Fastening for a fence from a professional flooring without welding

The right attachments for the fence from the professional flooring without welding are very important in practice. All owners of the plots need to understand which components are needed in a specific case. The following significant question is – how to make a prefabricated fence from the professional sheet with your own hands with fasteners without welding (using technology).


Beautiful and relatively durable fences made of professional flooring are very convenient in practice. However, it is critical to fulfill this construction correctly. Errors can be quite serious. Provided the correct installation, you can not doubt the convenience and long service life.

It is advisable to mount a professional on the fence without welding. The fact is that even ideal welding seams by definition weaken designs and reduce their service life.

For thick metal, it is not too much, but for a fine profile, such a factor is very significant.

Mounts for the fence are selected taking into account the material of the columns and other supporting structures.

  • Brick and stone supports need to be mounted on auxiliary jumpers, and not the stone itself.
  • Wooden poles for professional flooring Use not recommended. Even well-processed wood protective compositions during proper care will last a maximum of 10 years. This solution is suitable only for temporary hedges.
  • On professional sheets can be installed quite calm.

It is recommended to abandon the barrier.

Types of fasteners

There are various components for fixing corrugated fence. Most often for this purpose, they use self-draws. This solution is suitable even for inexperienced, beginner masters. The connection on the bolts (more precisely, on self-tapping screws) is quite reliably and ensures the durability of the design.

Unlike a simple screw, such a product provides a very fast mount. The reason is obvious: there is no need to pre-drill metal. Self-tapping screws make carbon or stainless steel alloys. In some cases, strong brass varieties are used for them.

It is worth noting that some self-tapping screws are made with the calculation of screwing into concrete; They are made from the strongest steel grades and are designed for pre-drilling.

No sense to use expensive roofing fasteners no. It is quite possible to do with the products of the simplified view with pressshabiba. To note: the same hardware are suitable for facades of houses. They have a special coating that reduces the risk of corrosion. It is useful if there is still a decorative layer, exactly the profliest itself, which is exactly the color; In some cases, additional equipment is practiced with rubber gaskets.

Self-tapping screws can be designed mainly for wood or for metal. The first option has an infrequent thread and ends with a sharp end. It is suitable for the attachment of sheets with a thickness of 1.2 cm. Products for mounting on metal are equipped with more frequent cuts and are attached to the base of the layer to 0.2 mm.

Self-tapping screws may have:

  • Hexagon-shaped head (it is more comfortable slice and looks harmonious);
  • a large washer (it reduces the threat of deformation or the destruction of the thin sheet, increases the life of a highly loaded methome);
  • Gasket based on synthetic rubber (much improving leakage protection).

To take hardware with zinc coating less than 12.5 μm no sense. If it is too thin, the resistance to atmospheric influences is not guaranteed. The length of the metal products varies from 1.3 to 15 cm, on wood – from 2.9 to 8 cm. The cross section will be 0.42-0.63 and 0.35-0.48 cm. The mass in terms of 1000 units can vary from 4 to 50 kg; Regulatory tensile strength – 100-150 kg at least.

Trying to use screws without wide washers – it means to provoke the rapid wear of the floor.

Soon the sheet can break away and completely collapsed. Even self-retention with simple screws is not effective enough. In addition, only the gasket allows you to compensate for the local disruption of protective coatings. The number of fasteners is determined by the number of lag and the adolescence.

In some cases, use brackets for professional flooring. By default, they have the letter V. Such products allow you to attach engineering systems. Brackets for flooring with a hole are obtained from galvanized metal with a thickness of 0.2 cm. The magnitude of the opening is M8, M10 or M12; The same rivets nuts are envisaged.

Bracket V-shaped shape is performed with welded nuts. For its manufacture, a galvanized alloy is used with a thickness of 0.15-0.2 cm. Such a solution allows you to swallow engineering systems to a small wave. Most often, the bracket has only the mounting holes along the edges.

Sometimes a professional sheet is mounted with rivets, the cross section of which varies from 3.1 to 6.7 mm. Fasteners are scratched with a special gun. Typically spend 7-10 units of hardware for 1 kV. M. This solution allows you to abandon end-to-end drilling (it is carried out only on the one hand). When buying rivets, you need to pay attention to the mass of the profile (according to the supporting ability of fasteners).

Montaja technology

Make your own hands the fence from the professional sheet is not so difficult. It is recommended to wrap hardware with a screwdriver. Experts advised when calculating the number of fasteners double their number on the ends compared to the usual calculation. Then the construction will be stronger and more stable. It is necessary to turn the support elements at right angles to the surface of the floor.

Collect the fence from the proflist on the bolts is not harder than using the screws. Moreover, the bolts can be obtained only from the inside of the site. It increases the security of intruders. It is worth considering that it is impossible to put the bolts alone. In addition, they are clearly more expensive than self-samples and at the same time less diverse in the visual plan – there are only silvery and black models.

So that the prefab bed is reliable and beautiful, you will need to first try part of the structure. After the mark under the bolt drill the passage. Only then attach the workpiece to transverse elements. Usually 6 bolts spend on profile sheet. Regardless of the choice of hardware it is necessary to watch the sheets adjacent tightly, and the reheat was uniform.

Installation of fence made of professional flooring without welding in the next video.

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