How to choose a casing for the generator?

Regardless of the type of generator and the fuel used for its operation, this unit is considered a source of strong noise and vibration. Such a device is not recommended to place indoors with increased noise load requirements. For soundproofing generators use special containers (housings) with special material inside. Many consumers are asked how to ensure sufficient sound insulation during the operation of such equipment.


Without using a noise container when the generator runs, a strong roar will deliver serious inconvenience to others. The leading function of the casing is considered to be the oppression of sound. Besides, The noise insulation container provides protection against the influence of adverse weather conditions (rain, snowfall). A special threat represents moisture from the device, which can lead to serious emergency consequences with equipment (up to fire) and expensive repair.

As well as a noise protection container protects the generator and from the effect of low temperatures. The casing performs a certain thermal insulation function, which allows the use of equipment in the winter season.

Pros and cons of use

The advantages of the use of casing should include the following factors:

  • noise insulation;
  • protection against mechanical impacts;
  • thermal insulation;
  • High protection against moisture and dust.

The minuses include:

  • the possibility of strong overheating;
  • fire hazard;
  • If you need a thorough inspection of the generator or maintenance, it will not be able to do without removing the casing.


Noise insulation container – multifunctional design, which will extend the life of any equipment. It will not be superfluous to consider the types of shells for the generator.

  • All-weather – impeccable option for the country area or houses outside the city. The container is characterized by elevated protection from weather conditions.
  • Little casing – Suitable for a small generator. A mini-container provides sufficient sound insulation, is considered compact and convenient for use.
  • Eurocal – Iron box designed for noise reduction and protection against weather conditions. More often applied on power plants.
  • Block container – Provides suitable conditions for a diesel generator, protects the unit from mechanical impacts.
  • Cushion on the street – is characterized by resistance to low temperatures and moisture, which allows the use of equipment at any time of the year.


On the modern market of goods and services there is a wide selection of casing for generator. In order to make a successful purchase, it is worth considering manufacturers of this equipment.

  • “TSS”. The leading function of the hooks of this manufacturer is considered a reliable sound insulation. In addition, containers provide complete moisture protection. Approximately 90% of consumer reviews – positive.

  • “Almeter”. The company produces lightweight models of housings that are distinguished by high quality. Products are characterized by durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions, low temperatures.

  • “BM-Diesel”. This manufacturer shows a housing for diesel generators, characterized by increased sound insulation, protection against dust and dirt. And the models are pretty durable. More than 80% of positive feedback from consumers.

It can be concluded that containers for generators are an indispensable acquisition. The casing provides maximum noise insulation, protects equipment from various mechanical effects, dust and moisture.

      Overview of the casing for the generator in the video below.

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