Facade Tile Tekhtonikol Hauberk: Features of choice and installation

Many people in the construction of their homes cannot decide which material is best to choose to finish the facade. Currently, some designers and specialists recommend tile for these finishing works. Today we will talk about tiled covers “Technonikol Hauberk”.

Advantages and disadvantages

Facade Tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk is a modern building material for lining houses. For its manufacturers, manufacturers use glass cholester treated with bitumen. Also, the composition of such a product necessarily includes a special granulate, which is created from a natural basalt.

Many specialists note that this type of facade tile will be able to fit well not only for facing the outside of the house, but also for interior interior. Also often this material is used in the construction of fences and fences. The considerable number of people currently finish them completely all their homes and all buildings located near the house.

This facing material has its own defined complex structure, which includes the following components:

  • the outer layer of construction, which is represented by a solid basalt spript;
  • The first layer of modified bitumen;
  • the base of the glass cholester;
  • second layer of modified bitumen;
  • polymer frost-resistant solution from bitumen;
  • Protective light grapple film that consists of silicone.

The facade tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk boasts a rather big list of important positive characteristics and properties:

  • High resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Many specialists note that such a type of tile coating does not fade in the sun and remains in its original form over several decades.
  • Good resistance to external influences. Small particles of sand, dust and other garbage will not damage the surface of the material.
  • Flexibility. The facade tile “Tehtonikol Hauberk” is quite elastic and elastic, which greatly simplifies the conduct of installation work.

  • Easy care. This type of tile will not require special cleaning. In addition, it is worth saying that such materials do not attract dust and garbage particles at all.
  • Simple montage. Installing the facade tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk will not require a professional brigade of workers. Almost every person can independently put this material.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Many consumers confidently argue that such a construction basis is characterized by a beautiful appearance. In addition, it is worth saying that it is such a coverage today manufacturers produce with imitation to another material (brick).

    • High resistance to temperature changes. Under the influence of sharp temperature fluctuations, the product is not deformed and will not collapse, it will remain in its original form.
    • Good tightness. Such an important property does not give to penetrate excess moisture in the design, which allows you to significantly increase the life of the product.
    • High strength of the top layer. Made the outside of the structure from a solid basalt basis, which is thoroughly tamped to the sheet, so that the product becomes durable, and the granulate does not destroy.
    • Small weight. The facade tile of this manufacturer is quite easy mass, which greatly simplifies the implementation of all necessary installation work.
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      Despite such a wide list of advantages, the soft facade tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk has certain disadvantages:

      • Has low chemical resistance. This facing material can be easily deformed and even completely collapped when a significant amount of chemicals. That is why many experts strongly recommend handling the design with an additional protective layer.

      • Installation is possible only under certain conditions. Despite the fact that after installation, the facade tile of this manufacturer can carry even strong temperature fluctuations, during installation the temperature should not be less than 5?. Otherwise, the product may be spoiled before laying.

      • Do not use it when finishing wooden housing. Similar tile coatings are quite sealed and do not miss moisture. This property does not allow wood structures to “breathe”, which can lead to their rapid rotting.
      • Requires special preparation of the foundation before laying. Since the facade tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk is flexible enough, it is impossible to install it. The surface should be carefully handled and cleaned that it may take a lot of time.


      It is important to note that all tiled covers of this manufacturer pass all the necessary tests in special laboratories. The results of all these studies are officially confirmed by protocols. Facade designs “Tehnonikol Hauberk” were able to successfully pass all stages of verification.

      Also to the important technical characteristics of this material, experts include the type of external coating. As a rule, it is represented by basalt granules for such structures. Sowing of these granules is no more than 1.2 grams. Resistance to high temperature fluctuations can reach +100?.

      The dimensions of such a cladding material are usually standard. The height of each individual part is 23-25 ​​cm. Plate length can reach 1 m. The thickness of the element is most often 3-5 mm.

      The weight of the entire coating does not exceed 12 kg / m².

      Lord and Color Palette

      Currently, this manufacturer may offer a considerable selection of various samples of facade tiles. Among the most popular options for Hauberk tiles today are allocated:


      According to most professionals, it is this type of tiled product that can be called the most practical and durable among all other. In the manufacture of this material, clay is mixed with special components (quartz sand). Such additional additions make parts even more durable and durable.


      Create such a tile of clay and quartz sand, but at the same time mineral dyes and field spam are added. It is the most durable and resistant mechanical damage.

      Under a stone

      This type of tile can safely be called a beautiful decorative facing material.

      Under brick

      The front tile decorated under the brick today is quite widely used in construction. It will cost customers much cheaper than natural stone, but all the characteristics and properties of these products are almost the same.


