Fumigators from cockroaches: description and principle of operation

Find a person who would be happy to cockroaches in the house, hardly possible. These insects not only inspire disgust, but also actively transfer all sorts of microbes on their paws. If they do not fight with them, the colony will increase every day. There are different measures to destroy pests, and one of them is the use of fumigators. Features of such devices we now consider.

Types and principle of work

Many people know well what a fumigator is. This device is often used to expel Komarov from the apartment. However, certain varieties of fumigators can be applied from cockroaches. The principle of operation in all devices is the same: heating, they produce toxic compounds in the air, which negatively affect insects. These compounds contain insecticides or fumigants, so that the device and got such a name. The difference lies only in the structure of the instruments.

Smoke bomb

This kind of fumigator is familiar to everyone who loves to relax in nature. There these checkers are used most often, but at home they also help very well. The device is represented in the form of a spiral, one end of which will need to be treated. Allocated to the smoke quickly envelop the room and the cause of the death of the Pruss. It will penetrate their respiratory system, causing paralysis.

In addition, the toxin particles will fall on all surfaces available in the room, and the cockroaches that survived the “chemical attack” for the first time, subsequently will be again and again to focus poisonous substances with their legs.

In addition to the spiral, there are other smoke fumigators, but they all work equally by means of ignition.


  • efficiency;

  • Long protection;

  • low price.


  • toxicity;

  • Ability to fire.

IMPORTANT: If there are fish, the reservoir with them at the time of operation of the checkers should be removed.


Such a device has a small size, and it is presented in the form of a ball, rectangle, square or oval. Inside there is a heating element to which the plate is placed. Another option is a tank with a liquid saturated insecticides, it is located at the bottom of the device. Experts say that the plates are mostly used to destroy flies and mosquitoes, but the liquid perfectly affects cockroaches. In addition, it is spent more economical. Another plus of electrical fumigators is the absence of need to leave the room during their work. Devices do not emit substances dangerous for people and animals.

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In addition to fumigators with a plate and liquid, there are also ultrasound devices. They are good because they destroy not only cockroaches, but also other insects, and even mice. The principle of their work is simple: adaptations make the waves of different frequencies that scare pests and make them go to another place.


  • Long work;

  • lack of toxic components for people;

  • lack of need for work control;

  • Fast heating;

  • a large assortment.


  • constant breakdowns;

  • the need to regularly buy plates or liquid;

  • The need for a socket.


This is a very effective and also an inexpensive device that will soon allow to forget about annoying stakes. Its composition contains a special poison, quickly eliminating insects. Is a container in which it will be necessary to pour water to work. Water starts the operation of the device, and steam begins to stand out, toxic for cockroaches. The efficiency of the device is complemented by the fact that the steam penetrates where it is not to get to a person: in wall slots, ventilation, under the floor covering. It impresses furniture and bed linen, so parasites simply will not have a chance to slip away.


  • low price;

  • good effect;

  • Easy use.


  • the need to leave the room during processing;

  • toxicity;

  • quickly ends;

  • does not destroy insect eggs.

Brand review

Today, fumigators produce many manufacturers, but buyers prefer to acquire goods proven brands that have deserved reputation in the market. Here are some firms that have long been specializing in the fight against homemade pests.

  • “Raptor”. This company leads in the market of goods against insects since 1997. Each product passes multiple checks, so the efficiency and safety of devices do not have to speak. The company produces flue spirals, electrical fluids. However, the most effective model was an aquafumigator, capable of completely destroying whole populations of cockroaches.

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  • RAID. The brand is no less popular than the previous one. Firm produces smoke and electrical fluids. In addition, on the brand website, any user can get a free consultation on the use of manufacturer’s products.

  • Riddex. In the assortment of this manufacturer, there are quite interesting models of ultrasound fumigators operating from electric current. Able to destroy insects on the square up to 200 square meters.

And also consider several models from different manufacturers to which you can pay attention to:

  • “Hawk” – ultrasound repeller;

  • “Fumitx” – fumigator with liquid;

  • Combat – another fumigator with liquid, has an unobtrusive smell of herbs;

  • Saintland SD-019 – Very effective ultrasonic fumigator with stylish design.

Terms of application

Each type of fumigator is used in different ways. The smoke checker in the form of a spiral ignite on the one hand, put on the surface that will not light up, and go out of the room, closing the doors and the vessels. For greater efficiency, you can put several checkers. Smoky fumigators of other forms often contain a tank. There is water poured, then you need to light your wick.

The outgoing smoke will be very sharp, so it is necessary to immediately leave the room. Returning to it only after 6 hours and immediately ventilate. Remember that after the use of smoke fumigators in the apartment will be an unpleasant smell, which will destroy only in a few weeks.

If there are allergic or small children in the house, it is better to choose another version of the device.

Electrofumigators are extremely easy to use. You only need to insert a plate in them (or attach the container with the liquid) and turn on the outlet. Heating occurs quickly, and soon the device will start acting. On the fumigators of many producers there is a timer. This will allow you to keep the situation under control.

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As for ultrasound fumigators, they start working immediately after switching on, the light indicator lights up. The device produces different types of frequencies, but for cockroaches only high. Do not worry if in a couple of hours you will see insect clusters: parasites began to be nervous and get out of their holes. Ultrasonic Fumigator can not be turned off until the cockroaches are completely abandoned by the territory.

Aquafumiforms on the principle of use are similar to smoke checkers. The device is located in the central part of the room, poured water into its reservoir. Next, take a metal container, which is included in the kit, turn over it with holes up and put in the tank with water. Then immediately go. Remember that the room should be tightly closed. Upon returning after a few hours the room is ventilated and clean well.

Finally, we will analyze a few more useful tips:

  • In the processed rooms, the furniture should not stand at the walls, it is recommended to shift or remove it for cleaning time;

  • Cabinets, shelves and cabinets must be discovered so that the evaporations can penetrate inside the containers;

  • The ventilation openings are sealed with paper or food film, the windows are tightly closed;

  • clothing, dishes and other household items are carried into a safe place;

  • tolerate the aquariums, cells with birds, lead children and domestic animals, plants are also transferred or covered with packages;

  • When working, we must use glasses, respirator;

  • Fire alarm disable.

In addition, it is important to remember that the fumigator, whatever it, cannot destroy the eggs, and therefore after 3 weeks the processing will need to repeat. The above tips concern the flue checkers and aquaphumigators. If you have an electrical device, you should not worry. The only one should be included in the outlet where the curtains do not hang, do not cover cabinets. This will allow the instrument to act more efficiently.

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