How to breed alabastra?

Construction often use various materials for roughing or decorative purposes. One of these compositions is alabaster, thanks to which you can close the holes in the walls, as well as create decor elements. Depending on the purpose of this composition, it is necessary to be able to properly knead it, know the proportions and apply the appropriate packaging to work.

Basic Rules

Alabaster is a white powder substance that when combined with water dries and hardens. In view of its properties and ease of work, this material is actively using builders. Due to the ease of creating a durable product, the alabaster was adopted by decorators.

Among the main types of work for which the alabaster can be used is to highlight such as:

  • Blacks work on the finishing of seams, holes, stroke;
  • the fixation of the electrocable during the laying;
  • putty work on the walls and other surfaces;
  • Making slopes and lighthouses.

In view of the great popularity of Alebaster, it is worth saying about his advantages and disadvantages. Positive features include:

  • rapid grasp;
  • Little density;
  • Flame resistance;
  • Good sound insulation indicators.

A particularly important feature is that the alabaster is completely harmless to human health, so it is possible to use it for repairing children’s and to create figures with children.

The disadvantage of this raw material can be called low strength, With high pressure, the dried element cracks. It is important to store powder correctly, otherwise its properties may change for the worse. Working, it is necessary to breed alabaster in a very small amount, due to its extremely fast drying.

Do not apply the composition in rooms with very hot air, as it will pull out all the moisture from the mixture, and the finished material will crumble. Alabaster has many advantages, in addition, it is inexpensive and widely available on sale, because there should be no problems with its acquisition and use.

What a dilution?

Any building mixtures must be poured into a container, pour a certain amount of water and mix. Depending on the characteristics of such compositions and objectives of their use, the size, shape and material of the container will change. As the alabaster works very quickly, then it will be impractical in a bucket or a bowl. In the process of using such a mixture, the residues will certainly stay on the walls of the package and very quickly dry.

In order not to spend time on removing the residues of alabaster, you need to change the container for its kneading. The most successful option will be a rubber or silicone form that does not have solid walls. Thanks to such a container, it is easy to clean the composition from the walls, deforming them. Purchase some specialized capacity is not necessary, you can use scribe materials: camera, rubber ball, silicone kitchen form.

Due to the rapid frost, it is important to properly breed the composition so that it is not too liquid and not thick, for what it is necessary to know the correct proportions of each substance.


For breeding alabaster, there is an order that regulates the amount of powder and water to be mixed together. For sockets, Topiaria, as well as for filling decorative forms, you need a little composition, for plastering, you will need a more significant amount of material. The ratio of these characteristics and procedure look like:

  • pick up the rubber or silicone container of the volume near the liter;
  • pour into the capacity of half liters of water;
  • pour a kilogram of alabaster.

The number of alabaster is twice as much as water, which allows you to form a viscous substance to moderate, which copes with the task set before it. An important criterion for the preparation of the mixture is the gradual addition of powder into water and constant stirring of the resulting mixture. When all the composition is involved, it needs to be immediately used, because after 5 minutes it starts to harden. Fully petrifies alabaster after 20 minutes.

How to mix?

In view of the characteristics of Alebaster, it is important to properly prepare the composition of it so that it does not frozen as long as possible and allowed the opportunity to perform a larger amount of work. Consider the most important criteria in the process of kneading.

  • Prepare the composition is necessary in limited quantities so that it is not fast. Otherwise in 5 minutes the mass fully solids.
  • Properly select the container in which the composition will be divorced. The optimal option will be rubber or silicone dishes with soft walls.
  • Before starting work, lay out inside the capacity of a polyethylene film or a package, fixing the edges.
  • Properly dilute alabaster with water, observing the ratio of components. Otherwise, the mass will be either very liquid and will not fulfill its task, either too dry and dried during minutes.
  • Comply with the correct sequence of making elements. In the container you need to immediately pour water, and then add alabaster. It is important to constantly mix the composition to be homogeneous, without lumps and bubbles.

If you comply with all the requirements, work with alabaster will be easy and comfortable, and the result will delight your accuracy. When planning the breeding of alabaster, it is necessary to take into account the task for which he is preparing.

The subtleties of the cooking process will differ from the manufacture of decorative figures, in connection with which it is worth understanding the features of each of the options.

For repair work

Alebaster is used for different purposes, but the main is the repair and construction tasks. To make it right and use the mixture on different surfaces, it is important to know which kinds of alabastra are and what are their functions.

