House from Arbolita: pros, cons and features of construction

Today, the person gathered to build his house, it is required to make a very difficult choice. The fact is that the extensive manifold of the most modern and already well-known building materials can put a non-specialist in a hopeless position. Even highly professional builders, now and then discuss the discussions among themselves on the issue of choosing key building materials for building walls of any building.

In this article we will talk about another building material, called Arbolit (trees). We will not exhort to the mandatory use of this building material in the process of performing construction work, simply talk about the advantages of its advantages and typical minuses.

Advantages and disadvantages

By virtue of its structure and features, arbolit (trees) is endowed with a number of positive qualities and some flaws.

Positive properties make it possible to compose competition to classic building materials, and the disadvantages make it unacceptable application in specific situations (multi-storey construction, increased humidity).

In general, there can be no building material consisting of some advantages, otherwise it would be used everywhere, and the rest were undeservedly forgotten. Pluses of a trees as building materials are obvious.

So, a block of arbolit has many advantages.

  • Thermal conductivity The trees are approximately the same coefficient for lightweight cellular (enrolled) concrete and makes it possible not to produce additional insulation. However, such similarities can be a minus, since in some areas the material presented is more expensive in comparison with these concrete.

  • When following the technology of manufacturing a trees Block is environmentally friendly, Which is especially important for people who are concerned about the issue of environmental purity building materials and a state of ecological situation.

  • Material has good absorption of sounds, What provides the limit protection of all the inhabitants of the house from extraneous noise from the street and adjacent premises.

  • To positive moments You can classify a large permeability of steam, What makes it possible to “breathe” the walls, but the advantage immediately becomes a minus, as soon as the conversation comes to areas with a steadily large saturation of the atmosphere of moisture and cool climatic conditions. Everything is explained by the fact that in the presented version, the heat efficiency of the building materials can change dramatically.

  • At the expense of low volume weight Light blocks, and when working with them requires the use of smaller physical efforts as compared with more dense building materials, and the need for a lifting technique is significantly reduced.

  • Gabarits Arbolite block makes it possible to build structures significantly with a greater speed than when using the same brick.

  • With trees Very easy to work, He is cut without problems with any sawing tool. In addition, it is possible to nail and screw the screws.

  • Due to the structure of the material and its very high bend strength, You can not rein the walls and not install reinforced belts, which further reduces resource consumption and operating time. There is a similar positive moment exclusively with low-store construction.

  • Block from a snowstone Do not merry, Consequently, you do not need to worry about his fireproof.

Some nuances can be found to the disadvantages of the blocks from the trees.

  • The possibility of the manufacturer to focus on cement used in the production of blocks. In this case, building materials dramatically loses strength, thus, this minus eliminates the individual presented benefits.
  • Similar to a disadvantage that is able to reduce a number of advantages, is the permissibility of the manufacturer of the wood particles fraction in the structure. From this it follows that the production of products with too large fraction of chips is probable or, on the contrary, the main share of the wood component can be sawdust. Both options have a big impact on the quality characteristics of the finished block and, consequently, built from it.
  • The trees at the expense of wood in its structure can absorb water in significant amounts, because of this, close attention is required to pay protection of structures from arbolit from water penetration.
  • Another disadvantage is non-separable errors of the geometry of trees, they are usually not very strong, but are able to lead to consumption over the measure of a masonry cement mortar. And more increases the thermal conductivity of the rebuilt wall, which is also a good advantage.

Evolving all the advantages and disadvantages of trees, you can make appropriate conclusions.

Woodcloth – eco-friendly material from which you can erect energy efficient home very quickly and capital.

Building material with precaution should be used for buildings with elevated levels of air humidity inside.

Before purchasing, it is certainly necessary to check the material and make sure its quality characteristics. It is necessary to estimate the magnitude and woven of particles of wood, which are in the structure, to check the absence of excessive formation of a frozen cement mortar or loosely conjugates with each other components of products.


In the process of creating a project, the composition and features of the soil are established to calculate the foundation characteristics in accordance with these information. Then set the shape of the house, the thickness of the walls, the presence of either the lack of thermal insulation, the placement of windows and doors, as well as the remaining necessary characteristics. In addition, the process of creating a project establishes the number and type of building materials.

For example, on the outskirts of the city of Sochi, the thickness of the walls in 20 centimeters makes it possible to do without heat insulation, while in the Omsk zone the smallest thickness of the walls, which allows you to do without the use of thermal insulation, is equal to 50 centimeters.

A competently created project will save you from excessive consumption of materials and opportunities in the course of the construction of a house to rebuild some areas or details.

Note: All standard home projects ranging from 100 m² up to 150 kV. m adapt under the area of ​​construction work (soil and local climatic conditions of the district).

