Concrete proportions for foundation

Concrete proportions for foundation

From the proportions of composite materials of concrete for the foundation will depend on the quality and purpose of the concrete mix. That is why the proportions must be clearly recovered and calculated.


The concrete mix for the foundation consists of:

  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • binder;
  • cement.

As a solvent used ordinary water.

In this mixture, cement is needed in order to fill the empty space, which is formed between gravel and sand. Also cement binds them during hardening. The less emptiness is formed, the less cement is needed for the manufacture of concrete mix. So that such emptiness was not very much, you need to use gravel different sizes. Due to this, it turns out that gravel smaller will fill the space that is between the gravel of large fractions. The rest of the empty space can be filled with sand.

Concrete proportions for foundation

Based on this information, the averaged proportions of concrete for the foundation were calculated. Standard cement, sand and gravel ratio – 1: 3: 5, respectively, or 1: 2: 4. The choice of a specific option will depend on the cement used.

Cement brand indicates its strength. So, the higher it will be, the less the cement is needed to take to prepare the mixture, and the higher its strength. The amount of water will also depend on the cement brand.

The remaining materials also affect high-quality characteristics. So, its strength depends on the selected sand. It is impossible to use very small sand and sand with high clay content.

  1. Before making a mixture for the foundation, you need to check the quality of the sand. To do this, a little sand is added to the transparent container with water and shake it. If the water is just a little bit of muddy, or will remain transparent, the sand is suitable for use. But if the water is strongly touched, then it is worth refreshing from using such sand – it is too many or clay components and clays.
  2. To knead the mixture, we need a concrete mixer, iron tank, or special. Flooring made with his own hands.
  3. In the construction of a floor, it is important to take care that no extraneous impurities fall into the mixture, because they break the composition and adversely affect his quality.
  4. Initially, the main ingredients are stirred until a dry homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  5. After that, by observing all the proportions, water is added. To learn exact Cement proportions, sand, rubble and water for the manufacture of cement See the relevant tables from our other article. As a result, the mixture should turn into a thick, dying mass. In the next two hours after the manufacture, it must be pouring into a formwork for the foundation.
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