      Such a tile coating is also made under the brick, but at the same time only burnt materials apply to its manufacture, which gives the product additional strength and reliability.

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      It is worth noting that the facade tile Tekhnonikol Hauberk also boasts a rather big choice of color gamut. Design shades can be the most different.

      The most popular decision is the tile made under the sandy brick.

      Such a beige coloring of the product refer to natural. Most often, the material of this shade is used in the design of doors, windows, columns, indoor corners. According to most consumers, this color solution will be able to fit perfectly for almost every building.

      Equally popular is the marble shade of the facade tile. As a rule, the surface of such a material is a glossy. Such products with this colors will be able to come in almost any housing. At the same time they will easily give your home a solid and rich appearance.

      Often for cladding and terracotta tint tiles are used. Such a color is similar to the color of the usual brick, so this type of foundation is used to simulate it or to give the building of classical rigor. Details of this shade are universal and can come under any room.

      Currently, a rather big number of people finish their dwellings with a special antique material. It represents the basis for a brick that contains special scuffs. They allow you to make beautiful design “Under the Starina”.

      Features of laying

      Install the facade tile is quite possible and with your own hands without resorting to the help of professional builders. After all, the installation of such a material can be called fairly simple. In addition, one set with details, as a rule, contains instructions on how to install elements correctly, which also simplifies.

      It should be remembered that before the direct installation of the design, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the base of the facade from dust and other harmful particles. You should also apply vertical and horizontal markup lines on the surface. They are needed to align tile.

      Preparation of the base and glue

      Before starting the main work, you will need to check the basis for moisture. If it is contained, then you will need to dry the surface. In addition, it can be placed to make an absolutely smooth plane. Only after such preparation can be started to lay the product.

      After completing the preparation of the foundation, it should be proceeded for the preparation of glue. Today, any buyer can meet in building stores a huge selection of various adhesive solutions. But at the same time, many experts advise for the installation of the facade tile to use only frost-resistant mixes. They need to be mixed with a certain amount of water and stir thoroughly (all proportions are given in the instructions for the use of glue).

      The main stages of work

      After cooking glue, it must be applied using a simple spatula on the tile and fasten it on the surface of the base. Today there are many options as beautiful and gently set each coating element. To do this, today even there are special mechanisms and markings.

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      Fix the tile can be in different ways. But most often for this still use ordinary hammer and galvanized nails. And with the help of fasteners you need to install immediately and upper, and the bottom of each individual part. Then you need to remove all the remnants of the glue.

      Complex moments

      Many people have problems when choosing a tile location. Some begin to lay it from the center of construction. But most experts note that this method of installation is incorrect. Stop material is better from the corners of the building from the bottom up. Otherwise you will need to disassemble and start re-.

      Also often people have difficulty designing the corners of the room. Most of the masters simply incorrectly install them. Most often, all the necessary corners are already included with the main material. To lay them follows the adoption from the bottom up. At the same time, they need to be fixed with galvanized screws.

      Operating conditions and customer reviews

      Facade Tekhnonikol Hauberk Tile can be used for almost any room. Such material is sufficiently resistant to temperature fluctuations and moisture. But at the same time on wooden structures, these parts are better not fixed, as the wood will quickly start rotting.

      Special care during operation, the product will not require. But it should be remembered that chemicals should not fall on the surface of the tile, otherwise the coating quickly crack and collapse.

      Many people to increase the operational period cover the design of an additional protective film.

      To date, every person can read a considerable number of tiles of Tekhnonikol Hauberk. So, most users noticed the high quality of these products and separately spoke about light and fast installation of parts. Some also celebrated a wide selection of such products and a beautiful aesthetic appearance.

      Considerable number of people spoke about the durability of products. According to many consumers, such a tile will be able to serve many decades. Also on the forums you can find reviews about the excellent thermal insulation properties of the facade tile of this manufacturer.

      Beautiful examples of facing

      Today, many people prefer tiles decorated with antique style. It is best to choose more saturated material. Such a solution will be able to come in almost every room. Also, in this case, the use of an additional decorative stone is allowed, but it is impossible to forget that too much of its number can spoil the entire appearance of the house. The roof is worth choosing a similar color scheme.

      Often, designers are offered to make up the main part of the house with a light classic tiled coating, and the base of the building is to separate with more dark details. So, many advise to separate the room with beige products, and the corners and the bottom to do with brown material. Window and doorways in this case it is more profitable to cover the dark paint.

      On how to install the facade tile Tekhtonol Hauberk, see the following video.

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