Features of Sibita houses

Features of Sibita houses are known to the wide audience noticeably less than the nuances of brick, wooden construction. Meanwhile, they have their pros and cons, their specific projects. Sibips can be used to build single-storey and double-storey houses with a garage. At the same time it is critical to know how to calculate the construction of the material.

Pros and cons

Before construction of the house from Sibit, that is, from a motor-concrete autoclaved receipt, it is important to understand its strengths and weaknesses. In thermal conductivity, Sybitis is 4 times superior even the best brick brands.

This allows not only to save money on the insulation, but also more free space to highlight indoors (with the same total area).

Aerated concrete contains pores and therefore, as if “breathes”, maintaining the optimal gas exchange with the external environment. Since the entire volume of the material is made purely from substances of natural origin, tens and hundreds of years, no ecological or sanitary risk.

Many developers are satisfied with the available cost of Sibite structures. Savings are largely related to the ease of material that simplifies its transportation and allowing to refuse to use powerful techniques. It is also facilitated by the creation of a foundation. Blocks will not be difficult to cut the right way or drill.

And also should be taken into account that:

  • Sibit is not suitable for houses above 4 floors;

  • The material is characterized by excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation;

  • It does not light up;

  • moisture from the house will be easily and quickly removed;

  • We will have to separate the premises from the inside and outside;

  • Sibit is not as durable as capital concrete;

  • It will be necessary to create separate frames;

  • It will not be possible to hang a heavy shelf on the wall, especially a massive cabinet;

  • At moisturizing, SibIs cracks, crumbs.

Varieties and projects

Before making a specific project or select it among the finished options, it is necessary to decide which basic option is better – single-storey or two-storey buildings. Built in one floor it is much cheaper, because it allows you to abandon the equipment of stairs, inter-storey floors.

For the elderly and families with children, this is a completely acceptable solution. In summer cottages, the second floor is also required much less often than usually consider. The presence of only one tier significantly simplifies the installation of heating, water supply, sewage, gas supply, electrical wiring, and so on.

It is also important that the installation of walls, foundation is facilitated. But this does not mean that the construction of the 1st floor is always more practical and more correct than facilities in 2 floors. It is worth noting that in one-story building it is harder to choose a flexible layout. This is especially important in limited areas. Passing rooms – evil, from which you need to get rid of almost anyway.

In the case of two-storey sibic houses:

  • It is easier to choose excellent layout;

  • It is easier to choose a project (there are much more such options);

  • achieved savings at the cost of each square meter;

  • We’ll have to put the second bathroom on the top tier;

  • We have to reduce the useful area of ​​the first floor due to the stairs and approaches to it.

In a sibic house with an area of ​​up to 100 m square. It is quite possible to do the only floor. The height is usually 5-6 m2. 4 rooms are envisaged. With an area of ​​105 m2, the house can already be equipped with a garage for 18-20 m2.

It is worth noticeing to the option of the house with an attic. But it is important to understand that this is not so easy to simplify the task compared to full-fledged two-storey buildings. In high-quality attic necessarily leave the ceiling of the required height. In the central part, it should be at least 2.5 m, and this is a direct requirement of SNiP.

The higher the ceiling, the room is air and more pleasant.

Roofing should fit in a solid way. It will be necessary to complement the heat-insulating layer with waterproofing outside and vapor insulation inside. Ways to finish can be selected to your taste.

And it is worth considering that the house from Sibita can be made with a flat roof. Such a solution helps to save materials and further reduces the labor-intensity of work.

Under the flat roof there is no need to equip the complicated system with Mauerlatov and other components. but It will take carefully to study modern building technologies and mastering manipulations with advanced materials. If this is not achieved, the risk will have to carry a significant additional cost of hiring professionals or risk damage to the main designs. Flat roof can be easily operated at its discretion, use under the installation of complex equipment. However, are all such advantages of high snow and wind load, it is necessary to solve as much as possible.

It is also useful to consider filling houses depending on the area. At the value of 8×8 m, approximately the same inner capacity is achieved as in a three-room or large two-bedroom apartment. Budget option – one-story building with a pair of bedrooms, kitchen, hallway and living room. The area of ​​the children’s room can be quite large. When highlighting the living room 20 m2 will be able to prepare a large hall and kitchen.

Public and private zones are recommended to be located at various levels. The kitchen, living room, hallway and pantry are drawn up on the first floor. Residential premises are located, respectively, at the second level. The plot around the stairs decorated and use under the storage of the necessary things. Intermediate solution – single-storey building with a relatively modest attic. In the attic room there are:

  • library;

  • gaming room;

  • wardrobe;

  • Reserve living room for the whole family.

Making a house of 8×10 m, you need to go somewhat different. The choice between single-storey and two-storey options depends on personal preferences. Under the house 8×10 m is usually no need to prepare a complex foundation. The exception is only structures on unstable soil. Build a dwelling can be pretty quickly, however, due to comparative compactness, it is still not always possible to place 100% of the necessary rooms.

Save the place on the first floor helps the arrangement of the base tier, where the boiler room is installed, laundry or a warehouse for secondary things is formed. Residence of 8×10 m is usually put on a ribbon foundation. The height of the ceilings in the residential premises should be at least 3 m. At the same time, the minimum justified area of ​​a separate room is 9 m2; If this space can not be distinguished, it is better to abandon the idea at all.

