How much hissing bituminous primer?

When roofing work, you need to know how much bituminous primer dries. Drying time may vary depending on the circumstances. But sometimes you have to understand why he dries long, and what to do in such a situation.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

How much hissing bituminous primer?

Why need?

Before dealing how long the bitumen primer dries out, you need to go away a little to the side. That is, find out the purpose of the application of the substance. On a number of houses are not stranded, but flat roofs. But such a scheme, despite its convenience, complicates sealing. And additional primary drugs do not dissolve in water.

That is, when falling out precipitation, they will not pass liquid. In addition to oil bitumen, solvents on the base of kerosene or the White Spirit are added to the primers. Working with the composition is possible in a wide temperature range.

Of course, it is very important and drying time. It suggests how soon it will be possible to begin after work.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

For what time the drug should dry?

All manufacturers indicate what time the primer should work. So, in most cases, the average drying time of the bituminous primers “Pruf” is a maximum of 12 hours. But it also depends on the specific composition, and on what external conditions. Otherwise, the production of Tekhnonikol products are:

  • model №01 will be ready for a maximum of 12 hours;

  • Bituminous emulsion primer №04 will come to the desired condition 60 minutes after application;

  • Finally, quick-drying reagent bitumen polymer №03 will make it wait a maximum of 15 minutes.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

What to do if the primer works bad?

Usually putting bitumen mixtures on the roof, you can simply wait a short time – and proceed to further work. But specific conditions often have a strong impact on chemical processes. How long the mastic and primers dry out depends on:

  • The thickness of the used layer;

  • average air temperature;

  • temperature fluctuations;

  • air saturation with water vapor;

  • level of insolation;

  • Views of treated surfaces.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

But sometimes it is very difficult to wait and even impossible. It is important to know what to do to the primer drops rather. It is recommended to start with applying with gear spatulas. Furrows build up the total surface area. Therefore, evaporation goes more actively without deteriorating surface quality.

When the drug is used, you need to trace the safety of the applied layer. And also have to protect it from additional moisturizing.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

These simple requirements guarantee uniformity of drying without fluctuations in thickness. In closed rooms, heaters and thermal guns are very useful. But then you need to remember the fire safety and protection against bitumen vapors.

Of course, the primer is trying to get ready to immediately choose the appropriate drug. But even in this case, specific specimens may behave unequal. If possible, you should give preference in the most fresh mixtures. And it is very important to keep the drug properly. Otherwise he easily loses its properties.

How much hissing bituminous primer?

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