Features of the floor screed sandbetone

Recently, there are special dry mixes that are used to create a floor screed on the building materials market. Sandobeton became one of the most popular such materials. People who used it celebrate a large number of advantages that distinguish him from competitors. About this mixture and how to properly use it for a screed floor, will be speech in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Although sandbetone for a tie of the floor refers to the new semi-dry mixtures, he has already managed to gain popularity as among beginners and among specialists in the construction business. This is achieved at the expense of a whole list of advantages allocating it against other building materials.

First of all, it is worth noting the simplicity of operation. Pretty just to buy it in the store or order via the Internet. The mixture must be diluted with water in accordance with the instructions on the package, after which it becomes completely ready to use. Due to the good composition, the sand concrete is not subject to shrinkage.

It is impossible not to note its water resistance. It quickly reaches a solid state, so that construction time is reduced at times. The material is distinguished by durability, and therefore it has sufficient protection against severe frosts, not subject to fast wear, and also can make even the strongest damage. The mixture is easy to use both internal and external work.

The sand-concrete mix is ​​different Environmentally friendly composition, After all, the manufacturers of sandbetone monitor their goods to be created only from natural components. Upon completion of the first stage of work, the finished floor is easily processed by polymers.

Due to the high density, the resulting coating has good heat and sound insulation. Customers who have bought a mixture also note its durability and resistance to corrosion.

However, before making a decision on the purchase of sandbetone, it should be remembered that, like any product, it is also characterized by some disadvantages. So, the sand concrete is much more expensive than similar mixes due to the long and cost production. In this regard, it is impossible to trust the fraudsters offering for the shipments to buy them allegedly the same sandbetone. Acquire building materials only need from those manufacturers who can be trusted. It is worth noting that Typically, sandbeton is sold by packages 50 kilograms, which sometimes happens too much if small works are coming.

Based on this, it is sometimes easier and more profitable instead of sandbetone to purchase a conventional cement mixture, especially if the starting builder is going to do everything independently without resorting to the help of professionals. And it should not be noted that during poor-quality mixing the mixture of its properties deteriorate. The same thing happens when adding third-party components or in case of incorrectly compliance with the instruction on the use of the mixture. Unlike similar goods, sandbetone requires special attention. Nevertheless, its level of quality will still be much higher than the ordinary cement mixtures.

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What material it is better to choose?

One of the most important indicators to pay attention to when buying a sand concrete is, How much strength corresponds to the materials and components used to create it. A good manufacturer always leaves all the information about the composition right on the package. For a dry mixture, the most important indicators are mobility and strength.

Any grade of sandbetone before going on sale, a whole list of tests and tests passes. All this is necessary to make sure of his quality and durability. So, the strength of the material for compression is checked directly in laboratories, after which the resulting indicator is indicated on the package. Next tested sandbetone on the hydraulic press. And only if the product passed all the tests, it is allowed for sale.

This is one of the indicators of how important it is to choose a responsible and high-quality manufacturer, because few people want to spoil all the work by poor quality material.

As for the composition of the mixture, how easy it is to guess from the name, it includes two main components: sand and cement. If the first is needed as a filler, then the second one has to be a component connecting everything together. Depending on the ratio of materials, different types of sandbetone are used for different construction operations. On average, sand concrete must be one-third of the cement and two-thirds of sand.

Depending on how high-quality Peskobeton turned out, he is assigned one of the brands. It is for these brands and it is worth navigating when choosing a suitable type of mixture. The most popular among them is Mark M300. Its distinctive features are durability, strength and frost resistance, so that specialists in the construction business recommend applying it in both apartments and country houses. Screeds created by this brand are saved for many years.

If we consider alternative options, then you should pay attention to the following stamps:

  • M100 – I misses moisture well;

  • M150 – applied during facade works;

  • M200 – designed to equip the “Warm floor” system in the house;

  • M400 – Used mainly during work on industrial facilities.

To take this or that brand follows from what scales are the work, and what should be the features of the future screed. Therefore, it is best to contact the seller so that he explains the difference between the brands and helped the client to pick up exactly the option that is suitable for his situation.

In addition, he can help decide and with the number of bags based on what scales are on the floor.

Calculation of expense

One of the main issues that exciting Peskobeton buyers is how to correctly calculate the amount of material consumed during the work on the pouring of the floor. Decide this is needed before the start of the process itself so that you should not go to the store again for the second portion of the mixture. In order to determine the flow rate of sandbetone, you need to consider a whole list of factors. First you need to decide on the minimum thickness of the screed.

