How to change the bearing on the concrete mixer?

Household concrete mixers are mechanical (manual), with an internal combustion engine or electric drive. All these species have a similar design. When preparing a concrete solution in the mixer of the highest load, an bearing unit is exposed. Over time, even when complying with the rules of operation of the equipment, it fails. In the case of his breakdown, you should not look for the replacement of the broken unit – the bearing on the concrete mixer can be changed with your own hands, returning functionality to the mixer.

Causes and signs of breakage

With intensive operation of the mixer for concrete, one of the 2 bearings breaks most often. Signs of its failure:

  • extraneous noise in the drum, similar to crunch or crackling;
  • Sudden stopping drum even at low loads;
  • Slow launch of the aggregate;
  • Tangible backlash when swaying bowls manually.

Please note: the concrete mixer needs to change the immediately 2 bearing, even if the second is fully working.

There are several reasons why the item is premature. The most common – overload the unit. With an increase in the permissible load on the equipment (all the rules are indicated in the technical documentation)) the bearing unit breaks much faster.

To other less common reasons include moisture, sand, small stones or other foreign objects under the bearing hull. As well as The knot fails due to the previously installed poor-quality part.

To prevent the premature breakdown of the bearing, it is necessary after each use to clean the unit from the residues of the nanileous concrete mass, as well as to monitor the moisture, dust and sand do not get into the mechanism. No need to overload equipment and try to make 1 times more concrete mix, which is permissible to recommendations from the manufacturer. It is important to correctly care for the mixer and timely maintain maintenance.

Required tools

If you want to change the bearing at the concrete mixer, you can resort to the services of the masters. However, it will take time and will require serious financial investments. To save, it is recommended to repair your own hands. Establish an aggregate independently easy. To do this, we need to arm the necessary tool and theoretical knowledge.

For work will be required:

  • 2 new bearings (standard parts size 6203);
  • Set of wrench keys of different sizes;
  • hammer or sledgehammer;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Metal insert;
  • Solvent or gasoline for cleaning parts;
  • The solution intended for the “belling” of the bolts (WD-40 is suitable for these purposes);
  • screwdrivers of various configurations and sizes;
  • Pliers and pullers (instead you can use vice).

It is recommended to prepare the necessary accessories in advance – having everything at hand, you can quickly cope with the work without being distracted by searching for the desired tool.

Separately, it is worth saying about the choice of bearing. They are 3 species – caprolone, bronze or steel. The first most popular. When choosing, you need to give preference to details with a washer – they are able to withstand large mechanical loads and protect the inner device from entering mechanical particles.

How to remove the bearing with a drum?

To pull the damaged item, you need to get to it – for this you have to disassemble the mixer. First of all, it should be turned over the capacity so that the traverse is upstairs. After that, a wrench must be unscrewed bolt connecting the equipment shaft with traverse. Next you need:

  • remove the washer and grover;
  • knock out the shaft from the traverse (this uses insert with suitable sizes and hammer);
  • disconnect the drum from the bed;
  • Remove adjusting washers.

The next step is to disconnect the support structure from pear. Many masters warn that fixing nuts located on the outside, with time are covered with rust. Such a negative process is inevitable, since the installed hardware in the preparation of the working solution is in contact with moisture. To facilitate their removal, it is recommended to pre-process the nuts with the composition WD-40. After 10 minutes, you can try unscrew the fasteners.

If the nuts are closed too much, they need to cut them with a grinder.

After removing the fastener, it is necessary to separate the support of the Bowl from the drum, then disconnect it into 2 parts. To do this, knock out the shaft with bearings. Damaged parts are dismantled with special puller or vice.

How to replace?

Before assembling the unit, it is recommended to pre-clear the shaft from contamination and rust using gasoline or acetone based solvent. After removal of formations on the details should be pressed new bearings on the shaft. To do this, it is convenient to use a special puller. With its absence, pressing is made by a uniform tapping by the hammer on the internal climax of bearing nodes. These works must be taken carefully, tapping should be carried out through a tree bar.

The next step is to install the shaft into the lower part of the support, fixing the second half to the top bearing. After the manipulations produced, you need to fix the support to the drum using bolts, nuts and washers. To prevent the bolt to prevent the bolts inside the design, they need to hold them with a wrench – in this case, do not do without help. Before fixing, the support should be processed its perimeter in the contact zones with the drum, for this you need to use any sealing composition based on silicone. Thanks to this additional processing, the bearing unit will be reliably protected from random moisture penetration.

The last stage includes planting the cheeses adjusting, the installation of the shaft into the hole and its fixation by the presser bolts.

After manufactured repair manipulations, it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the concrete mixer. For this you need to include equipment at idle, without load.

Timely replacement of the bearing is important – Neglect of such works often leads to a breakdown of other assemblies of the unit and their more expensive commissioning. The instruction given in the article will help perform the quality repair of the worn item, which, in turn, will contribute to the extension of the life of the equipment.

Read more about how to change the bearing on the concrete mixer, look in the following video.

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