Projects of houses from a coaster area from 100 to 150 kV. m can be one-storey or two-story and have an attic, garage and even a basement or ground floor.

Construction technology

The house can be built in two techniques.

  • Construction of snow concrete blocks. In this situation, the finished blocks of the trees created by industrial means are applied. Often it is decided to make a trees concrete with your own hands. Before starting work, you need to make sure that the blocks scored the quality required for work.
  • Monolithic construction from a trees. Application of this practice provides for the creation of a non-refined formwork with the further fill in it of the solution of Arbolit. To build a house from a monolithic cooker, you must post a methodology for organizing monolithic walls. Other phases will be similar to block construction.

Preparation of mixes

In the manufacture of Arbolita there are tricks, not knowing good quality not to get. Actually, there is mainly the reason for the suspicious relationship of individual builders to this material.

At first glance, everything is clear – mix the sawdust with cement and water. Only soon it turns out that the resulting does not want to harden, and when it still harden, it seals and cracks. Therefore, it is concluded that all conversations about the pluses of the trees are not worth spent sawdust.

In fact, everything is not so primitive. In the cells of the tree there are different types of sugars (hemicellulose, glucose, sucrose and others). Listed is water-soluble elements that negatively affect the cement component of the material. Delay and sometimes completely interrupt solidification, adversely affect the composition of cement.

On our happiness, it is possible to deal with this.

Much It is easier to allow wood raw materials to fly out in the open air of the year two. During this period, all unwanted compounds are washed out for cement, turn into non-dissolving substances or disintegrate.

But since such a long-lasting process is possible not every time, a variety of ingredients have a variety of ingredients for blocking sugars. Of them For the production of Arbolit, with their own hands, the connection of the harated lime with liquid glass or calcium chloride and aluminum chloride and sulfur (aluminum sulfate).

The first way is more economical. In addition, individual specialists believe it the most faithful and less whimsical to the quality of the source material. The second sends a significant acceleration of solidification of the solution.


Due to the insignificant mass, the arbium walls have significantly less pressure on the soil, rather than brick, concrete or stone structures, therefore, for such houses, use pile screws, ribbon small-brewed, or combined foundations. This makes it possible to thoroughly reduce the price and work of work, if compared with the construction of the base for concrete or brick houses.

The foundation device requires close attention to defend the protection of the building from water and thermal insulation, since in winter, the insulated base is significantly less influenced on the temperature of the floors. For insulation, the moisture uses only rubberoid, and for thermal insulation, the foam.

If you assume to create insulated either a warm floor, then there is no need for the foundation.


Due to the fact that in the role of the binding element, cement is practiced in the creation of snow concrete blocks, various mixtures on the basis of cement are used for laying arboblocks. It can be used as a classic solution in the ratio of cement and sand 1: 3 and any glue or masonry compounds that are intended for blocks, the basis of which is cement. Wood concrete blocks can be without much effort to cut a simple hand saw, as well as electrical chainsaw, In this regard, the installation at the place does not cause problems.

As with the construction of houses from the construction stone, every 3rd or the 4th rows are fixed by means of fittings laid out on all arboblocks under the layer of masonry mixture or glue.

By virtue of a good strength of the trees concrete blocks, the installation of the winds and door canvas does not cause problems – they are fixed by anchor bolts.

Wall construction stood with corners, Applying the level, plumb and cord, which is stretched between the last blocks, it makes it possible to put other blocks on the exact line. In this, laying of arboblocks does not differ from the masonry of the brick, slagoblock, foam block, or blocks from a gas-silicate. The masonry mixture should have a proper consistency so that the trees concrete block displaced the excess solution with its own mass. The construction of walls is required at air temperature more than + 10 ° C. Before masonry, snow concrete blocks do not need to wet or soak.

Often, manufacturers are brought to a client wet wind concrete blocks that have not accumulated the required strength characteristics. From such blocks of the wall should not be built, since the lower rows will be crushed by the top, and the wall configuration will be upset. If you have delivered wet blocks, then you need to put them aside and allow it to be searched for 15-20 days, after that they are absolutely ready for laying.

In parallel with block masonry, two ways to fill the bearing walls from the trees with their own hands.

one. Printed wood fill technology, without frame

In the length of the base axis of the house stretches the lace. Focusing on it, the shields for formwork are installed.

The solution is mixed, poured into a non-removable formwork for 20 centimeters and tamples, the solution is added until the formwork box is filled to the top. Zabing is closed by cellophane film and leaves for solidification.

The next day is checked how well the solution scored a fortress, the formwork is dismantled, installed elsewhere or rises to the subsequent row. Formwork is again filled with a mixture, and the solution is rambling. So continues until the wall will be ready.

