Concrete M200

M200 brand concrete is the most popular in the field of construction. It has such qualities as durability and reliability. It can be used for the construction of private houses, fill the foundation, it is perfect for sidewalks and sites.


  • Components – cement M500, sand, water and crushed stone;
  • Proportions: 1 kg of cement accounts for 1.9 kg. sand and 3.7 kg rubble;
  • Volume composition for 1 l. Cement: 1.7 l. Sand and 3.2 l. rubble;
  • Class – B15;
  • In general, from 1 l. cement leaves 4.1 l. concrete;
  • The density of the concrete mix – 2385 kg / m3;
  • Frost resistance – 200 f;
  • Waterproof – 6 W;
  • Convertibility – P3;
  • Weight 1 m3 – about 2.4 tons.


M200 concrete happens:

  • fine-grained – used for foundations or laying road surfaces
  • Heavy – in view of a small shrinkage, is used to protect iron reinforcements from corrosion and other harmful effects.


  • Thanks to no high density, high reliability is ensured.
  • It has low thermal conductivity, which means it is not necessary to spend much on thermal insulation material.
  • When drying, immediately gains strength.
  • Very convenient.
  • Lack of cracks when used.

Thanks to these qualities, the mixture meets the requirements of the modern building materials market. You can pour such a concrete in the temperature range of 5-350 degrees, and it will not lose its positive qualities, and also has an excellent clutch effect.

M200 (B15) can be used in areas with strong temperature differences and where there is a need for construction in a short time.


M200 concrete is used in the following cases:

  • When building the foundation of the house, concrete screeds or tracks. It turns out solid with a long service life. Covering without cracks.
  • Used to create retaining walls, also stairs.
  • Protects reinforced concrete structures from corrosion and negative environments.
  • Stones for curbs are made of borders and make concrete pillows.
  • Used in various reinforcement work. From it can build buildings with a small number of floors, carrying walls or to make overlaps.
  • Thanks to the stability of compression, it is possible to make paving slabs and building blocks from it.
  • During the construction of accessible sites for any road transport and home attacks (baths, garages or arbors).

This brand of concrete, depending on the aggregate applies:

  • for residential buildings or industrial premises;
  • for finishing work;
  • For works in the field of road construction.

It is the composition of the concrete mix that ensures reliability and hardness. Concrete M200 is protected from deformation, quickly hardens, resistant to chips and cracks.

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