Houses in Russian style: features of architecture and design

Houses in Russian style still inspire many modern designers. If you like the national style and fabulous Russian motifs, then you can try to build a cottage or a small lodge in the style of Rustic. About how to do this or how to transform the ready-made home, you will learn from this article.

What it is?

The modern world imposes its imprint even on authentic directions in the world of design. Now Rustic style combines traditional motifs and modern ways to improve life in such a cozy house.

The house in Russian style is usually made of wood. Most often it is a strong design of a bar. And outside, and from the inside they are decorated with all sorts of painting options. Often there are also carved shutters or roofing.

Inside the house in the Russian style should be the corresponding furniture – luxurious dressers, carved cabinets, chairs and tables from natural wood and so on. Also in such premises there are also details of forged metal.

Character traits

One of the main characteristics of the Old Russian style is the widespread use of natural wood. It is in wooden houses for a long time our ancestors lived. So why not continue this tradition? Wood is a very high quality and pleasant to the touch material. Even after processing the tree remains environmentally friendly, and therefore, in such a house you will feel beautiful.

Rustic style is also often complements the furnace. You can build a real stove or use a decorative analog. The second option is ideal if you do not build a house from scratch, but only do it repair.

The furnace can be left intenseed or paint it into white and decorate all over the perimeter. It all depends only on your imagination.

Another interesting feature – high-quality wooden floors. They should look like natural raw wood. Now you can find even parquet or laminate with such texture. On top of such floors you can put beautiful colorful carpets.

You should also not forget that Russia is an Orthodox country. So, in a stylized Russian spray, there should be a place for religious symbols – candles, small lamps or images in the corner.

The interior in a modern Russian style is something unique and fully formed. Therefore, if you decide to make a country house in such a style, then you need to think through the slightest parts. This applies not only to finishing and basic materials, but also small decorative elements.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the main advantages of modern Russian style is that when it is finished, natural materials are used, mainly. Wood and stone finish are harmoniously combined in the interior and allow you to create a cozy warm interior.

Secondly, the houses of this type cause a feeling of pleasant nostalgia and do not allow to forget about the roots. Barbed base and beautiful finish of all parts using old painting technician will turn your cottage in a small museum that resembles the past and traditions.

Also can not be denied and the fact that the interiors in the true Russian style are very beautiful. You can use many colorful details, forged candlesticks, stands and other cute little things. The more such simple little things, the more cozy the room looks.

Of the disadvantages, it is possible to note only the fairly high cost of materials that are used when building, and the fact that far from everyone likes the style of Rustic.

Materials for construction and finishing

As already mentioned, the main material that is used to build country houses in the style of Rustic – this is natural wood.

The first impression allows you to make an external finish of the house. Best looks high-quality log house. But if you do not want to build a cottage from a natural log, you can create an excellent brick building. Brick house turns out more durable and better suitable for harsh Russian winter.

Supplementing such a house can high-quality stone finish and beautiful doors and windows decorated with carvings. The wooden house is best decorated with colorful painting.

Internal decoration plays an important role. Country-style house from the inside can decorate simple furniture or luxury designer tables. Additional interior of a country house Decorative painting of boards, dishes and other decorative elements.

Important tips on design

There are many branches of traditional Russian style. In fact, in each province there were some of their own characteristics characteristic of this area.

So, for example, Gzhel style is characterized by a combination of pure white color with shades of blue. It can be rich blue or gentle shades of blue, which will add the interior of lightness.

Lovers of ancient Russian fairy tales accurately will like the old style of the fiberglass. The house, decorated in such a style, resembles an old hut, which seemed to come off the pages of the book with Russian fairy tales.

If you want to please yourself with exquisite painting or carvings, then you will like Khokhloma. Such a decor looks very bright and harmonizes with a wooden foundation of a house. Khokhloma painting often decorates textiles in rustic style – scarves, carpets, towels or blankets. Most often, simple fabrics are used as such bright colors – flax or burlap.

For interior design, you can also pick up cute blankets and blankets in the pseudorussian style. Such colorful canvases consisting of small colored flaps will add the placement of the desired mood. Previously, such patchwork blankets were used in the houses of prosperous people, but now almost everyone can decorate their home with such a product from textiles.

Finally, it is worth noting this style as Russian Rococo. This is a luxurious style that was previously used for the design of palaces or places. If you want to arrange a house in the style of Pseudorusski Rococo, you will come to the rescue, high-quality tapestry, gold-plated accessories, painted plates and other cute, but often not cheap items. As a rule, such decor items are made to order.

Examples of finished projects

There are many interesting sketches that inspire designers to create single-storey and multi-storey house projects. Let’s look at two examples of modern cottage.


Luxurious interior of Russian huts, as a rule, like foreigners. Here everything is deliberately russian, spectacular. That is why such a style and attracts those who are not familiar with Russian traditions. To create such an interior, you do not need to change anything radically – it is enough to use textiles, decorative elements and other small details.

If you build a house from scratch, it is advisable to use a natural tree for the design of walls and ceilings, and when designing windows and doorways. Of course, plastic windows many seem more practical, but they are not so organically fit into the ancient Russian interior that you are trying to recreate.

Many believe that in this style it is impossible to do without installing a luxurious old oven. If you put it in your house, you will get a lot of advantages. First, it will be able to serve as an alternative source of heat. This will save a lot of money on utility services. In addition, it will be possible to prepare on the furnace. And as soon as you try the food cooked on it, you will make sure that it is much tastier than all that you tried before.

It should not be noted that the fact that with a real Russian stove house becomes much more cozy. And the winter days under the sounds of crackers in it, it will become simply fabulous.

Finally, it is worth saying about the decor used in the design of the house. There are all sorts of boxes, chests, wooden barrels and other small details. The number of plastic and metal parts should be minimized. If it is impossible, it is worth a decorated technique and all that is knocked out of the general concept.


Another branch of the Russian or pseudorussian style wears the beautiful name “Russian Terem”. It is very colorful and to some extent even fabulous. If you welcome the abundance of patterns, bright colors and rich decoration, then you will definitely like this style.

It is also characteristic of the use of fabric wallpaper and suitable upholstery. Colorful carpets can be distinguished from textiles. Furniture is used not only wooden, since simple raw wood looks too rough. There are covered sofas or furniture with beautiful velor trimming.

From the lamps it is worth highlighting luxury crystal chandeliers. It is they who best fit into Russian by terme. If you pick the lamps with a metal base, they can be stylized under gold or bronze. It looks very sophisticated too.

Modern stylization under Rustic looks interesting and unusual. You can really try to turn your home in real Russian Terem or simply use some basic ideas for inspiration to decorate a simple cottage in Russian style.

About the features of the Russian style in the interior, see the following video.

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