Equipment for the production of arbite blocks

    Through special equipment, the production of arboblocks is being implemented, which have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and sufficient strength properties. This is ensured by special manufacturing technology. For the formation of building materials, cement and wood chips exposed to specific processing.

    What is arbolit?

    Arbolit (arbondes, trees) is a progressive building material obtained by mixing and pressing wood fragmentation (chips) and cement mortar. According to experts, he is able to easily compile competition brick. That’s just at the cost of this, the wind concrete is much cheaper.

    The basis of the tree is wood chips. Higher requirements are presented to its parameters – these two properties have a great effect on the quality of the final product and its brand. In addition, there are production of a trees, which use stem cotton, straw rice or woody bark.

    The binding ingredient is portland cement variety not lower than M300. His grade has an impact on the stability of the finished product and, it means on its marking.

    In order to increase the efficiency of synthesizing the ingredients of the solution, specialized additives are admitted to it, which provide a quick bustling and so on. For the most part, it is an aqueous solution of sodium or potassium silicates (liquid glass), aluminum chloride (aluminum chloride).

    Necessary equipment for production

    For the manufacture of arbolic blocks in the home environment you will need three types of equipment: the aggregate for grinding chips, a concrete mixer or a concrete mixer and a machine for forming arboblocks. However, the primary material – chip, you can acquire third-party manufacturers, In this case, the technological process will be much easier.

    The market has a fairly extensive equipment for the production of arboblocks – from small-sized units specifically for minor production to full-fledged production lines entering several varieties of equipment.


    The device for the manufacture of wood chinkels is referred to. It is a rubble drum or disk type machine that can be swallowed on a chip chopped wood and bushes left after spilling forest.

    The acquisition of almost all units is identical, they consist of an acceptable bunker, an electric engine, breaking knives, rotor and car part of the machine.

    Disk installations are highlighted by relatively small parameters and less costs, while the drum creases have increased performance, which makes them popular under the production of large production series.

    Disk units allow you to undergo trees to three meters. The advantages of this type of aggregates include the smallest number of large components at the output – more than 90% of wood fraud has the necessary configuration and dimensions, large particles are re-processed. This is the perfect choice of equipping for the establishment of small-scale production.


    Such equipment can be called full confidence half professional. As a rule, it is bought in order to manufacture arboblocks in private construction under the order or to implement. It is simple in operation, does not require high professionalism associated mainly with the provision of TB Rules.

    Industrial aggregates can symbolically can be divided into three key groups:

    • hand machines;
    • aggregates with vibration press and bunker power;
    • Sophisticated combined units connecting the receiver with source weight, vibration press and static molder, which maintains the density of the arbolite solution to the final solidification of the tree turns into finished products.

    Concrete mixer

    An ordinary faucet with flat blades will not fit for mixing the arbite solution. Everything is explained by the fact that the mixture is half dry, it does not sprawl, but it is capable of resting the slide; The blade simply drives it from one corner of the tank to another angle, and not all the chips are covered with a cement dough.

    At concrete mixer SAB-400 The structure has special “plows” – knives, cutting the mixture, and it turns out effective (and most importantly, fast) mixing it. The speed is fundamentally, since cement should not have time to grasp, until he covered the whole shot.

    Concrete mixer

    In the process of making arboblocks, as a rule, a pulse agitator mixers are used, from time to time – construction faucets. On large lines where the production of building materials is carried out by large batches, equipped with a continuous character of action. In order to ensure the needs of not very large productions, In most cases, ordinary concrete mixers are used, which possess the following structural characteristics:

    • are large containers with lateral loading of ingredients and lower unloading of the made solution;
    • The agitator is equipped with an electric motor with a gearbox with a limit capacity of 6 kW;
    • Specialized blades are used to mix the ingredients of Arbolit.

    The volume of the agitator is calculated on the basis of daily necessity in materials to establish an effective technological process.


    Vibrotol area (vibropress) depends on the dimming dispenser size. The vibropressive machine is a metal table, proportional to the dimensions of the dispenser, which is equipped with springs and is associated with the bed (main heavy table). A three-phase electric motor is installed on the bed to 1.5 kW, on the axis of which there is an eccentric (cargo that the center of gravity is dismissed). When the latter is connected, regular vibration table tops are performed. These actions are required for optimal shrinkage in the forms of composition of arbite blocks and the exclusion of mechanical and external flaps after removing the form.


