for outdoor hanging it on the wall, fences, or entrance doors. As a material for the case, shockproof plastic is used, which is not corrosion and is able to maintain the initial view of a long time. This is a classic model with a receiving window closed with a lid, a thematic drawing is present on the front side. Window for letters is fixed by the lock, there are holes, helping to find out the presence of correspondence.

  • “Premium cycle” (6002-00) 390х280 mm. This is a budget model that will suit those who do not wish to spend money on troubled designer options. An individual mailbox is made for outdoor use of durable plastic capable of resisting adverse weather conditions. For the convenience of the postman, the top cover is painted in a bright color, it will make it easy to notice her. On the front side – the emblem of the double-headed eagle. There are holes for inspection and additional ventilation.

  • Onix Yak-10 390×260 mm. A simple mailbox will be an excellent option for private ownership. It has a durable green metal housing. The model is simply attached to any surface, it is resistant to deformation and other damage.

  • Mailbox mailbox. The model is used as an internal or outdoor option. The upper part of it with a lining that allows you to prevent ingested moisture or dust. At the bottom of the case there are round holes for ventilation, there is a door that allows you to extract letters.

For an apartment building usually choose multisective options for hinged lockers, they are provided for placement of them in the entrances. Such mounted products have an anti-vandal castle or other constipation on the doors.

Models for the entrance can be:

  • multisective or have one box;
  • with the provided windows allowing you to check the availability of letters;
  • vertical or horizontal;
  • with a beveled or direct bottom.

Postal boxes for apartment buildings have many sections, the value of which depends on the number of apartments in the entrance. Similar models are usually made by steel, as their painting use sustainable negative factors.

Criterias of choice

Catching out the choice of correspondence box, you should consider certain points. Factory classic standard models or design structures for a residential building or cottages are required to have a set of specific functions that take into account when choosing.

  • Dimensions and dimensions of products. In order for postal correspondence to be in good condition, without deformation and referring, it is necessary to store it in spacious and reliable containers. At the same time, not only the functional, but also aesthetic component. Considering that the print box throw prints of a different format, the height of such products should be at least 340 mm, with a width of 250 mm, at a depth – at least 45 mm. Too large box can be impractical, so you should think in advance the volume of the corresponding correspondence. It is also important to take into account the thickness of the material. Less durable is considered tin thin-walled models that can be easily opened.

  • Material from which the product is made. Metal boxes are popular with high-quality high-quality coating, as well as models from strong plastic.

  • Locks. Availability on postal boxes Castles can provide reliable correspondence from vandals or theft.

  • Price. The cost of products may be different, it varies depending on the material and design of the finished product.

As for the design, the models are desirable to pick up the style of the facade.


As you know, US models are installed on a separate stand. Monolithic design used for English boxes. For standard options use certain installation methods.

These include:

  • Installation of the product on the fence. In this case, from the reverse side, cuts are made (2 pcs.) and they make the clamps through them, fixing them, tightening after aligning the product.

  • Installing a box on a solid foundation. When mounting boxes on the gate of metal or wood in products, the holes are done, fixing to the surface with nuts and bolts.

  • Setting the model on the wall. When mounting the drawer on the wall of the structure is drilled in the wall and models of 2 holes. Curtain with dowels or small anchors.

The place of fasteners are chosen according to the variety of structures. Classic models are advisable on the street to hang on the fence from the professional flooring, attach to an aluminum wicket or gate, install on the wall. Classic boxes usually have at the fences, gates, on the wall of the building. Rack options are better installed in the area of ​​the yard. It will provide free access to products anytime. During installation, the container is often located inside the building, outside the letters remains outside.

In this case, the slot is advisable to protect the special visor, supplement the rubber overlay, indicate the inscription.

Beautiful examples

Beautiful mail storage box is able to decorate the entrance of an apartment building, to become a highlight of the territory of the private house, supplement the design of street structures.

Basic is customary to be American, British structures or hinged European models. In the standard version, American models have a kind of tiny sac. However, such products can be originally issued, beating them in the form of cars, animal or miniature house.

A model with interesting design solutions or original reincarnations deserve attention. These can be products with forging or model elements, made in a specific style, stylized under a certain exterior of the plot.

For houses, fenced with a stone fence, more suitable for correspondence models, weathered in the same style. To create a harmonious ensemble, choose a suitable color gamut.

For the estate located in the countryside among the large number of trees and shrubs, a model is more suitable, decorated in rustic style or country.

For private estate with a wrought fence, it is better to choose the option repeating patterns on the gate or gate. An forged box in the form of fish, for example, will indicate a fisherman, traveler or just a cook.

The addition of the private country area will be the original designer drawer made from undergraduate materials.

One of the advantages of metal structures is the ability to apply to such a surface of any drawing using acrylic paints.

Such a box with the address and house number will perform the main feature, while this product will perform in the form of decor.

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