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And it is also necessary to decide whether it will be a flooring or final floor finish. And you still need to calculate the difference between different levels of floor base.

Nevertheless, there are already ready-made guidelines suitable for most building mixtures. So, the norm on the square meter of the screed with a thickness of 1 cm is considered 20 kilograms of a dry mixture. So, for example, it will take 30 packs of sandbetone weighing 50 kg for a floor screed in a room of 15 kV. m if the height of the screed will be 5 cm (20 kg x 15 m2 x 5 cm = 1500 kg). With a thickness of 3 cm or 8 cm, the norm will be different.

When conducting a screed floor, it is necessary to take into account the ratio of components, since with a small amount of high strength cement there will be no. If cement, on the contrary, too much, then cracks will begin to appear. To avoid this problem, It is enough to buy a high-quality grade of sandbetone, where the required ratio of materials was designed in advance by the manufacturer. After the required number of bags was purchased, it is enough to mix the mixture with the necessary amount of water to start working on the screed.

How to make a screed?

In order to correctly perform the tie of the floor in the room or on the balcony, you need to stick the instructions and perform all the points of the plan carefully and in the strict sequence. If one or other errors were made at one stage, then sooner or later they will open after the completion of the work, spoiling the whole result.

During the preliminary stage, the surface is prepared for future work. Before this, it is necessary to determine the zero level with Waterpas. You can use any other measuring instruments, but it is this device that allows you to find out the exact proportions. To do this, an arbitrary indicator is exhibited at a couple of centimeters from the floor, which is further adjusted by the tool.

So that all calculations were correct, it is necessary to calculate, what will be the height difference. You can do it with your own hands. To do this, it is sufficient to fix the difference in the height between the floor and the zero level. As a result of these actions, the ratio of maximum and minimum height is determined.


Before starting the process itself, you need to spend in a place where work is coming, cleaning. To do this, it is necessary not only to remove the garbage and spend, but also close all cracks and holes. In no case can not begin to make a screed when the concrete is peeled, because otherwise it will turn into a whole number of problems in the future. It is advisable to accurately fulfill all the preliminary measures so that the process is faster and easier.

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As soon as all calculations were carried out, and the material was purchased, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the floor. To do this, it is desirable to arrange galvanized rails around the floor. They will be needed so that in the future it was easier to pull the mixture. Lay them needed along the wall from the door to the window. Experts noted that the racks up to 2 are best suitable.5 meters. Subsequently, everything else will be driven under the area of ​​work.

If the rails are placed on a solution from plaster, then he needs to give time to dry before starting the fill itself. Lock the rails need gradually, slowly pushing them into the tab.


At this stage, it is important not to hurry and allocate one day for each room. If you do not comply with this rule, and try to pour in all rooms only one day, that is, the likelihood of junction transitions on the floor, which will spoil the whole result.

For kneading solution, a conventional plastic bucket is suitable or any other capacity, where a sufficient amount of the mixture is placed. In order to mix the composition, the most common perforator, equipped with a nozzle. So that everything is well mixed, it is enough to add the amount of water that makes up 30% of the volume of the sandbetone itself. To begin with, pour into the bucket only a little liquid, and only during stirring gradually add water until it is enough. As soon as mixing will be completed before pouring it, you need to give a mixture time so that it should be blown. Usually 15 minutes is quite enough.

The fill process itself occurs from the very long end of the room, from the wall. It follows as much as possible as possible as possible, because in the future the solution is stretched throughout the room by rule or other similar adaptation.


As soon as the fill was finished, you need to give her time to stand. The period of waiting may vary depending on the level of humidity and on temperature. On average, according to experts, waiting time is approximately 48 hours. After this period, the solution will dry enough so that the room can be walking. However, the fully premises will die only after 3-4 weeks, which gives enough time to place the floor covering. But it all depends on the layer itself. So, completely dry the 5-centimeter layer of about twenty days, but you can walk on it much earlier.

The whole process, though it may seem laborious for the first time, does not represent any problems and does not require the intervention of specialists. Make it all can be done correctly, if you do everything exactly according to the instructions and do not hurt. What is the most important thing, after the end of the fill you do not need to somehow maintain moisture, because high-quality sandbetone is finally formed independently.

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