Specialists advise add more windows for homogeneous insolation.

The preparation of the project of the house of 10×10 m has its own features. By default, 1-2 bedrooms with a total area of ​​20 square meters are most often provided. M. For the kitchen, 7 square meters are most often given. m, and at a skillful approach the notorious deficit of the place is not felt at all. When organizing the attic one can easily add up to 70-80% additional useful area. An even more useful space appears, of course, in two-storey buildings.

In this embodiment, it is quite logical to bring the second or backup bedroom to the upper tier, as well as organize separate bathrooms. It is recommended to organize large hallways and extensive public areas. Maximum comfort and aesthetic excellence can be provided with the aid of the veranda. In the house of 10×10 m, even a fairly big family can safely live – no problems will arise. Range behind a large dryer, a dressing room or kitchen area is not recommended.

Preparation for construction

The calculation of the required volume of blocks is always repelled on the size of the planned house. The area is determined by the easiest way, multiplying two sides. Additionally, to calculate the number of elements, you will have to deduct the magnitude of the openings under the windows and doors. Wall thickness is usually taken equal to 30-40 cm; If necessary, this indicator corrected. On 1 pallet placed 2.5 m2 building materials.

How to build a house?

Construction of a house from Sibitus includes several stages. Consider each of them in more detail.


Russian builders prefer to put Sibite houses on a tape basis. At the same time, the right choice of cement mortar brand is critical. If you make an error, the likelihood of the destruction of the construction or loss of valuable qualities will be very large. For relatively light buildings, there is enough concrete M200; Two-storey houses are more correct to build using M300 or even M400. More accurately choose a mixture and other materials will help a qualified engineer.

On the soil, where it is likely to swelling, it is necessary to immediately refuse to use the solution lower than M300. Foundations themselves are often made from booton, bricks or plates. FBS, concrete blocks and blocks of FL much better and bricks, and booton, because they are much less susceptible to the formation of cracks. It is quite possible to put a sibic house and on screw piles. But it is necessary to clarify that such a decision is in an ambiguous reputation.

IMPORTANT: Made by all the rules of the pile foundation (with compliance with technology and precautions, with geological exploration) has the almost the same price as a belt or column version. Price difference if there is, then it is not so significant to be an important motive when choosing.

It is necessary to take into account, however, that this all concerns the country and suburban low-rise construction. Urban apartment buildings – the sphere is so much that only professional engineers and architects can understand them; In turn, links to SNiP and GOST as a justification for the choice of piles under a country house is rarely appropriate.

The use of them is advisable primarily on permafrost, and we are not talking about screw, but about clogs or burbilling structures. Besides, House on piles in any case requires enhanced floor insulation. Otherwise, the condensing moisture will accumulate at the bottom, which gradually destroys any materials.

The final cost of the structure of the pile base is determined after inspection of the territory and attentive study of the situation. But we repeat: it is better to consult immediately with several engineers to ensure that errors are guaranteed.


Making with your own hands is not difficult. It must be understood that Sibita laying needs to strengthen (reinforcement). The initial row is always placed strictly on cement-sandy solution. Having up to 10 mm solution on the base, you can close all possible visual disadvantages of the design. The first row is made as smooth as possible; It is advisable to recall it not only on the cord, but also with the use of construction level.

The structure is conducted from the corners. On each new tier, the reconciliation of geometric parameters is required! The surface of the blocks is recommended to handle the plans to give them the maximum roughness. Reinforcement is made in step 3-4 rows. Starting from the second tier of blocks, it can be combined with glue – this solution is much more practical than the use of cement-sand mixture.

In the reinforced places are preparing stages under the statement of reinforcement. Parallel grooves cleaned with hard brushes. The recommended fitting cross section is 10 mm; However, builders can, if necessary, increase it. Docking reinforcement on the corners and when connecting pieces of blocks is not allowed. It is also necessary to reinforce the areas under the windows and above them, regardless of the specific tier.

Setting overlap

Plates included in the overlap must certainly sign the hardening belt. For its manufacture, use blocks cut to thickness 100 mm. These billets are laying around the perimeter in parallel to each other. Steel fittings are placed in the inner part. All together are poured with concrete high strength category; The overlap of aerated concrete is allowed in cases where the gap between the walls does not exceed 6 m.


The choice in favor of the duplex roof in most cases is most justified. It is better in the Russian climate than single or the more flat samples. The typical order of work is:

  • waterproofing rubberoid or more modern materials;

  • Mounting Maurolat (it is a support timber);

  • preparation of the rafter system and strengthening it;

  • production of waterproofing, vapor insulation, insulation works (mineral wool and foam preferred);

  • Preparation of crates for the subsequent installation of a roll or block finishing material;

  • Fronton cover;

  • Lowing the selected finishing material.

Interior decoration

Plastering inside Sybitis most practical plaster and cement plaster. Second option – for wet rooms. Usually walls and ceilings cover wallpaper on the basis of vinyl or phlizelin. Dry rooms can be seen MDF. Mixed and wider application has plasterboard.

How to build a house from Sibita with your own hands in a short time and without special costs, look in the video.

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