How to calculate Fronton?

The roof is of great practical importance, since this element of the building is designed to protect the house from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, the impact wind, the ingress of sun rays and the accumulation of snow. The most important aspect in the construction of the house is the correct calculation of the height of the bone roof. Specifications, aesthetic component and architectural features of the future coating depend on this parameter.

How to calculate Fronton?

Calculation of height

For independent computing, it is recommended to use special mathematical formulas. Development of a house plan requires the manufacture of drawing for which the values ​​must be measured.

The proportion of the roof design primarily specifies its suspension, which is a horizontal edge that is formed in the place of connecting the vertices of inclined planes. Invalidly calculated height of the skate can lead to problems in the operation of the structure and violation of architectural parameters. It is important to clearly follow the technical requirements in order to avoid the appearance of leaks in the root and its premature wear.

How to calculate Fronton?

The bartal roof is most often performed in the form of an equilateral triangle, but are at home with asymmetric duplex roofs, which have different skate areas. But at the same time equal to the angle of inclination of both parts of the design.

At the height of the skate affects the presence of a attic. Distinguish attic and airless residential buildings. Calculate this magnitude for reasons of movement of movement in an exploited attic room. The height of the roof of a non-residential attic is considered from the overlap to the top of the roof at the scene of the junction.

If the attic is planned to be used as a residential premises, its height is calculated with a reserve of 30-40 m from the height of the highest tenant. When using an attic as a warehouse, the passage should be from 60 cm in height and 120 m wide. For example, for the arrangement of the attic roof will need a height of more than 2.5 m.

How to calculate Fronton?

The angle of inclination of the planes is determined by the value in direct dependence on the type of roofing, the characteristics of the climate and other factors. So, with abundant snow precipitations, the optimal value is the angle of a row of at least 45 ° C, which prevents the delaying of massive precipitation on the surface so that an additional load on the carrying roof structure is not created. In the presence of a strong wind, it is preferable to construct a slope with a gentle angle of inclination no more than 20 ° C.

How to calculate Fronton?

For small roof elements, high roof is suitable. It is worth noting that the magnitude of the optimal angle of inclination is indicated on the packaging of the roofing material. It is also necessary to take into account that increasing the angle of inclination entails an increase in the load on the carrying structure, increasing the cost of purchasing the material for the roof, rafters and frame elements.

How to calculate Fronton?

To calculate the height of the roof, you can use mathematical online calculators. Also have to remember the school lessons of trigonometry. It can be imagined that the roof consists of two rectangular triangles attached to each other. The skate plays the role of hypotenuse, the height of the roof is the first category (a), the value of the width of the house, divided by half, is the second category (b). Formula is obtained: a = b * TGA. Thus, you can calculate the height of the skate.

How to calculate Square?

On the quality of the work on the roofing flooring depends on the subsequent comfort of living in the residential premises. To correctly calculate the roof area, you need to take into account the type and shape of roofing material, as well as the features of the dwelling design. Exact calculations make it possible to make the structure of the roof reliable and durable, determine the amount of cash investments.

How to calculate Fronton?

To do this, various materials can be used, for example, slate, professional flooring or metal tile, as well as fair component elements. Roof sheets are customized. Therefore, for each side of the roof, about 10-15% will be required for the longitudinal adolescence.

Calculate the area of ​​the roof can be accomplished by performing the necessary measurements. The following factors should be taken into account:

  • the area along the angle of tilt and the geometric structure of the roof;
  • the presence on the roof of the hatches and other elements that will not be covered with roofing flooring;
  • Selected thermal insulation, type of insulation and cladding.

How to calculate Fronton?

The definition of the roof area implies the calculation of the height, angle of inclination and volume of building materials. Competently calculating the square, you can save on the purchase of roofing and transporting materials. However, it is necessary to purchase roofing materials with a small margin in order to avoid their lack when installing or when assuming errors in laying. With a complex roof configuration with several slots, you will have to calculate the parameters of geometric shapes.

The area is calculated by the formula, depending on the shape of the skate:

  • Trapezoid: (A + B) * H / 2;
  • Rectangular: A * B;
  • Pollogram: A * H;
  • Equipical triangle: (A * H) / 2.

Where A – Roof Width, B – Roof Length, H – Triangle Height.

How to calculate Fronton?

For simplicity of calculations, it is recommended to divide complex geometric shapes for simple elements, and then find the total area of ​​the values ​​obtained in square meters.

For measuring the area of ​​the triangle of the front, you need to measure the length of the end wall and divide it in half. The resulting value is multiplied by the TG angle formed between the skate and the roof base.

How to calculate Fronton?

Triangular Skat is the most common geometric configuration of households. The lifriction of the roof has a more complex design. Its erection is hampered by the solve system and the required calculations.

It is necessary to calculate the amount of the roof material, based on its size and the size of the coating, as well as to take into account the bearing capacity of the rafted and the weight of the loading elements on the roof.

Determining the amount of material

Interested in this parameter, builders and owners of houses that have planned to build a house or carry out overhaul of housing. To calculate the number of sheets of roofing flooring and components, you can contact the services of professionals or engage in independent calculations.

To begin with, it is necessary to take into account the strength of the carrier structure. Natural factors affect this characteristic, namely the wind and snow load. Among other factors, the impact can be noted:

  • The area of ​​household – affects the source number of building materials;
  • The number of skates – the rafter system is complicated by increasing the number of rods;
  • The magnitude of the angle of inclination is the wider angle, the more roofing materials;
  • the presence of chimney, ventilation pipes and auditory windows;
  • Number of Mauerlat (Refrigerant Brous).

How to calculate Fronton?

For example, when using flexible tiles, the area is needed to divide the coating area, which is contained in one pack. When purchasing the tiles, the required number of packs is determined by the length of the skate and lower cornices.

In the reserve should contain 3-5% of roofing materials. Film for waterproofing in rolls should also be purchased with a margin of 13% for the adolescent. The number of slope is calculated by the formula: 4 pieces on the stove at an angle of less than 45 ° C, 6 pieces – when inclined more than 45 ° C.

How to calculate Fronton?

Fronton and cornice strips according to the standard have a height of 2 m. It should be 10 cm. You need to learn the length of the soles and the adjoints, the principles of installation of profiled sheets on the castle floors to effectively calculate the number of challenges and fasteners. For complete sealing of the roof, the self-tapered screws inserted into the mounting holes are well used.

Before carrying out roofing work with the help of a professional flooring, a dimensional and useful width of sheets, height and thickness of the material should be measured. To cover the roof, the metal tile will also need to consider the height of the stage and waves.

How to calculate Fronton?

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