  • Alebaster powder – sold in the form of powder in container from 5 to 50 kg. The choice of a specific option depends on the scope of work.
  • High-speed composition (a) – Used to eliminate small flaws of the surface, cracks. With it, you can fix decorative products. Collapse composition in 2 minutes, and completely dries after 15 minutes.
  • Composition with an average drying rate (b) – It is convenient for shuttering walls. Sand added to its composition, which increases viscous condition up to 6 minutes.
  • Alebaster with slow dried speed (B) – Suitable for creating decorative elements and figures. Throat time 20-30 minutes.

To make a solution for processing walls, you need to understand what amount of work to be done and with what problems will need to deal with. To finish the outer surface of the wall, the solution must contain cement for the plastering of internal elements to the composition adds lime. The mortar needed for embedding holes and cracks should consist of alabaster.

To make the desired composition, it is necessary to connect all the dry components together, after which it is breeding them with water and alabaster. The process of creating a composition consists of a number of actions.

  • Pour the required amount of sand into the prepared capacity.
  • Make limestone dough. The ratio of elements should be 1: 5.
  • Stir the resulting compound tools or a building mixer.
  • Put water with small doses, continuously stirring the mass. The resulting composition should be similar to the sour cream in the thickness.
  • Alabaster. Ready Dough should relate to a previously finished mixture in proportions 1: 4.
  • Make alabaster composition in the previously obtained solution and mix well.

The process of kneading a solution for construction work should take just a couple of minutes, and the amount of the finished mass must correspond to the working time for this composition. Do not harvest a large amount of solution, as it will quickly dry and will not be able to perform the tasks. It is important to know that it is impossible to breed the frozen mixture with water, as it destroys the composition of the alabastra, and it becomes brittle and crumble from any impact.

For crafts

One of the very interesting and exciting events is to create crafts and figures from Alabaster. Due to the strength, lightness and safety of the material, it is created from it not only decorative elements for interior design, but also toys for children. So that the product is strong and beautiful, it is important to be able to properly breed the composition for him.

There are several techniques of how it is better to create a mustache mixture.

  • Breeding water and alabaster in a ratio of 7:10. This allows you to create a mass that is easily processed. Produced products with this composition will be fragile, therefore it is recommended to make 2 spoons of PVA glue into the process of kneading the solution. It is important to pour powder into the water in small portions, mixing it thoroughly.
  • Breeding alabaster with water and haired lime, these components should be taken in a ratio of 6: 10: 1. When mixing components in such a concentration, strong items are obtained, which serve for many years without changing their appearance.

In addition to creating decorative monophonic figures, it is possible to experiment with flowers, making ready-made products brighter, interesting and unique. To obtain color composition from alabaster, you must have:

  • alabaster;
  • water;
  • gouache;
  • jar;
  • Tara for component kneading;
  • The product to be mixed by components.

Consider the process of creating color masses for crafts.

  • Choose the gouache of the desired color, pour paint into the water. It is necessary to pour so much water into the container as needed to work with alabaster. Paint the paint is more convenient in the bank, as it can be covered with a lid and shake for faster and high-quality breeding component.
  • Once the paint is completely mixed with water, it must be poured into the container where the kneading alabaster will be. Powder falls asleep gradually, small amounts and constantly mixed.
  • The process of stirring must be made until no lumps remain in the solution, and the consistency will resemble liquid sour cream. It is important to pay attention to air bubbles, in the process of the kneading need to be eliminated, otherwise there will be holes in the finished handicraft.

Correcting correctly by the alabaster mixture, you can make a large number of varied figures: imitation of pets, cartoon characters and fairy tales, angels and other products any subject. If you make a more liquid composition, then it can be used to create a tree of beads. In this case, a liquid alaster in several layers is applied to the wire frame with a brush. Crafts options that can decorate rooms, buildings and other designs, a great set. This is a creative and very exciting process that is under the child and adult.

In the process of creating decorative products, you can also use gypsum. This material is practically no different from Alebaster. Gypsum absolutely white, alabaster has a gray shade. The gypsum mixture will dry down a little longer than alabastern, which is grabbed almost immediately. Work with plaster is safer, subject to the creation of children’s figures.

Kneading solution, it is important to remember its purpose, to make components in the right proportions and prepare a small amount of mass to use everything in time.

In the next video you will find an easy way to regulate the plastic phase of alabaster.

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