Differences of the layout of the house size 6 to 9 with an attic

About your country house where you can relax from the noise, every resident of the metropolis dreams. One of the optimal options is a small house of 6 9 meters in size, which will be convenient to accommodate the family or friends of friends. So that the house does not seem loaded and uncomfortable it is very important to pay attention to its layout.


The house of 6 9 meters is already unusual for its small, but optimal size. A significant role in such a building plays the attic. Thanks to it, living area increases and outside the house looks aesthetically beautiful. The attic room in its functionality and the territory is no inferior to the full, standard floor in the house.

When planning the size of the rooms, the location of the windows is of great importance.

It is advisable to pay special attention to the way to access the natural light has every room. On the attic floor there is also the ability to install windows adapted to this type of construction.

Any square of the house, and especially as 6 by 9 meters, involves thinking out not only the layout of the inner walls, but also the location of interroom doors. It is important to maximize the use of all available opportunities to increase the useful area. For example, in space under the ladder leading to the attic floor, you can arrange a wardrobe or a place to store homemade blanks.

For saving area, sometimes refuses the bathroom and bathroom, Organizing them on the street. The small size of the house has an open veranda, which, in turn, can play the role of summer kitchen or dining room.

The value of the project of any building. Qualitatively thoughtful layout and competently selected individual interior will visually increase the space, create comfort and comfort in any room.


The plan of the house of 6×9 begins with the definition of its destination – for a permanent or seasonal stay. Building it for a young couple and their frequent guests or for a family of three or four people.

The building for permanent residence implies the need for insulation, Conducting Communications, Location Bathroom and Bathroom Inside. In such a house, as in the case of a seasonal option, it is possible to accommodate and establishment for the heating of the fireplace.

The composition of the family and lifestyle is important when designing rooms. If the owners of such a small structure love to invite guests and organize meetings, it is necessary to think about the living room with a sofa. And if the inhabitants of the house are married couple with a child, then it is important to place two bedrooms.

Room accommodation can be different in a house of 6 sizes 9 meters for a family of four (parents and two children). For example, the entrance to the house begins with an entrance hall and a living room, which is divided into a relaxation area and dining room. From the dining room you can get into the kitchen and its working area through the bright arch.

Space allows you to organize two more small separate rooms. It will be an integrated or separate bathroom, as well as a bedroom for parents. The living room is a staircase on the second floor of the house.

On the attic one large bedroom for children and the game zone will be well. Another option is two separate rooms with beds and tables for classes.

Color solution

It is important to pay attention to the choice of color in the room. They can not only increase the space, but also ask the right mood. For example, in the bathroom it is customary to apply warm and light shades to visualize a comfortable temperature. The kitchen itself is filled with hot air from the work of the cooking panel and other devices, so it is customary to use cold and balanced shades in the design. Also recommended in the design of the kitchen add bright colors to support the atmosphere and a comfortable environment of this zone.

When all the colors are chosen and the walls played the desired tones, It’s time to make household appliances. After technical equipment, it is customary to move to the arrangement of upholstered furniture, and then placement of wardrobes, Tumb and table. Following this, there is a turn of small items – chairs, curtains and lamps. It is desirable that all the furniture support the idea of ​​a room with color and style.

Zoning space

If there is no need to share the room for two different rooms, you can apply zoning, to emphasize the specific territory for its purpose. For example, a working and dining part of the kitchen can be divided by a tabletop, a bar counter or compact leather sofa.

Living room – Multifunction room in any house. This bedroom for guests, playroom for children, family cinema and dining room. It is very important in a small indoor to determine the zones for a comfortable use. As in the example with the kitchen, the space can be divided by a sofa. Built-in through shelves will also serve well for the zoning of the room.

Another idea for focusing various sites is a color scheme. Half of the room is painted in this case, for example, in light gray, and the second part is in green. This method indicates zones in any room.

The bedroom is often combined with a hobby corner. And here are two options. Separate selection of space for sleep and recreation area, as well as separation of space for two types of entertainment. The last option is optimally used in the bedroom for children.

Beautiful ideas

Classic and normal example – babe style kitchen. Lightweight tabletop, cutting area kitchens hanging over her stainless steel beams, high chairs on long chrome legs. All this will betray the necessary strict and weathered mood. Such a neutral gray color is well diluted with bright stains in the form of vases, pillows, hours and plants.

It is important to determine the bedroom space. It is desirable that the room is located in one of the quietest corners in the house, away from the kitchen and the entrance door.

Bed with caustichens looks gorgeous and pompous. It should be noted that the bedroom is a rest zone and should not have bright loading colors. Beautiful carved sconces on both sides of the bed will support exquisite style.

The living room is usually filled with all sorts of entertainment: TV, video games, bookcase. The room is well decorated with family photos. It can be decorated as a large family photo or a collage of several photos. For such a large room it is better to make zoned lighting so that every corner has its own autonomous light source.

Each room can support the uniform style of the whole house or have an individual design. Whatever the rooms – small or big, a significant role is always playing people living in them. Only the soul can truly beautifully and cozy to fill cold walls.

In the next video, it is described about the benefits of houses with an attic.

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