How to calculate professional flooring?

Professional flooring – Survived material for the cover of the house, finishing the roof and arrangement of fences of private and economic buildings. Before buying a professional sheet, it is necessary to pre-calculate the area of ​​the material.

How many square meters in the straightener?

To determine the area of ​​the professional flooring, it should first be understood that they are working sizes of sheets. The fact is that sheets produce different sizes, so there is no standard indicator of the area at the corrugation.

The sheet width is indicated by two digits:

  • larger performance in full size;
  • less meaning means working width when professional owl put.

The practical meaning of the size consists in facilitating the counting of the number of products in the width of the skate, if it comes to the roof cover or walls of the house.

The second parameter to be taken into account when calculating, – Roofing Length. It varies from 0.5 to 10 m. Usually manufacturers release the material sliced ​​along the length that the customer indicated.

The area of ​​the finished sheet is not easy to determine: you need to multiply a working width for the length of the product, as well as the number of sheets planned to use.

Calculation of the number of sheets on the trim at home

To count the material, you must first select the profile by using which the trim will be performed. For example, if it is professional stamped MP20, then for competent calculations you need:

  • the perimeter of the house is divided by 1.1;
  • round up the resulting number in the big face;
  • multiply the number of sheets on their area.

Additionally, when calculating, it is necessary to take into account the length of the sheets, as well as to provide a stock material.

Experienced professionals recommend to study the characteristics of the professionalist before the start of the calculation, to view the available working dimensions from the selected manufacturers, as well as to take into account the fine.

How to calculate in other cases?

Calculate the number of products for the trimming of a country house is not difficult. But when calculating flooring on the roof will have to take into account several nuances. First, there are several types of roofs. The easiest calculation will be the following options:

  • single and bounce roofs;
  • broofing;
  • Mansard Roofs with Primary Fronton.

For the listed roofs, the calculation algorithm looks like this.

  1. First perform the main measurements. With the help of special tools, the width of the skate is measured, which goes along the skate or cornix design. Also take into account length. The first parameter is denoted by the letter W, the second – L. If the roofing has a different symmetry, then each slope is measured separately for which its calculation will be carried out.
  2. Next, determine the number of horizontal series. To do this, the W parameter is divided into a working width of one professional leaf and the resulting number is rounded into the biggest. For example, if the measured width of the skate is 10 meters, then to calculate the number of rows, this number should be divided into a working width of one sheet – 1 meter. Then it will turn out 10 rows.
  3. After consider how many sheets will be in one row. To do this, the size of the two sheets of two sheets add to the parameter L and divide the result in half.

The last step implies multiplication of the number of rows to the number of flooring in one row. The results obtained are then folded, which allows you to find the area of ​​the required material.

Complex roofs require another type of calculation. For this, special programs are usually used, which allow you to consider most of the parameters and give accurate results at the output. However, the calculation principle is not particularly changing. The difference will be counting the number of sheets separately for each slope of a complex roof. To make the program performed the calculated roofing, first draw the drawing, which is then loaded into the system.

The competent calculation of the professional flooring for the cover of the house, the arrangement of the roof or the fence will help immediately buy all the material required for work and while saving time, money and nerves.

How to calculate professional flooring, look in the video below.

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