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Currently, various polycarbonate varieties are widely used in construction. In order for the designs from this material to be as long as possible, it should be properly picking fasteners for their installation. The optimal option will be a special galvanized tape. You should know about the features of such a product.


Galvanized tape for fastening polycarbonate allows you to ensure the maximum strong and reliable connection. It makes it possible to fasten almost any other materials. Galvanized ribbon for polycarbonate is a metal smooth segment, which in the process of manufacture passes special careful processing, allowing to protect the metal from the formation of corrosion.

The standard width of such elements reaches 20 mm, their thickness is 0.7 mm. Galvanized coating allows you to protect material from chemical destruction during operation. In addition, this application ensures the strength of the connection.

If you are planning to fix polycarbonate to a frame metal structure in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, then the preference should be given a comprehensive fixation using such tapes. In this case, you can perform a screed of several sheets at the same time.

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Before you purchase a galvanized tape for attaching polycarbonate, it is worth considering several important points. Remember that only certain types of such fasteners will be able to come for different types of polycarbonate cloth.

In construction, 2 variants of polycarbonate are most often used: leaf and cellular. The first model is considered more durable, it is used to build structures that are subjected to large loads. Such samples require more stable fasteners, which will be able to provide a strong and durable connection of materials. Cellular polycarbonate has less thermal conductivity and durability. It is for such a variety that the galvanized fastening tape is most often used for reliable fixation.

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Changing metal fasteners for polycarbonate can also be 2 varieties: sealing and steaming. The second option is considered more preferable, since it allows you to clog the pore of the cellular material minimal, while providing a good ventilation system and eliminating the resulting condensation.

Sealing galvanized tapes for fixing polycarbonate also have a number of important advantages. They allow you to limit the contact of the material with the environment, thus preventing the penetration of moisture and air into the inside of structures.


When carrying out installation work on the installation of polycarbonate without self-tapping screws using galvanized tape, some rules should be followed. Sheets need to be very tightly pressing the metallic framework frame.

Long segment of the fastening element is attached to the lower frame of the frame. Long and short parts join each other. After that, install a special coupling bolt. The tape is neatly thrown on the other side of the structure, and then the reverse side of the shortened segment is joined to the bottom of the frame. With the help of another tensioning bolt, the fastening strip is made, this allows us to ensure the most reliable and stable fitting of the material to the metal.

Galvanized tape allows you to create a durable, lightweight and fast fastening of polycarbonate sheets. It will not be necessary to conduct a preliminary drilling of the design.

When installing polycarbonate, a special docking tape is also often used. It is needed in order to attach sheets to each other’s blank without installation support. In this case, the installation is produced in several separate steps.

  • Overlay polycarbonate sheets to each other. At the same time, the brass must be about 10 cm.
  • Preparation Perflectants. The length of the compound made is neatly separated by the perforated part. For reliable fixation it is better to take 2 bands.
  • Overlay punctuate with galvanized. One of the metal bands is stacked on the top of the canvas located on top. The second stride is superimposed on the lower part of the canvas located in the lower department. In this case, all mounting holes on the strips must match each other. For convenience, the band can be temporarily adjusted and fixed using conventional tape.
  • Forming holes. With a drill with special nozzles make planting places on the material. Bolts will be inserted next. Both canvas are firmly tightened with each other. Remember that the more often the step is the installation of such fasteners, the more durable connection will be as a result.
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After completing this installation, the entire load from the bolts will be transmitted to the mounting perforated ribbon, it will evenly effect on both polycarbonate sheet along the entire length of the compound.

Often, the installation of polycarbonate material is carried out using a special heat-resistant washer. Such an additional element does not allow the material to deteriorate and deform in the installation process, and also makes it possible to uniformly distribute the clamping load. Before installing galvanized tape, check the surface of polycarbonate sheets. It should not be even small scratches, irregularities and other defects. If they are available, they must be previously removed. This will make the most accurate and tightly mount the fastener tape to the material. In those places of polycarbonate to which a galvanized tape will be attached, be sure to remove the protective film. It will also provide a more dense adjacent of sheets to the frame.

On how to properly use a galvanized tape for fastening polycarbonate, see the following video.

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