How to catch Muhu?

If the houses appear flies, they not only quickly begin to bother with obsessive buzz, but often spoil the products, putting the larvae in them. Fortunately, it is possible to catch flying pests with the help of submitted means, and just with bare hands.

Difficulties when fishing flies

One of the main difficulties in fishing flies is that they are imperceptibly penetrated through open windows and doors, and if the first can be protected by grids, then with the second nothing can be done. It is especially difficult to deal with pests find himself in a private house where the front door is constantly opened and closes. The fact that insects attract many things is also played. Flies fly to heat, especially when the cold attacks, they love light in the dark, as well as the smell – they fly to the trash can or simply on unlocked products. Leaving on the table an abdicted sandwich or the remains of soup, it is also worth expecting visitors. In addition, flies are surprising often lured with white.

Although this insect does not differ much speed, it turns out to be very difficult to catch him. This is due to the fact that flies are watching the world around the world as if “in slow motion”, and therefore react faster to what changes. If you do not fix flies in a timely manner, then they will postpone the larvae right in the dwelling.

We must not forget that pests are carriers of parasite larvae and bacteria. Insects spoil home textiles, windows and mirrors.

How to catch?

Despite the fact that you can just chase for a fly, it will be much more efficient to use the corresponding baits.


If nothing suitable as a trap is not available next, but the room flies annoying Moshkara, it should be trying to catch with bare hands. This method is slow, but quite efficient. It is necessary to bend fingers so that the palm shape a cup that will be trap. Previously makes sense to stretch: quickly compress the palm, bending your fingers to the base and leaving a small space inside for the insect.

As soon as the pest appears on the nearby surface, it will be necessary to get closer to it and dramatically wave a “cup” in a pair of centimeters from it. Fly, feeling the movement, will fly upstairs and turn out to be in hand, after which it will only leave the palm. To accidentally not crush the creature, it is important not to compress my fingers too much.

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Simplify the capture will be able to use the mug and a piece of cardboard. As soon as the fly turns out to be on any smooth surface, ideally, horizontal, it will be necessary to slowly and calmly approach her. Smoothly and without sharp movements need to cover the glass insect. At the next stage, at a minimum raising a glass, you should slip under it the cardboard so that the pest is in a trap. When the mug will be turned off, the sheet will work as a cover.

by the way, To slow down the movement of the flies and force it to sit down on the surface, you can sprinkle it with simple water from the spray. Drops of water that fell on the insect wings will make them harder. The speed of his movement first slows down, and then it will fall in general to zero. “Slow” Muhu can be just taking a napkin or fix the circle with cardboard.

With the help of Scotch

In the kitchen is the easiest to catch an insect with the use of purchased velcro. In essence, it is a conventional paper tape, impregnated with a special composition attracting an insect. Pest, interested in bait, will sit down on the tape, but due to the presence of a sticky surface, it will not be able to fly away.

Usually such a trap is fixed on the ceiling, but there are also sheets for horizontal surfaces. Its only minus you can call the need for a frequent replacement.

In principle, such a system is easily constructed and own. As the basis, a paper craft package is suitable, for example, from McDonalds or from underwear, or parchment leaves. The base of the brown color is cut by thin stripes with a width of 4 to 5 centimeters.

At the top of each piece, the hole will correctly make a hole with a selection to turn into it the rope and tie a loop. A sweet-sticky composition of 65 grams of reed or beet sugar, as well as 125 milliliters of maple syrup is prepared in a small arillaty container. Putting a mixture on fire, it is necessary to persuade it to dissolve the granules. The substance is cooling, after which all tapes are lowered in her. The alternative composition of the impregnation implies the connection of a small piece of rosin, castor oil, honey or jam breathed after water bath.

The pieces need to be improved for 8-10 hours, and then they will need to briefly hang over the sink to get rid of excess fluid. Ready traps are fixed on the ceiling.

Using an attractive lamp

Flies tend to fly to light, so the use of an attractive lamp can help cope with the problem. In order to catch the insect, it should be lured into a small space – a toilet or hallway. To speed up the process, it is necessary to turn off the light in the entire apartment, leaving the working light only in a limited space. As soon as the fly is trapped, it can be caught or destroyed by the usual carbon black.

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Of course, special lamps that work as traps will help to solve the problem. Such devices work silently, charging either from batteries, or from batteries, or just from the network. Insects flying to ultraviolet light emitted by such a lamp, as well as heat and smell of carbon dioxide. A small fan tightens insects inside traps where they are stuck on a sticky basis.

How to catch a trap?

At home midges can be easily caught, building homemade traps. For instance, It can be a glass jar design with a volume of 0.5 to 1 liter, supplemented by food film. A good alternative for the container is a large transparent glass. The vessel is filled with water in such a way that 5-6 centimeters remain to the upper boundary. As a bait, a mixture of sugar, dishes and apple vinegar detergents, whose concentration ranges from 6% to 9%.

Sweet substance is poured into the bank and after crystals dissolve, mixed thoroughly. Fragment with sides of 10 centimeters is cut out of the food film. Transparent piece used to fully close the vessel hole. For reliability, the neck should be kept with a scotch or fix a simple elastic band. Finally, on the surface of the film with manicure scissors or a simple handle, several low-diameter holes are created. It is through these holes that insects will be able to get inside. The finished design is placed on the windowsill or any other well illuminated.

Another high-quality trap for flies is obtained from a plastic bottle with a volume of 1-2 liters. By reloading the lid, the design needs to cut the top of the container, the so-called shoulders. Make it easier with scissors or knife. The remaining part of the tank is visually divided into three parts. The bottom is filled with sugar, ideally, cane, and the second flowing water is poured into the second. When the granules dissolve, the mixture will be needed to enter the food dye of the blue shade. It is proved that this color is most attracted by this flying insect.

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Basically, The other dye is suitable, but not redhead, yellow or orange. These three shades, on the contrary, scare flies. By the way, in the absence of a dye you can simply prepare a mixture of sugar sand, dishwashing and vinegar detergents, connected in proportions 3: 1: 1. When the bottle is filled with a mixture, its cut part turns over and inserted inside as a funnel. The insect will be easy to get inside, but practically not to have the opportunity to get out. The trap is left on the windowsill or in places of depression of pests.

Very simply made traps from disposable plastic or crafting plates. Their donyshko is missing with thick sugar syrup, after which the blanks are simply installed on the windowsill. Fluttering flies will sit down on the surface and, as a result, adhere to it.

Plates can also be labeled with a mixture of protein whipped with sugar sand, honey or jam. Effective is considered to fill a plastic container 100 ml of honey, 1 st. L. Powder boric acid and 50 ml of boiling water. The mixture is shaken until it covers the inner walls of the bottle, after which the container is left open by the window.

It is suitable for the fight against pests and a tin can, which remained from under canned or feed for domestic pets. Cleaning the capacity from paper stickers, you need to rinse it and dry it. The top of the jar is covered with a tape or tape.

The material is tightly pressed against the surface, and after a few minutes it moves away – this allows you to make a capacitance of sticky. The design is either just placed in the most “hot” point, or is equipped with a small flashlight placed inside, and covered with a lid so that the light is visible. Interested flies sit down on the surface of the jar and it will be glued.

It is worth mentioning that instead of the tape can also be used and double-sided adhesion, which will not be disconnected from the container. To attract the insect, you can also leave a few drops of honey or jam on the surface.

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