    Matrix (shape, press panel) for the manufacture of blocks is intended to give a product of specific dimensions and configurations. Specifically, it is dependent on it, to what extent the form of the block will come out.

    The matrix is ​​a form that has rectangular and empty inside the contour in which the solution is completed. This form involves the presence of a removable cover and bottom. At the edges, the form has specialized handles. Inside it is equipped with a specific coating designed to simplify the extraction of the formed block.

    Mostly for the inner coating, smooth artificial material is practiced, it can be plastic film, linoleum or other similar materials.

    Cameras for drying

    Ready Arboblocks, which are properly pronounced, together with matrices are sent to a specialized room. In it, the level of humidity is rigidly controlled, which makes it possible to create optimal conditions for drying material.

    Blocks are defined by pallets and exempt from matrices. What optimizes the access of air masses to the material, it affects its properties positively.

    The clutch of the solution is usually performed in two days. Design capacity building materials is obtained only after 18-28 days. All this time, the trees must be in the setting of the required humidity and stable temperature.

    In householdation, as a rule, a pressed batch of arboblocks is unfolded in a darkened place, covered with polyethylene film and safety tissue. After 2-3 days, the blocks move to the room and laid into one layer on the stone floor. After 7 days blocks can be placed in packs.

    How to choose equipment?

    To create a tree, it will take 3 types of machines: for the production of chips, for the manufacture of the solution and for the press. They are both Russian and foreign manufacture. Among other things, individual masters manage to collect equipment with their own hands (as a rule, the vibropresses are collected by their own forces).


    Shredders are mobile and fixed, disk and drum. Disk differ in the principle of work.

    Perfect if the installation will be equipped with a mechanical feed of the feedstock – this will greatly simplify the work.

    Concrete mixer

    For these purposes, the standard mixer is perfect. For industrial capacities, even within the borders of the mini-plant requires the volume of the tank from 150 liters.

    Drying camera

    Force the drying process by buying a specialized drying (mainly infrared) camera. When purchasing such equipment, you must pay attention to the parameters of power and energy consumption, as well as the ability to correct the temperature and speed of drying. In the drying chamber, the blocks will snap and prepared for use for 12 hours – almost 30 times faster, than without special equipment.

    For industrial production, high speed is considered a rather significant indicator directly affecting income.

    How to make the machine with your own hands?

    To collect homemade vibrations, drawings and these materials are required (all sizes are approximate):

    • vibromotor;
    • welder;
    • Springs – 4 pcs.;
    • steel sheet 0.3x75x120 cm;
    • Pipe profile 0.2x2x4 cm – 6 m (for legs), 2.4 m (base under the cover);
    • Iron corner 0.2×4 cm – 4 m;
    • bolts (for fasteners of the motor);
    • Special paint (for the protection of the aggregate from rust);
    • Steel rings – 4 pcs. (the diameter must match the diameter of the springs or be a little more).

    The order of assembling of vibrotol is quite simple.

    • Cut the material for the necessary items.
    • Pipe under the legs Delim on 4 identical details of 75 cm.
    • Pipe for the island Delimu: 2 parts of 60 cm and 4 parts of 30 cm.
    • Corner divide on 4 elements, the length must match the length of the side of the iron sheet under the tabletop.
    • Welders: We collect the core for fasteners of the motor to the lid. Of the two 30- and two 60-centimeter pieces, we weld the quadrilateral. In the middle of it will be welded by another 2 short elements at a certain distance of each other. This distance should be equal to the distance between the dots of the motor fixing. At certain points on the middle sections, holes for fastening are drilled.
    • At the corners of the iron sheet weld the rings in which the springs will be.
    • Now weld the support rack with your feet. To do this, take pieces of corner and pipes. Corners placing in such a way that their ribs are oriented to the top and outward from the inside of the design.
    • The welded frame under the motor is fixed by means of screws or boiled to the tabletop.
    • On the carrier rack at the corners we put the springs. The table cover is placed on the rack so that the springs fit in the cells for them. I screw the motor to the bottom. Bashed springs are not necessary, as the mass of the cover with the engine performs their reliable holding in the right place.

    Ready device can be painted.

    Overview of equipment for the production of arbistic blocks – in the next video.

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