2. Frame method of filling of a trees

From the 50×60 or 50×70 mm bar, there is an axlet of future walls, the frame racks are aligned on the cord, so that the external and internal wall plane formed.

After that, the resulting frame is filled with arbolite in the same way as the first option, moving the formwork on the barcass brushes.

Such a filling method is more expensive, but provides the highest accuracy, and more convenient, since it is not necessary to control whether to control how the formwork is correct. We simply move the formwork on the vertical barcass brushes, as if on the guides.

Note: If there is no desire to mess with this very much, there is already a ready-made household complex from arbium panels.


Ways to build walls of the individual house from the trees now many. In the warm regions, the wall from Arbolita can be constructed in 30 centimeters without additional thermal insulation. In the cold regions, the outer wall in 30, and sometimes 40 cm will not be able to efficiently sagging heat. With the aim of, In order not to give the design to freeze, and accommodate the housing from the likely heat loss, it is required to cover the thermal insulation from the street.

Thermal insulation of the walls of Arbolitis polystyrene foam

Polyfoam must be used exclusively for the heat insulation of the arbolite house from the outside. It will be necessary to improve the air mass ventilation system in the house, since the use of polyfoam will lead to a decrease in the vapor permeability of the walls. Plates are fixed on the facade by glue and, in addition, they are attached to plate dowels, the slots between the plates must be well made to eliminate temperature bridges.

Thermal insulation of the coating walls of mineral wool

Stone wool manufacturers advise for the heat insulation of the facade to apply a layer of insulation at least 10 centimeters. Better putting mineral wool plates in two layers to eliminate cold bridges in the construction.

In order not to miss in the selection of thermal insulation thickness, use the calculator of the insulation calculation and do not forget to close the fiber insulation with a steam insulating film.

Thermal insulation of a woodcutton with a solid and cellulose insulation (EcoC)

Presented materials belong to natural heaters consisting of cellulose. Opol and EcoWat fall asleep in the process of wall structures between the bearing wall and brickwork. In the role of heat insulation inside the walls allowed the use of clay, polyurethane foam or plates of polystyrene foam.


On the walls of arbolita allowed mounting the rafter system of any design. Maurylalat can be made from the bar of 15×15 centimeters, rafters from the board 50×200 millimeters, racks from the bar 150×200 millimeters, a burner from Bar 200×200 mm. The choice of roofing materials is also not regulated.

Specialists recommend applying bitumen (soft, flexible) tiles for roofing. They explain their own choice because the flexible tile is able to perceive small shaking of the walls of the trees without the occurrence of significant defects.

A fundamental aspect in the construction of the roof will be the implementation of the rule – the removal of the roof is 300-500 millimeters from the wall, which will allow you to protect it from direct penetration of the outflow and rainwater.


Shrinkage of the structure of the trees is just 0.4%. This makes it possible to get for facing work immediately after the completion of construction.

Due to the strong moisture absorption of a trees (from 40 to 80%) the walls need to be fencing from high humidity. This also requires the unattractiveness of the appearance of the trees.

For external wall cladding it is possible to use any building material: siding, lining, brick etc. In most cases Stucco is used. If you are plastering, then when you choose, you must not forget that the vapor permeability of the material used must be similar to the arbolite. To lifting with clapboards or siding, it is required to carry out a solid waterproofing and wall ventilation.

Note: A new type of material has appeared on the hammer – a decorative decorative decorative. It makes it possible to do without lining of the walls of the house from Arbolit outside.

The house from the trees does not need internal wall cladding. The most important condition so that the level of humidity in the house used was not higher than 75%. In another case, in particular, for a bath, it is necessary to take into account the added vaporizoation of the walls.


On the online forums dedicated to the construction of houses from all kinds of building materials, you can see the reviews and about the construction of a trees. Some of them raises construction issues committed during his miscalculation and hidden problems, the second part – tenants affect the experience of living in such houses.

But there is another type of reviews, they are not about the buildings from the wind concrete, however, they represent those or other properties of the building materials.

Those who do it with their own hands the house from the wind concrete, talk about the availability and easyness of working with this material, as it is much more comfortable and easier to use than any other types of blocks, the basis of which is cement. The blocks from the trees are very lungs, in connection with this, their laid does not generate such a overwork, as work with construction stone, gas and foam concrete.

Owners of houses from Arbolit declare a rather low level of heat loss, in connection with this, heating costs are significantly less than in stone or brick houses without heat isolation.

Arbolit has good noise absorbing properties, because when closed windows in the house from the street do not fall out. In these houses, it is constantly in moderation dry, because blocks are absorbed by excess moisture, give them to the street or return to the room as humidity drops.

About the pros and cons of Arbolit, look in the video below.

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